Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Crap, another feature I dearly wanted to add I have to shelve

Finally fixed all remain issues with my game, but that meant I had to leave two features I dearly wanted to add on the cutting room floor.

Pixel Movement and recently, Overlap Maps.

The former sucks but has an understandable reason for it. Pixel Movement differs from stock movement because game events are coded to squares on an X/Y axis and Pixel Movement changes up how movement interacts with events, and worse,  most optimization scripts either don't play well with Pixel Movement or cause the framerate to die trying to square the circle.

Overlay Maps seem to be having issues with my other optimizations, and I think I've got an idea how to work on that, but for now, like Pixel Movement, I'm putting it on the bottom of the pile since it's not currently used for anything I need to fix/debug

Otherwise, I can confirm (barring some unforeseen errors that I'm sure further beta testing will uncover) my new engine is in place and works fine.

I may switch out or combine Effectus with other performance enhancer scripting if possible, depending on what I need to do to balance performance and get the cutting room floor features working.

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