Monday, June 29, 2015

I just got blocked from Brianna Wu's twitter, and I was trying to be polite.

Before I go on, I've made clear my disgust for many of the actions of Brianna Wu (aka John Walker Flynt) here many times, but that doesn't mean I'm not capable of trying to be civil in the company of someone who actions I despise.

For example, I had a lot of vitriol for TV Tropes, but I still tried to be a bridge builder, and today we're on rather cordial if not outright friendly terms.

That said, I tweeted Brianna Wu a few times, all of them with me trying to be polite, and I fail to understand why I was blocked,

Here are the tweets:

In this tweet, Wu is asked to speak about racism against blacks, and Wu wisely decides to show discretion, an action I applaud Wu for.

In this tweet, Wu makes reference to a friend who lost someone and who had been misgendered in the process. I expressed my sympathy, but I was unsure how misgendering could be so devastating, and I really did want more context.

My very first tweet, me wanting to know when Wu's game came out for Steam. Yes, I'm not a fan of the mobile version, but hell, I have a Steam account, wouldn't mind purchasing it and giving it a whirl, and I figured asking the creator would be wise since Steam had no info.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I was blocked. Was I not hanging on Wu's every word enough? Was I blocked for being a cishet male? Did Wu google me, find my blog, conclude I was a harasser and blocked me because she was triggered?

Honestly, I don't know, but Wu ever happens to stumble across this, despite my personal opinions, I'm willing to be civil, and hell, if we could open a dialogue, maybe I could be wrong, a dialogue would be a great way to potentially win over a critic.

In any event, Wu need not worry about me, I'm not going to try to get around her block of me, I shall respect that, but unless Wu is willing to open up to the world instead of shielding herself from any and all potential critics, it's no wonder to me why she has enemies, and I only mourn she doesn't have the wisdom to realize this is not working to her benefit in regards to her detractors.


  1. You were blocked because Revolution 60's Steam release is a fiasco and she's trying to hide it. She's waiting until nobody cares anymore, because in part, if it's released, everyone will be able to see what she has(n't) done, what with not even being a good programmer and having fired everyone else who was.

    Or perhaps I'm not right, but this is what people who HAVE looked into it have shared.

    1. Thanks for the insight.

      Also, while I still contend the current version of R60 is crap, I'm pretty sure any version of R60 will be more of a game than Zoe Quinn's Depression Quest.