Sunday, July 19, 2015

In which I write about my fanboyism of Milo Yiannopoulos

In this post, I'm going to write about why I like Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopoulos, and since I adore his deadpan snarky style, I shall try to imitate it here, and while imitation is usually the highest form of flattery, I would not blame him if that didn't turn him on.

I am a liberal after all.

On that subject, he's very conservative, but I admire how for a conservative how much he's willing to tolerate his critics, even to the point of retweeting people who believe he needs to have his sexy head of hair shaved off and shoved down his throat until he dies of asphyxiation.

Me, I think that's a highly inefficient way to kill a guy who dies after half a dozen hits to the face with a dildo in Postal 2: Paradise Lost (yes, you can kill Milo in the game, or even urinate on his face if you like while he bitches about "not being into that"), but to each their own.

Regardless, I have found him very charming and openminded for a man whose opinion of Barack Obama is cool disdain at best, but to his credit, he does favorite the tweets of people who call him an asshole, so at least he's self aware.

Milo is also blessed with a sense of humor. On top of allowing you to blow his head off with a shotgun and piss on his severed limbs in Postal 2, he also takes humorous self depreciating takes at himself, mocking his own tendency to be a wanker and his preference for wanker. He also is an unashamed snob, but he's a very self aware snob, and even if you want to watch him die painfully for having his nose so far up in the air he can sneeze on the moon, one has to admit he's rather witty and charmingly snarky as he does so.

Milo also has more integrity as a journalist than I would have expected, given his profession is filled with assholes, shitheads, and utter bastards, and even though I just described the now rightfully disgraced writing team of Gawker, Breitbart comes off much better for having Milo as a writer, because, as mentioned earlier, he admits his asshattery, shitheadedness, and bastardry, and when you can be an openly gay pisstaking stone conservative smartass and still get a liberal hetereosexual who tries to be courteous to everyone when possible to like you so much your adoration turns borderline homoerotic for the former, you must be doing something right.

Finally, before this brain-fart turns into a love letter so sappy Milo could use it on his morning waffles, I just wanted to reiterate I like the writing Milo has done, especially as pertains to Gamergate, and I look forward to more of his work.


  1. I challenge you to a good ole liberal slap fight for Milos attention!

    1. He might just appreciate watching the cat-fight.