Monday, August 31, 2015

Request for comment on some articles I wrote in rebuttal to your own (an email I sent Brianna Wu)

I recently wrote some articles in rebuttal to some articles you wrote on your own site on, and in the event I am wrong on certain details or you have any comment, I invite you to comment on the following:

I am sending this request because I believe it is fair to inform you what I have written for reasons of transparency and because despite our differing opinions, I would like your input in case I have grossly misinterpreted your thoughts and intentions.

Please let me know when or if you can do so whenever you find convenient.

P.S. - For reasons of transparency, I plan to publicly post the contents of this email on my personal blog, which you can find here:

Brianna Wu has contacted me with the following:

You are a stalker, not a journalist. I have no problem with public criticism, but obsessing over everything I say and do all day every day is extremely unsettling.

You were banned from Twitter for this exact extremely creepy behavior. Medium has even stricter standards about harassment. 

Do not contact me ever again. 

Sent from my orbital weapons platform.

To which this was my final response:

Very well, I will comply with your request, though Twitter has still not informed me as to the nature of my suspension at this time and I reject your claims of stalking as groundless as result.

As Medium is a journalistic website and I was writing about a public figure as an amateur in that field, I felt it polite to inform you of my work.

You have my word I will not contact you again, and I will publish your response to me on my public blog and this final message in acknowledgement of your wishes, again for reasons of transparency.

One final thing before I do:

Despite my opinions, I do not wish harm on you, deplore anyone who does, will denounce them and report such activities to law enforcement, and you and your family have my prayers for your continued health and safety, and despite our differences of opinion, I hope you are able to prosper in all the endeavors you seek to undertake, and may God bless your days with peace and joy.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

SJWs have been taking a massive beating on multiple fronts, they still keep doubling down

Recently, the social justice warriors have gotten their teeth kicked in on multiple fronts:

* Zoe Quinn/Chelsea von Valkenburg got her legal ass roasted over the coals by Eugene Volohk, who basically declared the shit she pulled on Eron Gjoni was unconstitutional, and Eron has every intention of taking her to task for abusing the law to silence him, and stands a decent chance of winning.

* Gamergate had ANOTHER bomb threat called on an event with many journalists who have now seen the opposition for what they really are (people so terrified their narrative would be shattered they'll do anything to reinforce it), and while the origin of the threats is still unknown, the point is that journalists can see if some assholes were willing to call almost a dozen bomb threats on a peaceful assembly, then the people the assembly was for may not be the villains they've been painted as, and journalism has seen a massive uptick in their ethical membership reaching out, and many of the former shills for the "Gamergaters are evil" nonsense has ceased to be one sided and now include reasonably balanced coverage, to the fury of the SJW hardliners who are pissed Gamergate is not being painted as 150% evil anymore except by the shill rags they still control or have great influence over.

* The Hugo Awards have gotten a massive callout on how the SJWs would rather burn down the clubhouse instead of allowing people in who they have no good reason to refuse.

* The #BlackLivesMatter maniacs have finally been revealed for the criminal reactionaries they always were, with confirmed links to them in regards to the cold blooded murder of a Texan law enforcement officer and their rhetoric has escalated to calling for the outright murder of white people.

* An embittered, mentally unbalanced ex-reporter who was a SJW in thought and action if not in  official association murdered his former colleagues on live TV, and the SJWs not only tried desperately to deflect the implications, they had the sickening temerity to try to pin it on Gamergate, using a JOKE tweet as the basis of this BS connection (even before the bodies of the victims were even cold), and the still corrupt/incompetent journalists who ran with this crap failed to fact check like they were supposed to. Also, Salon and the Guardian (with Arthur Chu and Jessica Valenti, shills for the SJWs) are doubling down hard, printing discredited bullshit from scam artists like Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu despite massive callouts.

And that's just some of the bigger highlights. Political correctness is also getting to be downright noxious and repugnant in the eyes of most of the sane and reasonable, and the professional victim culture is finally getting exposed for the cult of fearmongering, cronyism, and corruption enabling it really is.

