Thursday, June 30, 2016

Okay, something is jacked up here

I thought I was making good progress on the latest build of my game, and now I discover the coding broke AGAIN.

The first issue was the currency scripting either crashing the engine or displaying gobbledygook on the victory screen, and that proved easy to fix when I reverted back to the stock victory screen, the currency system and the victory screen were using conflicting script calls to the currency display values.

Now I'm getting some freaky issue where healing spells damage people, have no idea how the hell THAT happened, trying to figure that one out before I go any further.


  1. Brianna Wu did a stream of her playing through some of her game and deleted it shortly after.

    Were you there? Someone with your screenname posted there.

  2. Yes, that was me. I had heard about the Twitch Stream, decided to look at it, left a positive comment about how I was impressed it was in a playable form and looked forward to buying it on Steam.

    Was blocked instantly.

    Bizarre, especially considering otherwise outright abusive trolls were doing their thing without restraint.

    1. I was in there too. Pretty sure there were socks in there. I'm also certain it was just an attempt to mine chatlogs for sympathy when she inevitably pushes the release back another two months.