Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I goofed on Twitter, want to explain myself

I accidentally sent a tweet to Ian Miles Cheong from the ATT site twitter instead my personal one, and since the tweet isn't far from the path of how ATT officially represents myself, I'll clarify.

Ian Miles Cheong was, from my understanding, a fiercely hateful anti-GGer who had an epiphany that hate had made him a horrible, closeminded asshole, so he repented and has been trying to be a better person. He has not entirely renounced his Gamergate and gaming culture views, but he's no longer an abrasive prick about them and has been trying to reach out to his critics.

Speaking as founder of the site meant to be an alternative to TV Tropes and a pro-GGer personally (All The Tropes does not represent me in that regard), I admire that. I don't ask he give up his convictions, he's entitled to his views, but I'm glad he's focused less on spreading hate and instead wants to build bridges, much like I never wanted our site to be the hateful spinoff of TVT, but instead, we want to exist cordially with them, cooperating on matters of mutual interest like stopping trolls and vandalism that plague us both.

In short, much like Mr. Cheong has focused on healing rifts and building bridges with those whose ideology he may not agree with and attempting civility and reason with his critics as opposed to hate and spite, so I and the site I founded believe in doing the same, and while my tweet was meant to be my personal views, one of the guidelines of ATT is to be an open fora where we try not to devolve into sectarianism and hatred, so I'm not deleting that tweet from our official twitter, since both personally and professionally I too seek a modus vivendi with my critics, and Ian, if you ever read this, we may not agree on everything, but I admire the new leaf you turned over, thanks for helping make this world a better place by doing so.

Here are the tweets for reference:



Monday, June 29, 2015

I just got blocked from Brianna Wu's twitter, and I was trying to be polite.

Before I go on, I've made clear my disgust for many of the actions of Brianna Wu (aka John Walker Flynt) here many times, but that doesn't mean I'm not capable of trying to be civil in the company of someone who actions I despise.

For example, I had a lot of vitriol for TV Tropes, but I still tried to be a bridge builder, and today we're on rather cordial if not outright friendly terms.

That said, I tweeted Brianna Wu a few times, all of them with me trying to be polite, and I fail to understand why I was blocked,

Here are the tweets:


In this tweet, Wu is asked to speak about racism against blacks, and Wu wisely decides to show discretion, an action I applaud Wu for.


In this tweet, Wu makes reference to a friend who lost someone and who had been misgendered in the process. I expressed my sympathy, but I was unsure how misgendering could be so devastating, and I really did want more context.


My very first tweet, me wanting to know when Wu's game came out for Steam. Yes, I'm not a fan of the mobile version, but hell, I have a Steam account, wouldn't mind purchasing it and giving it a whirl, and I figured asking the creator would be wise since Steam had no info.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I was blocked. Was I not hanging on Wu's every word enough? Was I blocked for being a cishet male? Did Wu google me, find my blog, conclude I was a harasser and blocked me because she was triggered?

Honestly, I don't know, but Wu ever happens to stumble across this, despite my personal opinions, I'm willing to be civil, and hell, if we could open a dialogue, maybe I could be wrong, a dialogue would be a great way to potentially win over a critic.

In any event, Wu need not worry about me, I'm not going to try to get around her block of me, I shall respect that, but unless Wu is willing to open up to the world instead of shielding herself from any and all potential critics, it's no wonder to me why she has enemies, and I only mourn she doesn't have the wisdom to realize this is not working to her benefit in regards to her detractors.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay marriage is legal across the U.S. About time that happened.

Gay marriage was recently legalized across the entire United States, and I couldn't be happier.

Me, I personally do not benefit or care, as I have no interest in a gay marriage for myself. However, for those who were gay married or wanted one, glad you all can enjoy that across the nation now.

The reason I'm happy is because the argument used to strike down all existing bans is the logic that everyone is entitled to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and that cannot be abrogated without due process of law, and the only barrier up to this point has been a bunch of people bitching about how marriage should be defined as a union between a man and a woman.

Why? Discounting religion (which has no place in laws governing people of all faiths, and no faith in a country that has no established church) and traditional societal standards (which can change and are thus meaningless), there are no good arguments I can come up with legally to bar gay marriage, and since my rights are not being infringed and these people are free to pursue their happiness now, I'm all for it.

