Thursday, June 30, 2016

Okay, something is jacked up here

I thought I was making good progress on the latest build of my game, and now I discover the coding broke AGAIN.

The first issue was the currency scripting either crashing the engine or displaying gobbledygook on the victory screen, and that proved easy to fix when I reverted back to the stock victory screen, the currency system and the victory screen were using conflicting script calls to the currency display values.

Now I'm getting some freaky issue where healing spells damage people, have no idea how the hell THAT happened, trying to figure that one out before I go any further.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Whinegina Monolouges

Went digging through my old emails, discovered the LONG series of insane brain dribblings from Nate Spidgewood from long ago, figured I might as well post it up here for the lulz:

(his crap in all caps/bold, mine in regular font. These were sent in December 2014)

I'M DEA!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP CALLING ME NAMES LIKE "STUPID", "IDIOT", "TROLL", "VANDAL", "IMBECILE", "FOOL" AND "PATHETIC"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT JUST SHOWS THAT YOU DON'T LIKE ME ANYMORE, YOU FUCKING TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I TOLD YOU A MILLION FUCKING TIMES, I'M NOT A TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU CALL ME NAMES LIKE THAT AGAIN I SWEAR TO GOD, I'LL SMASH YOUR FUCKING TEETH IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dx
I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nate, get help, seriously.
You're in your twenties now and still acting like this over a website that isn't changing its ways?
Seriously, these retarded threats are just childish.
Also, I quit sympathizing with you when you proved you'd be willing to break the law to get your way. I had a lot of reasons to see TV Tropes get it's comeuppance for some of the crap they pulled in the past, but I wanted to do so legally, and since their new owner has met with ATT staff and has pledged work with us on several things, not only have we declared peace, I even tossed in 25$ for their kickstarter because we got what we wanted without going to court over it and without any pointless drama.
Again, drop this crap, you've lost, and you are only making a fool of yourself. Also, given the way the discussion has been going on the new site layout, they will be emulating Wikipedia even more than they do already, so congrats Nate, you did all that idiotic trolling for nothing.
Also, fair warning: I promised TV Tropes we at ATT condemn your nonsense (because we do) and we'd keep them informed of any further attempts by you to harass them.
And if we ever get wind of you attempting anything criminal again like hiring a hacker, I'll will personally contact the Arizona authorities with the relevant information because you can be prosecuted for cyber crimes like hacking or funding someone to do such an act.
Lol, Nate, just lol.
FYI, I've also taken it upon myself to report any of your socks on TV Tropes as well.
Oh yeah, I forgot, my next to latest blog post is about you. 
Don't SHOW that friggin' link to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!! I'm just in a BAD MOOD that I can't edit on TV Tropes anymore, so much so I was just acting like an ANGRY COMIC BOOK FANBOY towards those nazi admins for telling me to get lost, so I OUGHT to TAKE DOWN your blog posts if you don't STOP writing nasty stuff about me, you fucking dolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
Hey, if you can vent, can't I?
WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TAKING ABOUT???????????????????!!!!!!
Nate, I occasionally vent on my blog because it relieves stress, and the fact trolls like you (what you are doing is textbook trolling, if a very bad version of it) can't seem to accept being banned and move on with your life and just want to ignore rules that you don't like annoys me.
I had many reasons to be very pissed off with TV Tropes when I founded ATT, but I decided that instead of trying to antagonize them, I'd just founded my own little clubhouse, which I found was a lot more satisfying, but to avoid breaking the law, made sure nothing in my clubhouse was stolen or illegal to post because I didn't want to be shut down like that hacker fundraiser you set up.
We've been up for quite awhile now, and I've largely moved past most of my frustration with TV Tropes in the process, and the fact they have a new owner who happens to be a nice guy both personally and professionally who is going to revamp TV Tropes to be even better (and answer several longstanding issues we've had with TV Tropes like the copyright issue you can find detailed on my blog) was enough to convince me not being a jackass and even throwing in some money for that kickstarter of theirs might help build a better website.
Basically, I moved past my frustration in ways that didn't involve hurting others and wanted to do constructive, not destructive things.
And that's why not only are ATT and TVT making peace with one another, we've mutually pledged to keep each other informed about any idiocy you might do.
P.S. - I'm actually not a huge fan of Wikipedia, FYI, I just run a site using the same software and TV Tropes will be coding something similar because it works better for their needs, and if you don't like that, too bad, all the internet tough guy crap in the world isn't going to stop either of us.
SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!! I'M NOT A TROLL OR IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I REFUSE TO GIVE UP EDITING ON TV TROPES; I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT, YOU FUCKING TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M A FUCKING TROPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M TRYING TO EXPAND THE FRIGGIN' SITE WITH MORE AND MORE STUFF THAT NOBODY HAS BEEN FAMILIAR WITH BECAUSE I WAS STUCK WITH BOREDOM BEFORE THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >:(
Nate, tell you what: You aren't banned from ATT Orain, and as long as you can follow the rules there, trope as much as you want.
Or, if you want to make your own rules, make a copy of either ATT Wikia (download an XML dump of the site on the Special:Statistics page, use the first option to save yourself some bandwidth), or request a dump of ATT Orain on the #orain IRC channel on freenode, then use that to found your own treehouse, and it will be perfectly legal, and I won't complain.
You either have to ask Wikia to upload a copy of either for you, or you can ask the Orain Staff to make a wiki for you on Orain Meta with either XML dump.
If you do either, you can make your own troping wiki without making anyone mad, as outlined here:

