Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mostly done with getting the graphics updated, scripting issues are next

I'm about 60% done with fixing the graphical issues, which including converting all (save a few) facesets to portraits, adding picture flushing to all shop scenes to work around a scripting error, redrawing several maps with better details and animations, and altering some map passibility settings to give most of them more depth.

That, however, is tedious but rather easy, my real concern is when I start to work on the scripting.

The original Dragon Quest games had a theft system that worked on the following model: steal an item from an enemy, and it's removed from the drop list of items you can get from their corpse after the battle. RPG Maker VX Ace does not have this behavior by default, so it has to be scripted in, but the last time I tried implementing a stealing script, it refused to play nice with my "use equipment as items" code, it snarled with my theft code (the scripts in question used highly similar methods), and it caused crashes because the equipment as items code caused the theft code to break down since it essentially did the theft code backwards (the theft code would open up the enemy drop list with a skill and potentially add an item to your inventory, while the equipment as item code opened up your inventory and withdrew an item and in consumption caused a skill to occur), and since both methods made similar calls but did completely opposite effects, the game would crash trying to change gears, believing one script was still in effect.

I believe I have found a way around that issue, but it will be awhile before I get to test it, but I'm crossing my fingers it works this time.

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