Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A few comments I'd like to leave Arthur Chu and his associates

Ever since I commented on a few discussion panels, I have gotten some intense hatred simply because I've tried to remain civil, post facts, and even though I even sided with my opposition when they were clearly in the right, I'm still considered an enemy simply because I disagree.

Well, to Mr. Chu and my esteemed oppositon, I have a few rebuttals:

This tweet is Arthur Chu wanting me to stop reading his "fucking feed", as in, his public twitter feed.

I'm sorry, Arthur, but I refuse. There is no law barring me from doing so, nor reading any other Twitter feed that is publicly available. If you choose to protect your feed from public scrutiny, that is your choice, but when you put comments out into the open (like this blog for example), you open yourself up to public scrutiny, and your Twitter shall be under the same guidelines so long as it remains public.

Also, I'd like to refute a few lies:

In this comment, a Nora Reed says I was banned from Twitter for abusive behavior. To that charge, I request you not lie about me Ms.Reed, as Twitter themselves have still not told me why I was suspended, nor have they, to my knowledge, released that information to anyone else.

I have a good idea why I might have been suspended, and I have a blog post you are free to read if you want my take on it, but this statement is a blatant falsehood, and I'm disappointed you felt the need to say such things without proof.

Here's the post I refer to:

In this comment, I actually defend Arthur Chu from a false accusation. Specifically, any charges he is guilty of inciting bomb threats. To my knowledge, there is no conclusive proof he has ever been linked to making any, and unless such can be affirmed by a court of law with duly submitted evidence to that effect, I request anyone spreading such lies about Mr.Chu cease, as he does not deserve to be falsely accused of a crime for which there is no evidence he is guilty, and I intend to submit a link to this very post to Mr. Chu's email because regardless of our differing opinions, he does not deserve to be falsely accused of a crime for which there is no evidence proving his guilt, and if he wishes to add a comment, I welcome his input.

Finally, I oppose ANYONE giving Arthur or any of his associates harassment. It's mean, it's cruel, and despite whatever they may or may not have done, it is not justified.

Below is the text of the email I intend to send Mr. Chu:

You know me as GethN7, the party with whom you have disagreed with on several discussions.

I am writing you to inform you I have mentioned you in a blog post and wanted to let you know for reasons of transparency, and you are mentioned because I was highly disturbed several saw fit to falsely accuse you of making bomb threats without proof.

I know we have greatly dissenting opinions, but rest assured I am deeply disturbed over how you have been accused of inciting such vile crimes without proof and have issued a public statement denouncing such false accusations on your behalf because they are unwarranted, and if I discover any information useful towards ending such defamation, I will inform you and the proper law enforcement officials, as bearing false witness is not only a crime, it's a sin according to my religious beliefs, and seeing someone do that to you offends me on a moral and legal level, and on that issue I wish to defend your good name against such false witness.

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