Saturday, August 29, 2015

SJWs have been taking a massive beating on multiple fronts, they still keep doubling down

Recently, the social justice warriors have gotten their teeth kicked in on multiple fronts:

* Zoe Quinn/Chelsea von Valkenburg got her legal ass roasted over the coals by Eugene Volohk, who basically declared the shit she pulled on Eron Gjoni was unconstitutional, and Eron has every intention of taking her to task for abusing the law to silence him, and stands a decent chance of winning.

* Gamergate had ANOTHER bomb threat called on an event with many journalists who have now seen the opposition for what they really are (people so terrified their narrative would be shattered they'll do anything to reinforce it), and while the origin of the threats is still unknown, the point is that journalists can see if some assholes were willing to call almost a dozen bomb threats on a peaceful assembly, then the people the assembly was for may not be the villains they've been painted as, and journalism has seen a massive uptick in their ethical membership reaching out, and many of the former shills for the "Gamergaters are evil" nonsense has ceased to be one sided and now include reasonably balanced coverage, to the fury of the SJW hardliners who are pissed Gamergate is not being painted as 150% evil anymore except by the shill rags they still control or have great influence over.

* The Hugo Awards have gotten a massive callout on how the SJWs would rather burn down the clubhouse instead of allowing people in who they have no good reason to refuse.

* The #BlackLivesMatter maniacs have finally been revealed for the criminal reactionaries they always were, with confirmed links to them in regards to the cold blooded murder of a Texan law enforcement officer and their rhetoric has escalated to calling for the outright murder of white people.

* An embittered, mentally unbalanced ex-reporter who was a SJW in thought and action if not in  official association murdered his former colleagues on live TV, and the SJWs not only tried desperately to deflect the implications, they had the sickening temerity to try to pin it on Gamergate, using a JOKE tweet as the basis of this BS connection (even before the bodies of the victims were even cold), and the still corrupt/incompetent journalists who ran with this crap failed to fact check like they were supposed to. Also, Salon and the Guardian (with Arthur Chu and Jessica Valenti, shills for the SJWs) are doubling down hard, printing discredited bullshit from scam artists like Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu despite massive callouts.

And that's just some of the bigger highlights. Political correctness is also getting to be downright noxious and repugnant in the eyes of most of the sane and reasonable, and the professional victim culture is finally getting exposed for the cult of fearmongering, cronyism, and corruption enabling it really is.

Basically, it should be really obvious to the ones who benefited from the culture of fear, cultural repression and corruption their antics have finally come back to haunt them, and I for one don't plan to lie down and die. Instead, I and the rest of the world tired of their nonsense are going to keep calling out their bullshit until they are robbed of the power they fraudulently gained to pervert the world to their oppressive whims, because without their fetid nonsense, I can finally live in a world where I don't have to worry (nearly as much) about race baiting maniacs, batshit insane parodies of feminists who sounds like they took the SCUM manifesto in dead seriousness, Tumblr's worst elements wanting to suppress all creative expression they don't like because they are too insecure to let others enjoy what they want, and cultural hegemonic con artists seeking to control the media for their own greed and ego.

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