Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mined a few ideas from Dragon Quest Heroes for my game

For those not aware, Dragon Quest Heroes is what happens when Dragon Quest and Dynasty Warriors have a baby, and while it's a hack and slash/action RPG hybrid, I was inspired by it's ability to upgrade skills and have been working on implementing a "Job Point" like system into the game, so early game skills can still be made more useful in mid to late game.

However, I ran into hassles with this. First, while Yanfly's JP Manager provided a nice framework and KreadEx provided a nice system for this to work, the problem was putting a JP counter out for the player to refer to to see how points they accumulated. Dragon Quest VI and VII had a similar system but had no counter, and since that always annoyed me, I decided to add one for the sake of making the player's life easier.

The issue is that even though I found a script to make it show up in the player menu, it wasn't visible.

Items in menus are assigned their locations on an X/Y (horizontal/vertical) axis, and unfortunately, given I had to use several other scripts that add features that take up sizable chinks of the available X/Y plane, I had to make sure the JP counter would show up without bleeding into other text or player menu graphics, not be invisible due to being buried under an overlapping element, nor have hard to read text.

I finally got it working, though it required moving a few scripts around and fiddling with the x/y values quite a bit, but I finally got it implemented.

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