Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beta test progress report

The test of the latest beta is underway, and I have the Small Medal shop and shop portrait bug issues behind me.

However, my major issue now is UI screwups and combat log issues.

The UI screwups and combat log issues are interrelated, with the Combat Log window not showing all the information it needs to, such whether a steal attempt is successful or not, who is attacking (it just says an attack is happening), and the combat log review option does not display properly.

This is mostly visual crap, which is harmless in the short term, but could pose issues down the road if it causes further display errors, so I'm going to fix that before further playtesting.

The rebalancing seems to be working out slightly better, and now, regular slimes won't kill you unless you are totally naked, but it's now possible to get your ass beat by Red Slimes and higher at Level 1, so on Normal and higher difficulty, do some level grinding. I nerfed quite a few bonuses from equipment, turns out I was a tad too generous in that area, and now Mara is far from overpowered (though her magic is still plenty useful), and while Sara is still a tank, she's not invincible, and Roto is no longer a slightly less powerful Sara (his stats were nerfed to make him more a middle of the line character statwise.

I do have a solution for the UI issues noted above, but it may mean I'll have to remove the enemy HP bars, though my alternate plan is to use a different variation of HP bars if possible.

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