Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rise News Miami will be opening a new journalism site at the end of August

For those not in the know, Rise News Miami is the journalism site that, after the SPJ Airplay bomb threat incident, has added a Gamergate section to their site and allow BOTH sides of the issue to be heard.

I'm pro-Gamergate, but I applaud their willingness not to be biased towards either side, as an honest press depends on not being a propaganda mill, but a fora for both sides of a debate.

After contacting them to thank them for their journalistic integrity, they thanked me for the kind words and informed me they were opening a new site that would be international and for which they were looking for writers.

As someone who salutes any press organization committed to honesty and integrity, they have my prayers and  best wishes for their success, and I urge anyone, regardless of your position on Gamergate or any other issue, to give them your support and submit work to them if you wish to have your position heard.

They can be followed on Twitter at @RiseNewsNow

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