Monday, May 30, 2016

Congrats, Kiwi Farms, you just got troped

That's right, Kiwis, I did the most autistic thing you could possibly consider me doing:

I made a trope page for you guys.

In all seriousness, I figured "hell, why not" and thought your autistics might like your autism explained to my group of autistics. That, and it'll boost your SEO ever so little (not that it needs the help, but whatever). Also, TV Tropes would never do this for you. They even deleted their page on Stormfront due to their (understandable) revulsion of their racism, which I disagree with on philosophical grounds (discussing something does not imply explicit approval), but understand the reasons for it, and I plan to sooner or later make our own Stormfront page (after chugging a fifty five gallon drum of Pepto beforehand as I do the browsing necessary to compile data for the page, hoping that will be enough to suppress the uric acid while I do so).

Anyway, I just hope I did a good job covering you guys, feel free to show up and add any information I missed.

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