Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Finishing up some post-engine conversion, technical deets on what is currently off the table

I've managed to resolve most to all of the issues I was having with my new engine, thankfully most of the issues were easy to fix, generally involving making a few tweaks to some events, changing some event timing, and doing a few minor graphical tweaks.

However, I have discovered that pixel movement is, for the moment, completely off the table. I plan to use Effectus as my performance enhancer for the actual game (the SDK will use TheoAlien's Insane Anti Lag), and I found both scripts do not play well with pixel movement (at least Victor Sant's implementation) , which is a shame, since the finer grained control over movement makes for better event collision and allows for fancier custom move events.

However, since it doesn't break anything to not have it, It's been placed as a low priority for now while fix all remaining post engine replacement bugs.

Once I have a good idea what new features are fully confirmed to work, I will write a blog post detailing all features (both new and old) that can be expected all future builds of my game.

I will also have to do a lot of game testing and re-balancing as well as going over every event and replacing the facesets with portraits where applicable, as I have made a lot of underlying core changes

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