Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Feature List for upcoming Dragon Quest 1 Remake Beta

I just figured out how to get Pixel Movement and Overlay Maps implemented properly, features I had issues getting to working in my last post, and even added a new one, and sinceI want give people a progress report on what the new engine offers, here's a summarized list:

* Various stock errors in RPG Maker VX Ace core fixed.
* Menu has been drastically overhauled, have nicer menu bars, and provide much more information on all subscreens.
* Added Party Guest functionality, but disabled for now, conflicts with Small Medal code, plan to make them compatible in later builds, mainly a futureproofing feature.
* New equip screen with more indepth stats and a character graphic so one can see what items are equipped on a "paper doll"
* Actor Renaming/Retitling feature added, dummied out for now.
* New MMORPG like screen for picking up treasure, provides a menu of all items acquired on bottom left of screen that fades after a brief period of time.
* Basic climate system added, now it will rain and storm on occasional intervals.
* Colosseum code added, not used at present, still working out other issues, but functional.
* New fog and light effects code, still in testing, but functional.
* Now there is actual front/back row formation code, so one can change rows for a defensive boost.
* Various new effects for a multitude of new statuses and skills implemented, some may or may not be used.
* Class changing reimplemented, but may be dummied out, still experimental. A "JP" system has been added that allows for boosting the effects of skills so they retain effectiveness later in the game, still in testing.
* Overlap mapping added, experimental feature, known instability, will dummy out if not stable by time of next beta release.
* Enemies now have HP bars visible in combat.
* Shop interface greatly upgraded to show much more information.
* Nicer looking title screen text
* New text formatting built in, including word wrapping and support for custom colors
* Pixel movement finally working properly, but has been removed until fixes for event trigger issues can be resolved, will not be retained in released beta if this cannot be fixed.

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