Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why every person who adheres to the radical hashtag #BlackLivesMatter comes off as a black supremacist

Before I get castigated by the more moderate well meaning black community who happens to subscribe to that while not considering all whites the devil, I just want to say I've been in extremely consistent support of civil rights for all races since I was in short pants.

However, what just recently happened to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders turned my stomach.

I personally have no strong opinions on him politically (I'm waiting until we have a firmer idea who the actual viable people in the race will be), but he has my sympathy and personal respect over how shabbily he was treated.

I am referring to the fact that during his own speech the night before he was chased off his own stage by a bunch of assholes who told him to shut up, they were going to speak about what really mattered, then turned the whole thing into a radical black rights circlejerk, accusing him of not giving a shit.

First off, fuck you to every asshole involved in pissing on this man's speech. You were NOT invited, you crashed the party and abrogated his First Amendment rights just to shill your own speech, and even if his speech would have been in opposition to yours or not is immaterial, you violated his civil rights, so shame on you.

Second, THIS MAN MARCHED WITH MARTIN LUTHER KING. This man has, by all accounts, been the strongest supporter of civil rights out of all the available candidates, and you decided to bitch slap him like this.

Again, fuck you all for that.

Finally, by violating this man's civil rights and the right to assembly of those who wanted to hear what he wanted to say, you've made it clear who the real criminals are, and that is you. You don't want equal rights, you've just become bastardized parodies of Malcom X (a man who even at his worst was nowhere near as disrespectful to the civil rights of other races, whites included, as you vile thugs), and on behalf of everyone with shame and conscience, what you did shows you have none of both, and I have no more love for black supremacy than I do white supremacy.

Both are racist as hell, as to the racists who shit on Bernie Sanders rights in the name of black supremacy, you're just as vile as the KKK in my view.

P.S. - Sanders did the honorable thing by following King's example of nonviolence and nonaggression and did not respond to your race baiting bullshit, and whatever his political views, he has my respect for following the opinions of a black civil rights leader who still commands the respect of everyone who actually cares about equal treatment for everyone.

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