Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beta test has begun, already running into hordes of bugs

The beta test of the latest build of Dragon Quest 1 Remake has begun, and it's already loaded with a ton of bugs.

Thankfully, most have been easy to fix, but I've got three annoying ones that will require some work:

1. Small Medals are still buggy. Even though they "work" with my new variable driven shop interface, it occasionally drops the ball and forgets to count how many are left, leading to exploits where you can buy items even if you have less Small Medals than required. I'm considering just converting the Small Medal shops into standard shops (and jacking the prices up to prevent game breaking equipment very early on without grinding), and since the achievement system works just fine with Small Medals, reworking it so collecting them counts towards the achievements and you get cool swag the more you collect for the achievements.

2. Some shop menus still need fixed to work around the portrait display bug. Easily fixable, but tedious work.

3. Still need to do more game balancing crap. going to lowball stat progression even further for most characters since they can still be OP with minimal stat boosting equipment in some areas.

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