Friday, June 19, 2015

In this post, I ridicule SJW outrage over Deux Ex Mankind Divided

First off, just want to say I'm a big fan of Deus Ex as a series (well, Invisible War sucked, no denying it), and while Human Revolution may not have surpassed the original, it came damn close, which is why I'm stoked for Mankind Divided.

And, speaking of divisions among man, SJWs imbeciles were freaking out over the game having "mechanical apartheid" themes, where cyberaugmented people are discriminated against as a major theme, calling it racist or some shit, despite them moaning for fucking months now about how games should explore this sort of social commentary.

I'm going to try avoiding spoilers for Human Revolution, but I'm just going to rip apart their bullshit, so here goes:

1. IT A WORK OF FICTION YOU ASSHOLES - If anyone wants to explore any theme in a game, that does not necessarily means it reflects on real life, and even if it does, I thought you fucking idiots WANTED social commentary in games. You're getting it, so why are you complaining?

2. IT WAS IN THE PREVIOUS GAME, IN CASE YOU FORGOT - Human Revolution explored these themes already, and the plot was based on how prejudice against cyberaugs had already divided mankind, all the sequel is doing is showing the logical end result of the themes introduced in Human Revolution.

3. SORRY, SPOILERS, BUT HERE'S WHY THE STUPID IS STUPID - At the end of Human Revolution, one of the villains sends a signal around the planet that drives every cyberaug insane against their will, and even though you've stopped it, by the time you do, this happened on GLOBAL SCALE, and it understandably scared the ever loving hell out everyone who isn't augmented, and even if you decided to tell the world why it happened (the real truth, a doctored version of the truth, or just blow up the final dungeon and let the world figure it out for themselves), it still would not make nonaugs feel any better, because if cyberaugs went nuts once, against their will or not, whose to say it couldn't happen again?

Thus, the "mechanical apartheid" is the only logical path a sequel to Human Revolution can follow, regardless what ending you pick.

In conclusion, I don't give three shits what SJWs think, I'm buying Mankind Divided because I want to see them explore the consequences of the concept of apartheid. They did a damn good job including social commentary in Human Revolution while still delivering an excellent game, so I can't wait to see them work their magic in the sequel.

And if SJWs get triggered by it, so much the better.

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