Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another update on my upgraded DQ1 Remake engine

Most of my recent upgrades have been user interface related, mostly overhauling the menus to give far more useful information, and look much better, as the originals were very bland.

This includes even greater support for much better looking graphics like bust images, and thanks to the hard work of Allusion, I now have a full set of emote busts for Mara now!

Unfortunately, this has led to a bit of regression, since adding some advanced scripting for party guests has resulted in forcing me to toss the FFIX aliged menus and front-back row system, so I'll have to come up with an alternate means that works in the stock UI with the standard alignment.

On the other hand, I now have fixed some issues with the class change system, which will see little or no use in DQ1 Remake but is added for future proofing. Unfortunately, the stock RM VX Ace engine is very, very poor at avoiding database issues with class changes, lacking a lot of sanity checks for learned skills, exp levels, stats, and so on that require a lot of sanity check correcting code, which is still WIP but is getting there.

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