So, gay couples across America, consider this post my congratulations on your now nationwide legal nuptials.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wikipedia and Rational Wiki's non outing policy on Brianna Wu (aka John Walker Flynt), and why it's stupid

First off, there is a reason this blog post is titled this way: I want to add another Google result for the truth a certain middling male to female transsexual indie game dev with a big mouth and mile long list of lies and bullshit stories is trying to suppress.

My admission of blatant trolling out of the way, now onto the actual subject.

Both Wikipedia and Rational Wiki have entire teams of people suppressing any hint of information about Brianna Wu being born John Walker Flynt, Wikipedia because of their terror of being sued/Biographies of Living Persons policy, and Rational Wiki for similar reasons, not to mention they've taken such a blatant anti-GG stance they don't care to pretend they are neutral, which means this information cannot exist in any form there.

Let me tear apart the reasons they say we should not mention Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.

Note: I'm primarily addressing the parties who disagree with my feelings here.

1. What a person does not mention about their private life has no business on a wiki article trying to be encyclopedic - Horseshit.

Why? Because this party is a CELEBRITY. They've been on national TV and involved in several news stories, so under US law (which applies to both Wikipedia and RationalWiki), this person's life is in the public domain for scrutiny and thus mentioning this information, especially if it can be proven via a citable source (more on that later), is merely fulfilling the public's right to know about someone who has been harping about feminism as a WOMAN, yet they were BORN MALE.

Given they have based their public persona and current work around this feminism canard, that means the public has a right to see how well this holds up to public scrutiny, and while being a transwoman does not necessarily denigrate that position, it is a fact that cannot be ignored because DNA analysis of Brianna Wu will reveal male DNA, which means Wu's white knights trying to pass Wu off as an actual woman and bury the evidence Wu was born male are peddling lies to the public.

For the record, I have no hatred of women or transexuals, but if Racheal Dolezal had her life's work roasted over the coals for cosplaying as a black woman when she was white, then Wu, being just as much a celebrity as Dolezal, should be subjected to the same scrunity for cosplaying as an actual woman instead of admitting they are a transwoman. Granted, that's obvious to anyone with a brain and eyes, but the fact Wu has tried to cover this up is still a black mark against her integrity, and if she has nothing to hide and wants to have her honesty accepted at face value, then she should come clean about this.

And for that matter, her white knights need to quit distorting information to fit a narrative. I felt this way even before officially becoming pro-Gamergate, so for those who are accusing me of ideological bias, read my earlier posts on this blog before I joined a team if you want to verify that statement.

2. You don't need to "out people" - Again, horseshit.

We already covered this sort of information is available to public commentary and scrutiny above, so don't pull that excuse.

Further, not "out people"?

I got that shit on both wikis, which is basically admitting the information is true and it's being buried on purpose.

3. This information is being suppressed because Wu has been harrassed - Yet again, horseshit.

Wu has made herself a public figure, has shown no intention of leaving the spotlight, and willingly gave up her private life when she became publicly known. Harassment, real or faked, is part of the package, and as Harry Truman said "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."

If Wu was truly being harassed, coming clean about being a transsexual would be the least item of the list of things Wu could possibly be given grief over. Harassers would probably be better off giving Wu shit over her slipshod game (which is fucking terrible), the hypocrisy that issues from her Twitter almost daily, sometimes with one tweet contradicting the previous one, and the numerous amounts of false flagging and lies about police reports that have been officially proven to have never been filed.

In short, anyone wanting to make Wu's life hell already has several far more juicy targets than the fact Wu was born male, and under American law, it's up to the person being harassed to request protection against harassment, it's not the job of others to be their shield, at least not in a legal sense, unless you work in law enforcement, and even then that's against tangible, proven threats within their power to stop.

4. Breitbart (which broke the story on Wu being born male) is not a reliable source. - BULLSHIT!

Wikipedia still uses it as source on numerous articles or has for the longest time, except when they deem it unacceptable, and since Breitbart has gone against the anti-GG narrative of RationalWiki (enforced most strongly by Ryulong, a guy permanently banished from Wikipedia for that sort of bullshit), it can't be used as a source there either.

