Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Progress report on Dragon Quest 1 Remake Beta 2.10

I'm currently an estimated 45-50% done with the latest build of my game, which will add the rest of the Catilin area, fill in a few remaining blanks so the last leg of the game can be reached, and set the ground work for the bonus dungeon firmly into place at least.

I have had to fix a lot of scripting, partially to restore or enable features time constraints forced me to remove in the 2.00 build, and that annoyed the hell out of me, but I've finally gotten most of that behind me, and I'm currently working with an awesome French guy called Shiggy on fixing the remaining issues.

In fact, I noticed a lot of awesome French people in my life recently, and while it sucks my French gamer friends are having to put up with French politards drinking the Sarkeesian koolaid of late, that still doesn't detract from all the wonderful French men and women in my life, for whom I proudly declare "Vive la France".

And, speaking of social justice, I have added a side plot to the latest leg of my game, which was inspired by the frankly idiotic and incompetent attempt to wedge a transgender person into Baldurs Gate done by the hacks and morons at Beamdog, and so I am attempting to add my own little attempt at writing transgenderism (in a lore appropriate way) in my world, and I have bound myself to the following rules:

1. It will not be forced on the player. The dialogue is entirely optional, and when it is brought up, it is done in a respectful yet not patronizing manner that will fit the situations (No "Hi, I'm Trans!" BS, I know actual transgender people, they don't talk like that)

2. It will be a side arc with no larger bearing on the main plot.

3. There will be both good and bad trans characters, but being trans will not be the primary factor in determining whether they are good or bad, only their actions as people will set the tone for their morality.

4. Despite being in a fantasy medieval setting, I have even written an analogue to HRT/SRS into my game world, with upsides, downsides, social/medical/ethical considerations, and so on like the real procedures in question, and much of what is said about "gender transference" (my in universe version of HRT/SRS) would be said by any ethical and sensible trans advocate or accredited physician specializing in those matters, and insofar as this little side arc contains any "moral", it will be that being trans is a choice one makes for a multitude of reasons I respect, but that the procedure to go through HRT/SRS should be done in legal, ethical, and medical manner with the health of the party undergoing it being the primary concern. I have done extensive homework on the subject, and I will be asking my closed beta testers for opinions on how it came across before any public release, because I don't want to repeat the same mistakes as the idiots who wrote Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Beamdog Baldurs Gate expansion.

5. Aside from the above mentioned, my work will not be a vehicle for any sort of praise or condemnation of the trans community IRL.

And finally, I just hope my latest beta turns out as well as the previous ones.

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