Monday, March 28, 2016

Where doors close, windows open

Been getting great feedback from my beta testers on the closed beta of Dragon Quest 1 Remake, and I just discovered my oft unstable Equipment you can use as Items script broke AGAIN.

Good news is that I already figured out a way around this issue.

The weapons that were supposed to double as items that could cast spells and skills will instead be modified to provide certain bonuses and resistances, so equipping a Wizard's Staff will provide a resistance to fire attacks.

As for casting spells from items, I plan to partially adapt an idea from Dragon Quest Heroes, but with my own twist: Instead of reducing armor to generic orbs that provide the same bonuses, my version will be "spell orbs" you can buy from shops that allow anyone to use them to cast a free spell (a Blaze Orb lets any character cast Blaze for no MP). The catch is that non magic users will do so much less effectively, like Sarah, but the items can never be consumed, so it balances out.

It fits the Geomancy lore I wrote into the plot, so it works great for lore reasons, and it is based on database changes only, no scripting, so I can reduce the scripting issues, so ultimately it's a win-win, though I'll have to go over the database and fix a lot of stuff.

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