Basically, it should be really obvious to the ones who benefited from the culture of fear, cultural repression and corruption their antics have finally come back to haunt them, and I for one don't plan to lie down and die. Instead, I and the rest of the world tired of their nonsense are going to keep calling out their bullshit until they are robbed of the power they fraudulently gained to pervert the world to their oppressive whims, because without their fetid nonsense, I can finally live in a world where I don't have to worry (nearly as much) about race baiting maniacs, batshit insane parodies of feminists who sounds like they took the SCUM manifesto in dead seriousness, Tumblr's worst elements wanting to suppress all creative expression they don't like because they are too insecure to let others enjoy what they want, and cultural hegemonic con artists seeking to control the media for their own greed and ego.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rise News Miami will be opening a new journalism site at the end of August

For those not in the know, Rise News Miami is the journalism site that, after the SPJ Airplay bomb threat incident, has added a Gamergate section to their site and allow BOTH sides of the issue to be heard.

I'm pro-Gamergate, but I applaud their willingness not to be biased towards either side, as an honest press depends on not being a propaganda mill, but a fora for both sides of a debate.

After contacting them to thank them for their journalistic integrity, they thanked me for the kind words and informed me they were opening a new site that would be international and for which they were looking for writers.

As someone who salutes any press organization committed to honesty and integrity, they have my prayers and  best wishes for their success, and I urge anyone, regardless of your position on Gamergate or any other issue, to give them your support and submit work to them if you wish to have your position heard.

They can be followed on Twitter at @RiseNewsNow

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A few comments I'd like to leave Arthur Chu and his associates

Ever since I commented on a few discussion panels, I have gotten some intense hatred simply because I've tried to remain civil, post facts, and even though I even sided with my opposition when they were clearly in the right, I'm still considered an enemy simply because I disagree.

Well, to Mr. Chu and my esteemed oppositon, I have a few rebuttals:

This tweet is Arthur Chu wanting me to stop reading his "fucking feed", as in, his public twitter feed.

I'm sorry, Arthur, but I refuse. There is no law barring me from doing so, nor reading any other Twitter feed that is publicly available. If you choose to protect your feed from public scrutiny, that is your choice, but when you put comments out into the open (like this blog for example), you open yourself up to public scrutiny, and your Twitter shall be under the same guidelines so long as it remains public.

Also, I'd like to refute a few lies:

In this comment, a Nora Reed says I was banned from Twitter for abusive behavior. To that charge, I request you not lie about me Ms.Reed, as Twitter themselves have still not told me why I was suspended, nor have they, to my knowledge, released that information to anyone else.

I have a good idea why I might have been suspended, and I have a blog post you are free to read if you want my take on it, but this statement is a blatant falsehood, and I'm disappointed you felt the need to say such things without proof.

Here's the post I refer to:

In this comment, I actually defend Arthur Chu from a false accusation. Specifically, any charges he is guilty of inciting bomb threats. To my knowledge, there is no conclusive proof he has ever been linked to making any, and unless such can be affirmed by a court of law with duly submitted evidence to that effect, I request anyone spreading such lies about Mr.Chu cease, as he does not deserve to be falsely accused of a crime for which there is no evidence he is guilty, and I intend to submit a link to this very post to Mr. Chu's email because regardless of our differing opinions, he does not deserve to be falsely accused of a crime for which there is no evidence proving his guilt, and if he wishes to add a comment, I welcome his input.

Finally, I oppose ANYONE giving Arthur or any of his associates harassment. It's mean, it's cruel, and despite whatever they may or may not have done, it is not justified.

Below is the text of the email I intend to send Mr. Chu:

You know me as GethN7, the party with whom you have disagreed with on several discussions.

I am writing you to inform you I have mentioned you in a blog post and wanted to let you know for reasons of transparency, and you are mentioned because I was highly disturbed several saw fit to falsely accuse you of making bomb threats without proof.

