Monday, August 31, 2015

Request for comment on some articles I wrote in rebuttal to your own (an email I sent Brianna Wu)

I recently wrote some articles in rebuttal to some articles you wrote on your own site on, and in the event I am wrong on certain details or you have any comment, I invite you to comment on the following:

I am sending this request because I believe it is fair to inform you what I have written for reasons of transparency and because despite our differing opinions, I would like your input in case I have grossly misinterpreted your thoughts and intentions.

Please let me know when or if you can do so whenever you find convenient.

P.S. - For reasons of transparency, I plan to publicly post the contents of this email on my personal blog, which you can find here:

Brianna Wu has contacted me with the following:

You are a stalker, not a journalist. I have no problem with public criticism, but obsessing over everything I say and do all day every day is extremely unsettling.

You were banned from Twitter for this exact extremely creepy behavior. Medium has even stricter standards about harassment. 

Do not contact me ever again. 

Sent from my orbital weapons platform.

To which this was my final response:

Very well, I will comply with your request, though Twitter has still not informed me as to the nature of my suspension at this time and I reject your claims of stalking as groundless as result.

As Medium is a journalistic website and I was writing about a public figure as an amateur in that field, I felt it polite to inform you of my work.

You have my word I will not contact you again, and I will publish your response to me on my public blog and this final message in acknowledgement of your wishes, again for reasons of transparency.

One final thing before I do:

Despite my opinions, I do not wish harm on you, deplore anyone who does, will denounce them and report such activities to law enforcement, and you and your family have my prayers for your continued health and safety, and despite our differences of opinion, I hope you are able to prosper in all the endeavors you seek to undertake, and may God bless your days with peace and joy.

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