Monday, August 3, 2015

Social Justice and why it's believers make me oppose it

Social Justice, is, as the name states, trying to achieve justice for social issues, a laudable goal.

Unfortunately, the form it takes on the internet is fucking laughable, or that's what I would say, if it wasn't for the fact everyone who practices it is such a foul hypocrite the laughs die in my throat.

1. On Tumblr - Social Justice takes many bizarre forms on Tumblr, but the most idiotic are the types who want equality and tolerance for all sorts of various genders, many of which are made up and whose terminology only exists on Tumblr.

No offense, you guys can call yourselves whatever you want on Tumblr, but I'm going to laugh in your face if you seriously want me to recognize you as a genderqueer polysexual wolfkin or whatever the hell else you guys call yourselves whenever the mood strikes you to change to, something that occurs about as often as I change shirts.

2. On Twitter - Currently suspended, and while there are a few decent human beings on Twitter, the mass majority of the SJW wackaloons I have no interest in ever engaging again should I ever get my account back.

But while I'm on that subject, the difference between Tumblr and Twitter is shorter messages and the hugbox atmosphere the Social Jackass Wackos insist on. Also, you can't go three tweets without a bunch of lunatics saying all cops are the devil, every black person who dies was because the gubmint wants to murder blacks in droves, you have to accept and tolerate transgender people no matter what or SJW lynch mobs will try to ruin your life, and worst of all, the Gamergate shit.

Yeah, I'm pro-GG, so I'm biased, but hell, if I ever get my account unsuspended, I refuse to debate another anti-GGer again, they all act like assholes, move goalposts constantly, and when you do manage to win an argument, they block you and make chickenshit backshot remarks while their friends favorite every tweet where they acted like a shithead to you.

 In fact, if I ever get unsuspended, they have my promise, written in my own blood if that's what they want, I will stay away from every single SJW on Twitter, because they don't want civil discourse, they want an echo chamber, and dissent, no matter how respectful, well, expect them to bombard Twitter with reports about how you're harassing them en masse until you are silenced to shut down dissent.

3. On Reddit - I already have written off that POS, but wow, that place is one of the greatest examples why deciding what is popular by handing people downvote buttons and let mods be gods is a shitty idea. On Voat, you can't downvote people into oblivion, and you are forced to actually contribute several dozen actual posts before you can start downvoting people. Voat has the potential for abuse too, but damn, Reddit would suck even if it didn't have SJWs trying to silence speech they don't like (and which they are still doing).

I could go on, but the point I'm making as that for people who demand progressive change in society, they are bullies, censors, and general assholes most of the time, and for people who want to spread tolerance and opemindedness, they are some of the most closeminded, intolerant assholes who have ever gained accessed to a web browser, and if they the warriors for social justice, then I hope all their plans burn down around them.

Because if progress depends on all these insane, asshole bigots, I want no part of it.

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