Monday, May 30, 2016

Congrats, Kiwi Farms, you just got troped

That's right, Kiwis, I did the most autistic thing you could possibly consider me doing:

I made a trope page for you guys.

In all seriousness, I figured "hell, why not" and thought your autistics might like your autism explained to my group of autistics. That, and it'll boost your SEO ever so little (not that it needs the help, but whatever). Also, TV Tropes would never do this for you. They even deleted their page on Stormfront due to their (understandable) revulsion of their racism, which I disagree with on philosophical grounds (discussing something does not imply explicit approval), but understand the reasons for it, and I plan to sooner or later make our own Stormfront page (after chugging a fifty five gallon drum of Pepto beforehand as I do the browsing necessary to compile data for the page, hoping that will be enough to suppress the uric acid while I do so).

Anyway, I just hope I did a good job covering you guys, feel free to show up and add any information I missed.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dragon Quest 1 Remake Kol getting a facelift

While implementing new scripting into my game to handle some badly needed reimplemented features from earlier builds, I took a look at one of my earlier maps and felt disgusted and how halfassed a job a did.

Seriously, Kol is a joke of a map. I used very sparse crop art despite the fact Kol is a farming town, and I did a crap job adding decor and even screwed up making the outside and inside of the town church make sense.

In short, I did a shoddy job and I plan to give Kol a face lift to fix my earlier screwups.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Time to do a classic rant post, this time about chronic wiki troublemakers

I haven't done a rant post in awhile, so be warned, below will have me spewing a little sulfur over stupid people on the internet, but before I get to that, a little shoutout to Fighteer at TV Tropes.

I already told you this privately, but I'm going to say it publicly. I apologize for ever having any resentment or contempt for anything you've done on TV Tropes. I've had your job long enough that I can now more than understand why you were so short with people who made fools of themselves and gave you grief when you exercised your mod authority, and I apologize for ever considering you too heavy handed, especially since I've been in your shoes long enough I understand why you often resorted to that.

This applies all my previous early rant posts about you, where I fall on my sword and apologize for being a jackass, in public.

That out of the way, here goes.

One of the things that makes me claw the sides of my head in frustration are the people who got kicked off TV Tropes, migrate to our Wikia fork, and do the exact same crap that got them in trouble there, then act all butthurt when we don't like it.

What's especially facepalm worthy is when they try to defy gravity, roll their stupid uphill, and then try to do the exact same thing at the Miraheze fork of All The Tropes.

You have to be a special kind of retarded to make an ass of yourself in the exact same manner on three separate sites and not expect to get backlash.

Seriously, I have had to deal with a ton of assholes and morons who think our fork of TV Tropes means they can get away with shit guys like Fighteer rightfully called them on the carpet for like plagiarism, edit warring, manual of style violations, and other obvious policy violations, many of which are highly similar if not identical policies on ATT Wikia/Miraheze.

In case these dumbbells ever read this post, here's a concise list of what's actually different;

1. We allow troping adult works TV Tropes can't.
2. We avoid ads on Miraheze, and ads don't influence our content on Wikia.
3. We have a different process for making new tropes.

Otherwise, a lot of our operation is lot like TV Tropes, just modified in some minor to moderate ways, but most of the same crap that made Fighteer have to throw the book at troublemakers is the same crap I and my beleaguered colleagues have had to do the same on at ATT, now I have more than ample respect for the guy for not losing his mind, especially since I've essentially become the guy in so many ways I'd be a hypocrite to criticize him very much at all anymore.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Finally have restored currency based Small Medal system to DQ1 Remake

I had to make a lot of sacrifices and cut a lot of corners when creating the 2.00 build of DQ1 Remake, and thanks to time constraints, that included leaving a lot of old features on the cutting room floor due to unresolved technical issues, such as my "Small Medals as currency" system like the stock Dragon Quest games did, and I wasn't happy with that.

Now, thanks to CasperGaming667's Currency script, they are BACK.

Unfortunately, this means I have a lot of work ahead of me to fix my game to use it.

It's entirely scripting based in implementation, meaning I must replace every instance where an item "Small Medal" was granted and replace it with a script call, and I need to add manual notifiers to events when Small Medals are granted because they won't otherwise show up, meaning I have to comb over hundreds if not thousands of events to make sure this properly happens.

That's means I have a lot of tedious work ahead of me, but it's either this or I'm stuck with a half assed game, so looks like I'll have to suck it up, roll up my sleeves, and get to work.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Going to add a Quest Log to Dragon Quest 1 Remake 2.10 Beta

One of the prominent complaints I've gotten about my game is a lack of way to keep track of game objectives. Even though it's based on Dragon Quest 1's quest structure, which was fairly straightforward, I did add in some changes that require some backtracking and some quest goals aren't all that intuitive or obvious.

Hence, I will be adding a Quest Log to 2.10, which will include a checklist of quests, a description of the quests, and a way to see which quests are completed.

So far, it has no issues, though I expect a new game will be required due to all the variable I have to set up, so that's part of the tradeoff, but since even I think it's a good idea, I decided to work on making this feature integral to the game.