I know we have greatly dissenting opinions, but rest assured I am deeply disturbed over how you have been accused of inciting such vile crimes without proof and have issued a public statement denouncing such false accusations on your behalf because they are unwarranted, and if I discover any information useful towards ending such defamation, I will inform you and the proper law enforcement officials, as bearing false witness is not only a crime, it's a sin according to my religious beliefs, and seeing someone do that to you offends me on a moral and legal level, and on that issue I wish to defend your good name against such false witness.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

An email I wrote to Maddy Myers, writer for The Mary Sue concerning her Twine Game

Below is the complete text of an email I sent Maddy Myers, a feminist writer for The Mary Sue. I wrote it after trying out her Twine game (which isn't too shabby), and which can be found here:

I am publishing the text of this email because I want to take apart the conceit that Gamergaters hate women, especially those trying to do anything related to gaming. In fact, I'm grateful she decided to make her work public and wish for her continued success, as the below should demonstrate:

I saw that Twine game you created on your Twitter feed, have tried it out, and so far, I like it.

Your writing shows great skill, and I like the deconstruction of the magical girl premise. The actual technical structure of the game shows you have a good grasp of coding, and I like how the structure seems more interactive than a typical CYOA (Choose your own adventure game).

It's somewhat dark, and not my usual cup of tea, but it is well written, and as a fellow game developer (I'm making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace), I wanted to compliment you on your work and encourage you to make further games, you've done well with this one as far as I can tell.

For transparency reasons, I've heard of you via Twitter and via your Mary Sue work (you might know me as GethN7 on Twitter, currently suspended for reasons I have appealed), and while I don't completely agree with some of your editorials, I still believe you have excellent writing skills, and as a fellow gamer, I wanted to compliment and encourage your skill in that regard and wish you the best.

I also manage the All The Tropes Wiki, and if I can find the time (I am staff for the Orain wiki farm and have other matter that keep me busy most of the time), I plan to make a page about your game on my site, which you can find here:

Finally, I wanted to let you know, again for transparency, I am pro-Gamergate, but I'm incredibly pleased to see a female game developer produce work as fine as yours and hope other women succeed in that field and other endeavors they wish to pursue (and I condemn the harassment or hatred of any woman, as a feminist myself I'm appalled anyone could feel that way about women), and you have my prayers and best wishes on your continued success as a journalist, gamer, and person.

Update: Since this was first written, we have relocated to:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why every person who adheres to the radical hashtag #BlackLivesMatter comes off as a black supremacist

Before I get castigated by the more moderate well meaning black community who happens to subscribe to that while not considering all whites the devil, I just want to say I've been in extremely consistent support of civil rights for all races since I was in short pants.

However, what just recently happened to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders turned my stomach.

I personally have no strong opinions on him politically (I'm waiting until we have a firmer idea who the actual viable people in the race will be), but he has my sympathy and personal respect over how shabbily he was treated.

I am referring to the fact that during his own speech the night before he was chased off his own stage by a bunch of assholes who told him to shut up, they were going to speak about what really mattered, then turned the whole thing into a radical black rights circlejerk, accusing him of not giving a shit.

First off, fuck you to every asshole involved in pissing on this man's speech. You were NOT invited, you crashed the party and abrogated his First Amendment rights just to shill your own speech, and even if his speech would have been in opposition to yours or not is immaterial, you violated his civil rights, so shame on you.

Second, THIS MAN MARCHED WITH MARTIN LUTHER KING. This man has, by all accounts, been the strongest supporter of civil rights out of all the available candidates, and you decided to bitch slap him like this.

Again, fuck you all for that.

Finally, by violating this man's civil rights and the right to assembly of those who wanted to hear what he wanted to say, you've made it clear who the real criminals are, and that is you. You don't want equal rights, you've just become bastardized parodies of Malcom X (a man who even at his worst was nowhere near as disrespectful to the civil rights of other races, whites included, as you vile thugs), and on behalf of everyone with shame and conscience, what you did shows you have none of both, and I have no more love for black supremacy than I do white supremacy.

Both are racist as hell, as to the racists who shit on Bernie Sanders rights in the name of black supremacy, you're just as vile as the KKK in my view.