As far as TV Tropes goes, just give up already. They hate you, with good reason, since you've openly admitted you plan to revert edits you don't like even though it is doing NOTHING to change things, and given how you've acted so far, you will never be welcome there. Hell, we spoke with the new owner of TV Tropes, and he thinks you're as crazy as Fast Eddie did.
However, if you do the above, you don't have to worry about making anyone mad and can trope to your hearts content.
Aside from that, don't know what to say to help you.
STOP telling me to fucking give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! I SAID I can't LIVE with editing on TV Tropes, you buttlicker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Also: You're LYING about the Tropes Mirror Wiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE the one who wrestled it AWAY from Anime Addict (who is the founder, NOT you) and CLAIMED it at your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I never said I founded it. I took it over from him (who in turn took it over from Jack Butler). I admit as much on multiple places on the internet, including my own blog.
Also, I obtained control because he left it alone for two months, and thus assumed control of it with Wikia's consent according to their own rules.
Finally, I have Aspergers Syndrome and even I think this insistence on going back to a website that doesn't want you makes you a retarded aspie.

Nate, this is getting pathetic. You sound mentally ill.
Please, in all seriousness, see a therapist.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *PUNCHES YOU AGAIN*
Nate: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your internet tough guy threats aren't doing jack shit.
TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *PUNCHES YOU AGAIN*
Got that out of your system yet?
When one of your punches actually makes it through the screen, I'll get mad.
Until then, I'm laughing at a twenty something year old acting like a two year old.
Just saw all those new socks you created, Nate, have duly reported them to the TV Tropes mods like I said I would.
In fact, let me make this clear: I'm on their side. You were banned for justifiable reasons and are too stupid and arrogant to accept that like a man, and that annoys me like you wouldn't believe, so I intend to keep an eye out for your socks
to make sure you never get to edit on TV Tropes, because they don't deserve to have to deal with your BS.  


FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *PUNCHES YOU AGAIN*
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *PUNCHES YOU AGAIN*
Too bad. I plan to ensure the "namespace spam" stays until the new wiki makes it irrelevant.

BTW, let me pop a big hole in that idiotic argument you have about how TV Tropes can't use namespacing since it's not Wikipedia:
From here:

Name Spacing. PmWiki allows the page author to sort pages into different namespaces via its Page Grouping with its search tool and dynamic page listing. See PmWiki:WikiGroup for more information.
Read those pages. You will see your arguments are flagrant bullshit. If you still don't like it, too damn bad, they made their choice, they aren't changing it to suit you.

Built-in Namespaces
Again, read for yourself if you don't believe me.

