Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Got most of the graphical crap behind me, as well as most of the scripting crap, now comes the aggravating part

I've been busting my tail fixing up all remaining graphical facesets and converting to portraits, only a few left, and I've finally figured out a patch for my shop window dialogue issue (still an ugly fix, but I'm going with it anyway)

Now, I'll have to work on game balance, and that's the part that's gonna get tedious.

RPG Maker VX Ace is configured, by default, to be more along the lines of a Final Fantasy game stats and formulas wise than geared for a Dragon Quest game, and the formulas used to calculate damage variables are grossly different, so much so I've had to uber lowball a lot of numbers when coming up with player stat advancement and enemy statistics, and while I've gotten a fair amount of things right, some aspects of the engine are still in need of fine tuning.

However, I've got a decent idea what needs to be worked on, so hopefully it won;t take half as long as the graphics overhauling did.

And speaking of that, some more screenshots.

The League of Gamers has a role in my game, and not only is Sir Mark "Grummz" Kern represented, below is a screen of Stagefright, aka Sir Cody Ott, Tantegel Town branch officer of the L4G.

In other news, I've also been dabbling in RPG Maker MV for the first time. While I really don't like the technically hard capped map size limit of 265 x 265 (it's not actually hard capped, but stability of the engine goes out the window if you try to edit the map JSON file with a text editor like Notepad++, so it basically acts likes it hardcapped since it crashes if you edit the JSON in the editor after any resizing above the limit), I have been heavily considering making a game using it regardless, and since having a license to both MV and VX Ace allows me to use their resources in each other, I've backported most of the stock RTP assets from MV into my project, some of which can be seen in the above screenshot.

Assuming I ever do make a game in MV, it will likely be a Final Fantasy style game, any sequel to my current project will remain in VX Ace.

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