Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Going to give my game a severe graphics overhaul, will take more time to do balance tweaks

I intended to release a finished beta by the end of this month, or at least that was the goal I had planned, but while going through all the game events and database, I realized I added a lot of minor tweaks that, in some cases, will require severe game rebalancing.

I'm also going to make a massive effort to move away from faceset art. I blew a nice chunk of change on DLC, and I intend to use it to its full potential, as portraits frankly look a lot nicer. I'm also going to make some UI changes that will make things look a lot fancier.

Since this will result in further delays, I plan to release occasional image updates of my progress so I can get opinions on the new shift in art style.

Faceset support will be retained for a few characters I do not have portrait support for and as a sanity check to prevent game crashes.

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