Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I am moving to GitLab for future development of my coding projects

At the advice of friends, I am moving my current coding from GitHub to GitLab.

My GitHub projects will remain in place, but I intend to continue active development of them via GitLab.

My reasons are threefold:

1. I do like GitHub, and to some degree will remain active there, especially since the repo for the Miraheze wiki service is there, where I still have some input. However, I prefer to backup my work on another service and wish to only have to actively maintain one production line of code projects, so I will only be updating via GitLab from now on for the most part. My GitHub will remain for archival reasons and I am keeping my account there for importation of other projects I might wish to fork for my own use.

2. I have encountered a lot of issues with GitHub's own software for managing repos (it's a resource hog for one), and have found it easier to maintain them with Git instead, so I will no longer be syncing repos to Github, while Git is agnostic and can be used for any Git servicing repository site.

3. GitHub has unfortunately chosen to politically punish certain repos for having things they object to and has made recent management decisions I believe are not in the best interest of parties such as myself, so in the interest of maintaining the integrity of my work, untrammeled by arbitrary changes imposed from on high, I have chosen GitLab due to their more hands off approach and resistant to the same changes I am convinced has led to GitHub's decline.

I will continue to maintain certain projects on GitHub in the interests of parties that require it (like Miraheze, which uses my Monaco MediaWiki skin fork), but the bulk of all my active work will now be on GitLab.

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