Thing is though, I read the article 'The Wacky World of Wu", backchecked the facts, and guess what, they check out, so viable source it is.

That is, unless you have a ideological reason why it isn't, so yeah, I guess I can see why Wikipedia and Rational Wiki want to deny Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.

In conclusion, since this is my blog and I'll be damned if some asshole with ideological chip on their shoulder censors my speech, time for a small Google Bomb:

Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.
Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt.

And no amount of whitewashing wiki articles will ever change that.

And Reddit once prided itself on free speech, oh, the irony........

Reddit used to be infamous for its pride in free speech and zealously defended it's right to all forms of speech so long as they weren't illegal, fighting hard for such shit as those jailbait subreddits run by that violentacrez guy.

Now, Reddit is shitting on its former prized principles.

The goal seems to be, as they call it, ending harassment. However, this makes me wonder: How is a discussion board harassment? Okay, if the people on the board are purposely needling the people claiming harassment, the latter have a case, but for those passively discussing them, it's not harassment.

What makes it more retarded is that not only is this cleansing being led by a woman named Ellen Pao who has called her opponents "idiots" and who has been dubbed "Chairman Pao" for this "Cultural Revolution", this is being hailed by the idiot asshole SJW types as making the internet safer.


First off, banning shit like r/fatpeoplehate doesn't ban hatred against fat people, it just means they'll go elsewhere to shit talk obese people. Second, hate can only be defeated by not letting it have power, as in, let the haters wail impotently, don't react to it, and the hate has no power over those they hate.

Instead, by trying to choke off the free expression of those who hate, they'll simply go elsewhere, and you further stir them to more hatred.

Nice job, fucktards.

That brings me to another issue: Reddit is hemorrhaging users left and right due to the SJW safe space infestation, and they are doing everything they can to try silencing their competitor, Voat.co, piously claiming the high ground while denigrating Voat.co as a hive of perverts, racists, and pedophiles.

I find this highly ironic, since Reddit itself once prided itself on drawing wagons around these very same people, and for a site that encourages free speech, they are working very hard to silence it now.

Me, I find nothing wrong with Voat, mostly sticking to the subverses with cute animal pictures, my own v/allthetropes subverse, and the gamergate related subverses, so don't go lumping me in with all the people who like hating fat people and believing Hitler did nothing wrong, but if those people want their own echo chamber to say that, vile as it may be, I say leave them be as long as they don't break laws.

Trying to suppress them only makes their hate feel validated, and that's the most fucking stupid way to combat hatred.

Then again, considering the malice Reddit's supporters have put into silencing expression they disagree with, maybe they have no intention of stopping hatred at all, so long as it agrees with their ideology........

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rational Wiki, I'm so glad you cast me out as a heretic, as I feel like Martin Luther did about the Church of his time

I already posted on Voat (great site, better than Reddit) about why I was pissed on by RationalWiki, and since I don't feel like belaboring that shitstorm, here's a link to my Voat post with more detail:


Anyway, what I want to get off my chest is that, while the above link covers quite a bit of my disgust, I have other reasons than RationalWiki's sad descent into SJWism for why I consider them a laughingstock.

1. They actually used to honor civil debate, no matter the topic - Well, not entirely true, they tore Tisane a new asshole over him trying to debate the merits of child porn, but given my own feelings on that subject, I mirror their disgust, but otherwise, they used to be pretty openminded, and the debates were surprisingly civil and rational.

Not anymore.

In the shitstorm detailed above, I have to admit I was surprised by the raw, vicious venom spewed by the posters there. Not just Ryulong, I already knew that jackass was an asshat who was rightfully banned from Wikipedia for being a vicious little bastard, it was everyone else whose raw, unadulterated bile I found shocking, as just a few years back, I never was involved in any discussion or read one where most to all people in the discussion were lacing their statements with ad hominems. I'll concede most of the same parties tried to deliver counterpoints, but I was going out of my way to be polite, and maybe I'm just horribly naive, but when someone is trying to be polite, you try to return the courtesy, especially if they give generous room to admit they are wrong, which I did.

