Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dragon Quest 1 Remake engine needs rewritten, I do not wish the final product to be Revolution 60 2.0

I'm afraid I have some bad news:

I still plan to release an updated beta by this Christmas with new content, especially for the League For Gamers and the Kiwi Farms, both sites which I promised would have in universe material dedicated to them, but I will probably have to do so in a greatly reduced form, unless further problems force me to not be able to do this.

The reason is simple: RPG Maker MV is hideously unstable for my needs and will not port over my work (maps especially due to the map size limits) very well, and given how buggy it is, I have elected to remain with using VX Ace for any sequels for the time being.

Another reason is since I wanted to use the engine I have now for any successive projects given the first point, and that means the engine in it's current state is off the table, being a programming golem with mismatched body parts held together with a lot of inflexible scripting code I desperately want to optimize, since the current version has some edge case bugs that can corrupt save files a rewrite would remove and I could reduce the performance enhancement script dependency I've been relying on (like Effectus) considerably, I feel taking the time to rewrite and overhaul the engine before resuming development would allow me to turn out a superior game in the end,

I also wanted to provide a stripped down "SDK/developer kit" version of my game with my custom alterations that anyone can freely use for their own projects (minus commercial/licensed assets), and my current engine design does not allow for this, and since I'm an open source advocate, I want to give something back to my fellow programmers and game developers by letting them used my tweaked game engine for whatever purpose they deem fit, and a rewrite of the engine would make this possible.

Finally, I'm ashamed of all the shortcuts I took early on to get where I am now, since it has made my scripting code a nightmare to modify without causing crashes, I had to leave a lot more on the cutting room floor than I ever planned to, and unlike Brianna Wu's Revolution 60, which has been delayed since it's initial iOS release with only superficial graphical alterations and mild tweaks to the QTE system that still do not address the low res textures, overlay overuse, blocky meshes, weak gameplay, and numerous performance issues that will likely not be addressed when it is given an updated re-release, I feel I can do much better by taking the time to fix the foundations of my project so it not only comes off as a superior engine, it will be so good I can use it's base as a foundation for future projects that still have a more efficient scripting base that provide a more problem free and player friendly gaming experience.

I apologize for any delays this might cause, but I am not happy because I had long terms prospects for this project I cannot fulfill unless I do a rewrite of the scripting, and I want to fulfill all the objectives I had not only for myself, but for the gamers who enjoy my work, as I believe they deserve the best I can do, not merely something that works but has issues I could resolve.


  1. I used RPGMaker 2003 for one of my bigger projects. It's old but stable, even if the engine's held together with duct tape and string.

    Relax, no one will care about delays as long as you're open about them, why they're happening, and give actual status updates. It's the difference between YandereDev and Brianna Wu!

    1. I appreciate your kind words, Jaimas. Thanks for the link.

      I also concur on you comments about YandereDev. Not a fan of his game (as a concept, though the execution is well done), but he definitely puts a lot more work and love into making it good than Wu does his.