AND STOP SAYING THE WORD "IDIOT", IT MAKES YOU EVIL IF YOU KEEP SAYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<
Fun fact, Nate, they are built in, not going away, and even we at ATT use namespaces for some stuff.
About the only wikis you'll find that DON'T use namespaces for something are the classic wikis of old like MeatballWiki.
Otherwise, you're kinda screwed.
Also, IDIOT, the namespaces will mostly likely vanish when they revamp the site with a new engine (they will still have them, but articles will most likely reside in the main namespace like on ATT), so quit bitching about it.
Oh yeah, fun fact: Even if you donated a ton of money to their kickstarter, they DON'T WANT YOU BACK. You have pissed them off so badly with your bullshit you are FOREVER persona non grata.
Hey Nate, want to know how you get spotted so easily:
Oh yeah, I'd give up soon if I were you. All of your edits automatically get detected, and even without me helping, there are lots of people on watch for that "psycho Spidgewood guy" so your socks don't last long, and apparently, they have some new ideas they'll be implementing soon that will be making your trolling life even harder.
In short, give up, you've made a ton of enemies, and they will stop at nothing to keep you from shitting up TV Tropes.
BTW, here's a fun thing to do:
All of those are free wiki engines you can download, complete with setup instructions. Get one, install for your own personal use, then edit away. Seriously, if you really want to cure your boredom without anyone reverting you, this is your only option. You can even import an XML dump of ATT for your own personal use, and you will be the sole admin, so no one can complain about your edits.
In fact, I'd be happy to help you get both a full content dump with images if you want so you can have your own wiki to yourself.

Here's an even more exhaustive list of wiki engines you can get into: 
And this folks, minus a few repeated emails, is the entirety of the December 2014 "Whinegina Monolouges" between me and Nate.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Progress report on Dragon Quest 1 Remake Beta 2.10

I'm currently an estimated 45-50% done with the latest build of my game, which will add the rest of the Catilin area, fill in a few remaining blanks so the last leg of the game can be reached, and set the ground work for the bonus dungeon firmly into place at least.

I have had to fix a lot of scripting, partially to restore or enable features time constraints forced me to remove in the 2.00 build, and that annoyed the hell out of me, but I've finally gotten most of that behind me, and I'm currently working with an awesome French guy called Shiggy on fixing the remaining issues.

In fact, I noticed a lot of awesome French people in my life recently, and while it sucks my French gamer friends are having to put up with French politards drinking the Sarkeesian koolaid of late, that still doesn't detract from all the wonderful French men and women in my life, for whom I proudly declare "Vive la France".

And, speaking of social justice, I have added a side plot to the latest leg of my game, which was inspired by the frankly idiotic and incompetent attempt to wedge a transgender person into Baldurs Gate done by the hacks and morons at Beamdog, and so I am attempting to add my own little attempt at writing transgenderism (in a lore appropriate way) in my world, and I have bound myself to the following rules:

1. It will not be forced on the player. The dialogue is entirely optional, and when it is brought up, it is done in a respectful yet not patronizing manner that will fit the situations (No "Hi, I'm Trans!" BS, I know actual transgender people, they don't talk like that)

2. It will be a side arc with no larger bearing on the main plot.

3. There will be both good and bad trans characters, but being trans will not be the primary factor in determining whether they are good or bad, only their actions as people will set the tone for their morality.

4. Despite being in a fantasy medieval setting, I have even written an analogue to HRT/SRS into my game world, with upsides, downsides, social/medical/ethical considerations, and so on like the real procedures in question, and much of what is said about "gender transference" (my in universe version of HRT/SRS) would be said by any ethical and sensible trans advocate or accredited physician specializing in those matters, and insofar as this little side arc contains any "moral", it will be that being trans is a choice one makes for a multitude of reasons I respect, but that the procedure to go through HRT/SRS should be done in legal, ethical, and medical manner with the health of the party undergoing it being the primary concern. I have done extensive homework on the subject, and I will be asking my closed beta testers for opinions on how it came across before any public release, because I don't want to repeat the same mistakes as the idiots who wrote Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Beamdog Baldurs Gate expansion.

5. Aside from the above mentioned, my work will not be a vehicle for any sort of praise or condemnation of the trans community IRL.

And finally, I just hope my latest beta turns out as well as the previous ones.