2. They've become what they sought to mock - As in, they've become the same block happy, ban happy, memory holing pricks they mocked Conservapedia for over the last several years. The site I remember of a few years ago no longer bears the slightest resemblance to RW now.

3. They aren't so different from the SJWiki - The SJWiki is a wiki of SJWs too crazy for RW, but not long after I left RW for the final time, one of my comments about how I'm colorblind (in other words, I'm not one to discriminate) was somehow turned into an attack on me for not acknowledging racism.

Forgive me, but a record scratch played in my brain when I tried to parse that shit: How the fuck does not discriminating against people make me a bigot? And besides, I know very well discrimination is shitty, THAT'S WHY I'M NOT A BIGOT!

....sorry, but that just blew my mind.

Anyway, not long after that little backshot, an article was soon created on colorblindness that reads like the same fetid tripe you'd find on what's supposed to be RW's lunatic containment vessel.

4. RW has always been at war with Eastasia - Not only did I get shit on for daring to admit I aligned myself with a movement (Gamergate) that RW has chosen to denigrate as evil incarnate and unwilling to admit it has fault when I, a member of the same, was willing to admit just that and went out of my way to show them respect and dignity despite being one of the "evil ones", my sysop status was stripped with a backshot of how the party who promoted me initially to that (now banned, and whom I've denounced on this blog for crimes against RW) never should have done so in the first place.

.......before I go on, I don't ever want to return to such a naked hive of spite, so the stripping of my sysop bit doesn't really faze me, but the implication I was always unwanted just seems pretty goddamned petty, especially considered they never felt this way until I went against the contemporary hive mind, an act they commonly have lambasted Conservapedia for pulling countless times.

In conclusion, good riddance to that shithole, I have no intention of returning, so they have no need to worry about me disturbing the harmony of their circlejerk, but I do have one thing to say, should any of them read this:

Take "Rational" out of your site title. You might have been once, but now you look like hypocrites for shitting on Conservapedia. In fact, you look worse, since they never even pretended they were anything other than a circlejerk.

Friday, June 19, 2015

In this post, I ridicule SJW outrage over Deux Ex Mankind Divided

First off, just want to say I'm a big fan of Deus Ex as a series (well, Invisible War sucked, no denying it), and while Human Revolution may not have surpassed the original, it came damn close, which is why I'm stoked for Mankind Divided.

And, speaking of divisions among man, SJWs imbeciles were freaking out over the game having "mechanical apartheid" themes, where cyberaugmented people are discriminated against as a major theme, calling it racist or some shit, despite them moaning for fucking months now about how games should explore this sort of social commentary.

I'm going to try avoiding spoilers for Human Revolution, but I'm just going to rip apart their bullshit, so here goes:

1. IT A WORK OF FICTION YOU ASSHOLES - If anyone wants to explore any theme in a game, that does not necessarily means it reflects on real life, and even if it does, I thought you fucking idiots WANTED social commentary in games. You're getting it, so why are you complaining?

2. IT WAS IN THE PREVIOUS GAME, IN CASE YOU FORGOT - Human Revolution explored these themes already, and the plot was based on how prejudice against cyberaugs had already divided mankind, all the sequel is doing is showing the logical end result of the themes introduced in Human Revolution.

3. SORRY, SPOILERS, BUT HERE'S WHY THE STUPID IS STUPID - At the end of Human Revolution, one of the villains sends a signal around the planet that drives every cyberaug insane against their will, and even though you've stopped it, by the time you do, this happened on GLOBAL SCALE, and it understandably scared the ever loving hell out everyone who isn't augmented, and even if you decided to tell the world why it happened (the real truth, a doctored version of the truth, or just blow up the final dungeon and let the world figure it out for themselves), it still would not make nonaugs feel any better, because if cyberaugs went nuts once, against their will or not, whose to say it couldn't happen again?

Thus, the "mechanical apartheid" is the only logical path a sequel to Human Revolution can follow, regardless what ending you pick.

In conclusion, I don't give three shits what SJWs think, I'm buying Mankind Divided because I want to see them explore the consequences of the concept of apartheid. They did a damn good job including social commentary in Human Revolution while still delivering an excellent game, so I can't wait to see them work their magic in the sequel.