P.S. - Sanders did the honorable thing by following King's example of nonviolence and nonaggression and did not respond to your race baiting bullshit, and whatever his political views, he has my respect for following the opinions of a black civil rights leader who still commands the respect of everyone who actually cares about equal treatment for everyone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Twitter alternative is being developed and currently in beta

Behold the new Twitter for people tired of the echo chamber of SJW outrage Twitter has become:

It's currently a work in progress, but it's quite stable and welcoming anyone and everyone to try it out, and it already has several advantages over Twitter:

1. Longer Messages (1000 characters versus 140)
2. Open source (Under the GNU license)
3. No complicated barriers to entry (such as needing a mobile phone number)

It also features many features from Twitter that are known and loved, such as retweets (resending messages), favoring messages, and due to the fact it's a more flexible format of federated communication, private messaging is completely possible using the same interface as regular messages with the same message character limit.

Given how I'm disgusted by how Twitter has been taken over by SJW lynch mobs, I'm all for a better service minus their nonsense, and even though it has been created by pro-GG people, the service welcomes everyone who wants to get around the messaging watercooler.

In short, please, sign up. I don't regret it in the slightest.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Social Justice and why it's believers make me oppose it

Social Justice, is, as the name states, trying to achieve justice for social issues, a laudable goal.

Unfortunately, the form it takes on the internet is fucking laughable, or that's what I would say, if it wasn't for the fact everyone who practices it is such a foul hypocrite the laughs die in my throat.

1. On Tumblr - Social Justice takes many bizarre forms on Tumblr, but the most idiotic are the types who want equality and tolerance for all sorts of various genders, many of which are made up and whose terminology only exists on Tumblr.

No offense, you guys can call yourselves whatever you want on Tumblr, but I'm going to laugh in your face if you seriously want me to recognize you as a genderqueer polysexual wolfkin or whatever the hell else you guys call yourselves whenever the mood strikes you to change to, something that occurs about as often as I change shirts.

2. On Twitter - Currently suspended, and while there are a few decent human beings on Twitter, the mass majority of the SJW wackaloons I have no interest in ever engaging again should I ever get my account back.

But while I'm on that subject, the difference between Tumblr and Twitter is shorter messages and the hugbox atmosphere the Social Jackass Wackos insist on. Also, you can't go three tweets without a bunch of lunatics saying all cops are the devil, every black person who dies was because the gubmint wants to murder blacks in droves, you have to accept and tolerate transgender people no matter what or SJW lynch mobs will try to ruin your life, and worst of all, the Gamergate shit.

Yeah, I'm pro-GG, so I'm biased, but hell, if I ever get my account unsuspended, I refuse to debate another anti-GGer again, they all act like assholes, move goalposts constantly, and when you do manage to win an argument, they block you and make chickenshit backshot remarks while their friends favorite every tweet where they acted like a shithead to you.

 In fact, if I ever get unsuspended, they have my promise, written in my own blood if that's what they want, I will stay away from every single SJW on Twitter, because they don't want civil discourse, they want an echo chamber, and dissent, no matter how respectful, well, expect them to bombard Twitter with reports about how you're harassing them en masse until you are silenced to shut down dissent.

3. On Reddit - I already have written off that POS, but wow, that place is one of the greatest examples why deciding what is popular by handing people downvote buttons and let mods be gods is a shitty idea. On Voat, you can't downvote people into oblivion, and you are forced to actually contribute several dozen actual posts before you can start downvoting people. Voat has the potential for abuse too, but damn, Reddit would suck even if it didn't have SJWs trying to silence speech they don't like (and which they are still doing).

I could go on, but the point I'm making as that for people who demand progressive change in society, they are bullies, censors, and general assholes most of the time, and for people who want to spread tolerance and opemindedness, they are some of the most closeminded, intolerant assholes who have ever gained accessed to a web browser, and if they the warriors for social justice, then I hope all their plans burn down around them.

Because if progress depends on all these insane, asshole bigots, I want no part of it.