Wednesday, July 22, 2015

While Gamergate used Twitter for good against Gawker, Anti-Gamergaters only want to use it for evil

Gamergate has been accused of a lot of evil, malicious things, things that recently have been proven untrue,. as Gamergate led the charge against Gawker on Twitter with mass emails to their advertisement sponsors to yank support in response to Gawker's publishing of libelous content meant only to destroy someone under pretenses involving extortion, all for the sake of page clicks.

As Gamergate opposes corruption in the press, and since Gawker is the parent company of Kotaku, a gaming site rife with corruption, I and many others joined our efforts to expose Gawker for what they were to the public so that their corruption would be their downfall.

However, not everyone uses Twitter for good:

This Tumblr documents all sorts of corrupt uses of Twitter  to silence, persecute, harass and denigrate anyone supportive of Gamergate, here's some horrifying examples:

This basically saying "harassment is okay when WE do it to Gamergaters"

LIKE HELL IT IS! No one deserves harassment on Twitter!

This guy wants to see all Gamergaters rot in prison and die of prostate cancer.

Brianna Wu, a woman who I tried to show respect to on Twitter, well, this doesn't seem to go both ways, as she called someone (in a now deleted tweet) "a gross fucking aspie"

Ms. Wu, I have Aspergers, and I am shocked and horrified you could be so bigoted against those with that condition, and on behalf of all with the same, I'd like to apologize for that comment since I doubt she will.

Another Brianna Wu sequence of hatred:

Ms. Wu, I'm a feminist, and I believe all women deserve dignity and respect, and what you did to assault this woman's dignity makes me ill.

This post proposes all gamers should be murdered, a proposition I not only am sickened by, but I definitely say no Gamergaters has ever claimed our opposition should be murdered, and I'm disgusted Twitter still hosts such blatant hatred against my fellow gamers.

This is basically telling all gay people they are traitors who deserve to die if they support Gamergate, and not only is that just pure, distilled bigotry against someone for their ideology, it's also an attack on someone sexual orientation, saying it's only okay to be gay unless you hold certain beliefs, and if you don;t agree, you deserve to die.

That is offensive and discriminatory beyond words, and to all gay people maliciously maligned by this commentary, you have no idea how sorry I am that someone posted such foul hatred about you all.

This is basically a call for the crimes perpetuated by Nazi regime on their enemies to be done to all gamers simply for being gamers, and the fact such blatant calls for another Holocaust were posted with such gleeful abandon only makes me wonder what kind of depraved stain could exist on someone's soul to want to sanction another genocide simply due to pure spite.

I could go on and on, but I want to make an appeal to Twitter:

Gamergaters do not harass, we do not threaten, we do not denigrate, we do not call for the deaths of others, we do not sanction the persecution of those who oppose us, and we utterly condemn all the above as beyond the pale, and I'm begging you, please ask yourself if you really want people who post such foul spite to continue to patronize your service.

Seriously, this is loathsome and despicable, and I mourn for everyone who has had to endure such hatred from these patrons of Twitter, and I ask Twitter do the right thing by all those who are the real victims of harassment, death threats, and persecution, as we Gamergaters want to be a benefit to Twitter.

And all we ask is that those who use your service to spread bigotry and hatred no longer be allowed to promulgate such vile messages via your service.

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