And if SJWs get triggered by it, so much the better.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Angry rant time, this time over hacker nonsense

I try to be a nice guy to people, but when you set out to piss me off from day one, wreck my shit, and screw with my friends, I get mad to the point I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

Such is my wrath towards the worthless shitsack who decided to fuck with Orain.

About a week or two ago, Orain was under assault by some skript kiddie asshole who confirmed they had DDoSed us once before, accused my boss Dustin Muniz of selling private data on our users (this is utter horseshit, and I would be willing to say so under oath in any court on this planet), then threatened to leak private server data on us if we refused to do.....well, we're not sure what they wanted and leave their threats and libel up.

Since we refused to negotiate with terrorist scum, said dickhead decided to leak that server data, which I managed to get suppressed for the most part, and just in case anyone finds it now, it's now useless, as we've changed all that data, so for anyone planning on stupid shit, don't get any fucking ideas, we've got much better security now.

Regardless, I just want to repeat that said disgrace to humanity's lies are unfounded, and I say that as a staff member of Orain, who has the same level of access as the site owner, and I can personally testify Dusti is not only innocent of all these bullshit charges, the poor guy has been recovering from being in a car wreck, and it pisses me off to see a man who has granted me an insane level of trust being shit on by some butthurt wannabe internet badass whose corpse I'd probably laugh at if it wound up on bestgore.com for some reason.

(Note: Not advocating anything illegal here, and in fact condemn it, just saying I'd have zero sympathy if karma decided to be a bitch to this asshole.)

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, I just want to reiterate whoever this hacker wannabe coward is, I have only one thing to say about you:

More noble things have come out of my asshole than what was crapped out of your mother's vagina.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Why I support forking websites

Before I begin this post proper, I should explain what forking means in the technical and practical sense.

Forking is a tech term for taking software (almost always open-source, though some proprietary software allows for this under certain legal and technical conditions) and making your version based off an existing branch of the software's development, which may or may not follow the path of the original software while still retaining the base code behind the original.

Tv Tropes uses a customized fork of PmWiki, which is a freely modifiable wiki engine, this is a technical fork made to suit their needs.

However, forking is also a social tool, as forking can be used for websites and website concepts. 8chan is a fork of the 4chan concept. Voat is a fork of the concept behind Reddit, Slimgur is a fork of the idea of Imgur and my own site, All The Tropes, is a fork of TV Tropes.

When websites fork, it's usually due to ideological splits with the site they forked from, and in the case of all the sites mentioned above, all forked from the websites behind their core concepts due to ideological opposition to censorship and those imposing it, and thus went to the forks where their wishes would be respected as a community, an idea I support wholeheartedly because censorship based on ideology is a slippery slope that does no one any favors in the long term.

Forks of websites may not always be identical in terms of function or technical structure, often for either legal or practical reasons, though most of the sites I mentioned that are forks are forks for practical reasons, though ATT is a mix of both since PmWiki was discarded as unsuitable for our goals and needs and because certain technical aspects of TV Tropes fall under potential copyright concerns I felt were best avoided by using a different wiki engine. Our site content is also based on the last legally viable point when the site content could be forked under acceptable licensing terms for redistribution.

Forking is often either derided or attacked by the source websites, mostly due to fear of revenue and userbase losses. ATT was attacked by Fast Eddie for these reasons, though the current administration of ATT and TVT have, after initial teething problems, settled into a period of benign indifference to each other so long as certain legal conditions are honored, such as not plagiarizing each other's content, which we have mutally agreed to respect and enforce. We have also promised each other to cooperate when dealing with vandals and other miscreants, and I personally hunted down information on someone who made a phished clone of TV Tropes and wrote a blog post on how to spot phished webpages because of my intense loathing of cyber crimes. TV Tropes has honorably rescinded their claim to retroactively own all edits made to their site and that users surrender their rights to redistribute, a fact we still note with gratitude.

