Saturday, July 2, 2016

Alright, finally think I got all my coding issues behind me

In my last blog post, I mentioned some bizarre bugs cropped up with DQ1 Remake 2.10. These all seem fixed now, especially since I removed some redundant code, reorganized the script list, and fixed a few problem child variables.

A few features seem a bit nonfunctional now (nothing serious or gamebreaking), going to try getting them back up, and afterwards I'll resume working on it again.

And speaking of game development, I popped into Brianna Wu's Twitch Stream after hearing about it briefly and left a positive comment about how I intended to purchase it on Steam, and how I was impressed it was in a playable form, especially since even many of Wu's own Kickstarter backers were wondering if they had been scammed of late.

I was blocked immediately, which is weird, since I was very polite, and outright trolls were allowed to post whatever they pleased. Later, Wu posted an edited screencap of a small portion of the Twitch chat (cutting out a lot of stuff like someone repeatedly deadnaming Wu).

I'll reserve my opinion on the motives for all this, but I can say this: While I'm not much for using Twitch or livestreaming in general, I have a thicker skin, and I don't believe in blocking even my harshest critics so long as they try to be civil, and assuming I do a livestream or someone else does one on something I work on, I would hope for reciprocal courtesy.

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