Thursday, February 25, 2016

Seems my Small Medal script needs replaced or rewritten

While doing a test run of my game, I discovered my Small Medal shops are borked, and given how that script already has forced me to make some menu sacrifices to just to make it work, I'm considering discarding it for one of two options.

1. A system of menu driven exchanges of medals for items, using variables and conditional branches, which is easily doable entirely with events but would require a lot of setup.

2. A script driven alternate currency system which would streamline things but may be incompatible with another script. Unlikely, though possible.

I intend to try the second option first, since script solutions are way less of a headache, but if that proves unworkable, the first option will be used. Thankfully, I don;t have too many Small Medal shop scenes, so either idea won;t take long to test and implement.

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