Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I need a drink, I'm being hassled by an idiot called Moleman

For those not aware, I've recently gotten a lot of crap from some imbecile named "Moleman9000/ResonX", real name Gabe Navarro. He's a Hispanic guy who draws some really tacky art, writes a fanfic universe called the Nava-Verse, and is prone to spewing drama wherever he goes.

And I just happened to to be the latest SOB caught in the crossfire of this autist.

Before I go on, I have autism too, but thing is, I doubt this guy got the therapy and proper raising I did to help me cope, learn what is socially acceptable and channel the single minded devotion autism tends to grant those with it into useful areas. Instead, he spends it acting like an entitled jackass starting crap, screaming about cyberbullies, and trying to drag people who don't give a damn into his drama.

You want to know more, read up on him at the Kiwi Farms.

Recently, he gave me grief because some people he didn't like wrote some criticism about his series on All The Tropes Wikia, and after stripping out the obvious crap, I was able to source and verify the rest, but because he hated the parties in question, accusing them of being evil incarnate who are longtime tormentors (even if that's true, I don't care to be dragged into his BS) and that everything they wrote needs to be removed.

I refused, blocked him, and he decided to hassle me across Wikia. As for the parties he raged about, they've been fairly nice to me, and I don't care what they do so long as they don't cause trouble for me, something this spoiled rotten douche seemed to not understand no matter what, and it got to the point I contacted Wikia support, imploring relief.

Since I knew I was the latest in a long line of wiki admins who had to deal with his drama generating BS, I asked for a global ban, because I knew he wouldn't drop this and go on to hassle some other poor souls, and I don't wish that guy's antics on anyone.

The global ban was granted, but idiot still decided to give more grief using sockpuppets (a major no-no when they globally ban you, means you are NOT welcome back at all), and I still have no desire to be caught up in his reign of terror.

If Moleman happens to be reading this, as rude as this sounds, you've driven me to this:


Seriously, I don't hate the guy, I just don't want to be caught up in his shit and wish he'd understand he's not a god who can command the world magically bend to his will.

Also, I'm not much of drinker, but this guy has definitely made me cast longing eyes at the bottle.

Here's hoping I don't get liver failure before this idiot finally leaves me alone for good.

P.S. - I plan to report any Moleman socks I know about to Wikia Staff, hope they IP ban this guy, I just want to be left alone.


  1. We feel for you, Geth. A couple of people have been following this mess and we wish you the best. We hope Moleman stops bothering you for the rest of the holiday season.

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, Geth. We hope things improve :)

    1. Much appreciated. Merry Christmas to you as well.