It bears mentioning, though, even though I'm now a Gamergater (who are oft accused by their detractors as harrassers and criminals), that I firmly fall on the side of keeping a fork within the bounds of the law, and that all activities on that fork should be as ethical and aboveboard as possible, not only for obvious legal reasons, but because if a fork really broke from its source due to a perceived corruption of their founding principles, then it behooves the community of the fork to act more honorable than the place they left, else they be revealed as hypocrites.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Congrats Wikipedia, you've finally helped me make the decision to be a full supporter of pro-Gamergate

In previous posts, I have indicated my sympathy for the pro-Gamergate crowd, if only because I found them much less detestable than the antis as a whole.

Now, thanks to Wikipedia allowing blatant bullshit as opposed to actual fact on the Brianna Wu article because it goes against the narrative of the apparent SJWs, I'm now a proud, open supporter of pro-Gamergate.

For those who don't care to click that link, it's me on Wikipediocracy expressing my misgivings with their policy on Biography of Living Persons, where I noted politely on the talk page that Brianna Wu was born John Walker Flynt, and despite my own bias, which I carefully noted in advance, I felt it would be in the interests of honesty to note Wu was not born female, as the Wikipedia article on Wu would lead one to believe.

My reward for daring to challenge the narrative was my objection removed, then suppressed, and I was also sent a not so subtle threat on my Wikipedia talk page I was treading on sacred ground and I would be purged as a heretic if I continued to push the issue.

I know when the table is tilted and the game is rigged, so I assured the same Wikipedian who followed me to Wikipediocracy (and delivered the not so subtle threat) I had no intention of forcing the issue, and I don't, as the corruption is manifest and those in power have become corrupted regarding their BLP policy, and I would be a fool to think I can reverse the rotting corpse that has become Wikipedia's integrity concerning the biographies of living people.

Instead, I chose to finally cast my lot with the pro-GamerGate side, whom I sympathized with but to this point avoided taking allegiance to, mostly because I hoped the perversion of honesty practiced by the anti-side was not as bad as I thought.

All this incident did was confirm they have sunk their tentacles into Wikipedia, of all places, and as long as they are in power, Wikipedia will have a bias in favor of their ideology, even if that means objective fact must be Orwelled out of existence to suit their narrative.

The above noted, I reiterate what I have said in earlier posts about my position as founder of All The Tropes and as a staff member of Orain: In those capacities, I am a neutral party on the subject of Gamergate or related matters, and I will recuse myself or abstain from any partisanship if those issues are raised in either sphere of influence, but purely from a personal standpoint, I declare myself an open enemy of the anti-Gamergate side and will do whatever I can to oppose their love of censorship, and I leave all anti-Gamergaters with a final message:

Regardless of the merit of your position, and even if you are correct, a position based on obfuscating truth and propagating lies is a greater shame than the harshest truth, and anyone who wishes to flee from that reality deserves no sympathy when they are forced to face their own deceptions.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The recent DDoS of the Orain wikifarm and what we've done to prevent it from happening again

Recently, within almost two weeks as of the date of this writing, the Orain wikifarm has sustained a repeated UDP attack,  or a denial of service attack utilizing the user datagram protocol.

The apparent intention behind the attack was either to obtain access to our servers, deny our service to others, or a combination of both motives. The source was an apparent botnet with connections to Russian servers, but with connections as far flung as American Verizon connections, and based on the repeated, malicious nature of the attacks, it is the general belief of our staff Orain was specifically targeted with malice aforethought.

The reason this attack could not be mitigated effectively was unfortunately due to our hosting with DigitalOcean, which shunted off all traffic to our IPv4 servers and kept it that way instead of blocking the source of the attack. IPv6 server connections were unaffected, as the attack originated from an IPv4 source and was aimed at targeting our IPv4 connections.

Orain Staff immediately consulted each other about the best means to restore service without granting further damage capability to the attacker and how to prevent further attacks, and it was decided to move our caching to Cloudflare, which has protections against these sorts of attacks

For my own part, I was one of those who served in an advisory role during the consultations and informed our largest community [All The Tropes] of the problems via related fora and our official Twitter. Other staff identified the attack, proposed the means to deal with it, and have, to my knowledge, successfully implemented means to prevent it from easily happening again.

It is my hope and intention to make sure Orain has reliable service, and for my part as staff, I offer my sincerest apologies to all Orain users who were unable to make effective use of our service thanks to this attack.