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Brianna Wu has libeled me, and I want an apology

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Recently, I contacted Brianna Wu about commenting on the following stories I wrote on

Being this is a journalism website, I am an amateur in that field (by writing for a journalism website), and I felt it honest and polite to allow the subject of my articles a chance for comment, so I sent Brianna Wu a polite email requesting some commentary whenever she found convenient.
My emails and her response can be found here:

Brianna Wu saw fit to lie about my intentions and make me look like an evil person for my courtesy here:

Archive in case the above mysteriously vanishes:

I’d also like to add I’m SUSPENDED from Twitter, for reasons unknown, Twitter has not informed me or anyone else (to my knowledge) why, unless you are directly admitting they told you this, in which case, I deny the charges out of hand, as I did nothing that violated Twitter’s TOU (I made sure to read their guidelines long before I ever made my first tweet)

That all said, I’m posting this here to say this: You lied about me, Brianna Wu, and I’m disgusted and angry you chose to do so. I might be critical of a lot of what you do, but I have tried to show you civility and respect, even showing you goodwill by praying for yours and your family’s safety, words I still mean even if what you did was a slap to my face and dirt on my name because I choose to turn the other cheek and follow the example of Jesus, who loved those who hated him.

Also, in your frankly unhinged response to me in that email where you falsely called me a harasser, you said I wasn’t a journalist, so by your own standards, you would not be one as well, though I gave you the honor of informing you about what I wrote for reasons of transparency because I wanted to give that honor because I felt it was the only right thing to do to duly inform you so you had a chance to offer rebuttal in case what I wrote was in error.

Further, you threatened me with getting thrown off Medium for harassment, when, to my knowledge, I have posted nothing inappropriate here and I informed you in advance I would make my emails to you public so the world can see for themselves whether your own charges apply.

Also, in the interests of honesty, I sent copies of this sordid affair to Milo Yiannopoulos, who is an actual journalist, because now I know how he feels when he sends the subject of his articles a request for comment and they go behind his back and libel him. Whether he chooses to write about this or not, I don’t care either way, I just wanted to let him know I understand what he’s had to go through a little better.

Also, I tire of hearing about all the rape and death threats you get. I have YET to see you post a single one that was deemed credible by law enforcement, whereas someone like Milo was at ground zero for a bomb threat and even posted photos of the syringe he was sent as a threat, so no offense, Ms. Wu, your credibility is at a nadir on that one.

Also, one of the supposed “death threats” you were sent was a shitpost in very mean spirited taste on a forum, not a threat to your life in any credible way, and the author even owned up to writing it and laughed in your face for taking it seriously. Given it was a tacky James Bond parody, I can’t find it within myself to blame him for that.

Finally, I have consistently refrained from mentioning certain subjects you didn’t want discussed since I’ve been doing my noble best to show you respect and decency, but since you chose to openly lie about me for your own gain, I see no reason not to finally be blunt:

You’re a consistent liar, about the death and rape threats, about the harassment, about your professional and personal positions, and even about who you really are, Brianna Walker Wu, or should I say, John Walker Flynt?

Further, that recent Samus is transgender article and its followup? You blocked transgender people on Twitter for honestly disagreeing with you and accused everyone who didn’t buy what you had to say of being a transphobic bigot, when, as many of those transgender people you offended rightfully pointed out, you abused their goodwill by shoving your fan theory based on shoddy evidence down their throats then spit in their faces when they presented respectful dissent, something I find appalling, given you’re transgender yourself, and while I’m not, I mourn for all the transgender people you hurt by your cruelty.

And frankly, I don’t care if what I just said above is “deadnaming” or what you claim are rumors. I’ve followed the evidence trail laid out concerning your past on Breitbart, various fora following your hypocrisy and deceit, and the evidence has convinced me all the courtesy I bent over backwards to show you was wasted effort and that the past you deny is actually the truth.

Regardless, I’m not going to waste the energy over that on nursing a grudge. Instead, I’m going to stand up for everyone you’ve spit on and lied about.

However, before I go, I do want to add this: A forum called the Kiwi Farms has a very long, indepth thread where they have archived every single thing Brianna Wu has ever said, put together an amazingly detailed dossier of Wu’s lies and deceit on their wiki, and whose membership have contacted me via email and other means, respecting my wish not to openly associate with them yet still wishing me goodwill, and to them I extend my gratitude for showing me that they care so much for a total stranger, and to borrow something from their own forums, I want to give every last one of you over 9000 Feels, Semper Fidelis, and Winner ratings for showing me more decency and integrity than I ever expected to receive.

And for anyone wanting the real story on Brianna Wu’s antics and lies, on top of reading Milo’s articles on Brianna Wu, these links are highly recommended by yours truly:

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