Friday, March 18, 2016

Another beta test progress report

The beta test is progressing fine yet slowly, discovered all sorts of little goofs I'm having to clean up. I've fixed the UI/combat log issues mentioned in the last post, but at a cost:

The Enemy HP bar feature had to axed.

I COULD have kept them, but they were causing the UI issues in part, and even with edits they made parts of the battle log hard to read, and I decided I'd go with what was more ergonomically feasible.

I've also undummied out some areas and will likely do more before closed beta release, but the story will likely not be finished much further than last build since the changes have been so extensive I want further feedback on the rebalancing before I do that.

In the meantime, while everyone waits, here's a picture of the improved art of Ralph Lowenhertz, Sarah's father:

I got this from a Japanese blog site (which one is specified in the credits), and it's very similar to my old art, except it's not something I dolled up for cheap, this is much better. It also explains the blue-purplish highlights in Sarah's hair.

And here is Sarah's mother, Joanne Lowenhertz:

I already had a faceset of her I upgraded to a full portrait to fit the new theme, and I wanted it to show being a badass warrior woman runs in the family.

Also, with the exception of animals, most monsters, and a select few NPCs, EVERYONE will have portrait art.

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