Saturday, March 12, 2016

I've got good news and better news

This post has good news and even better news.

Good news: Almost ready for a beta test run. Need to make a considerable amount of UI changes for optimal readability of text and numbers in all situations, and modify a few windows to show all information they need to while having correct opacity settings, but so far I have no game breaking issues to report.


I'm using Tsukihime's Effect Manager addon that allows for theft of item drops, or items you'd get after the battle. This is similar to how it worked in Dragon Quest, and sidesteps the former issue I had with my "use equipment as items" script by NOT opening an item window (thus avoiding the buggy behavior), and merely attempt to remove an item from a discrete list that would already have a chance of handing it to you anyway at the end of the battle, so it works almost exactly like the DQ engine did.

I have tweaked it so it's easier to steal certain items than it is is to get them dropped and vice versa, so if an enemy rarely drops an item, it may be better to see if Mara has an easier chance of stealing it.

So far, no game crashes. Also, have managed to figure out how damage variable tweaking needs to work so the game isn't too hard or easy. Armor has been made slightly less effective, healing items have been somewhat nerfed, and magic is being made slightly more costly, which should balance things much better than earlier builds.

The RTP has been fully integrated in my game, and I'm throwing out anything I'm not using from it as I go along, so the final release will be bigger, but I'll be trimming as much fat as possible by release.

I also intend on releasing a closed beta before official beta release, and I'll inform anyone who might be interested.

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