Thursday, October 29, 2015

An open challenge to those opposed to GamerGate

For those who are convinced GamerGaters are evil incarnate, I pose a challenge to you, and since you all tend to be fond of civil rights advocacy, I shall frame it in those terms.

The Civil Right Movement of the 1960s advocated a strategy that would expose once and for all who the real bigots and hateful people were. Blacks would passively resist and ignore to the best of their ability all the hate slung their way, but they would not try to prevent it. Rather, they made a point of letting the other side spew as much bile and venom as loudly and as much as they wanted.

The point was simple: They wanted the world to know who was the evil ones by letting the world see what true hate looked like until the world's stomach turned and did something about it.

And it worked, with the last shreds of de jure segregation utterly discredited.

In regards to GamerGate, you see all of us as the real bigots, the hateful ones, the true source of evil. Fine, so be it.

However, why are you trying so hard to silence us? You want our alleged evil and venom to turn the world's stomach, don't respond it, don't attempt to silence us in the media, and don't attempt to paint a preconceived portrait of us for the world. Let our evil expose and defeat itself if we're so vile and hateful.

The only reason I can consider for why this strategy has not been attempted is because it can't be proven by our own actions, and thus all that has been said about GGers is a fabrication, but I'm a pro-GGer, so I'm obviously biased.

So my challenge is to try this. If we act like bigots, we've done the job of proving your point, you win. If not, then we aren't who you say we are. Either way, my challenge is to see whether your own convictions we need to be stopped can stand without telling the world how evil we are.

Assuming you all are right, we'll defeat ourselves.

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