Friday, March 4, 2016

No more scripting issues, now onto the rest of the graphics and optimization

Now that I got any remaining scripting issues fixed (for now), I'm working on the remaining graphics and optimizing the file size because, yes, I DO plan on including all the RTP assets with the game so that need not be downloaded.

This will bloat the file size of the next beta by quite a bit, so I'm trying very hard to optimize all the PNG and music files and strip out all files that are not being used by the game (thanks to Tsukihime for the Resource Checker script, it's been invaluable for cleaning my project).

I'm also working on sprucing up a bunch of maps and adding more content since some areas like the Great Bazaar were VERY barren of life and activity.

I'm also working on integrating some of the new features I added into the game and beta testing them.

I still can't give an ETA for when it will be out, but I plan on posting more pictures soon of my progress.

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