Sunday, March 1, 2015

In case it's not clear, I do want cordial relations with TV Tropes

It was recently brought to my attention by TV Tropes staff someone was spamming links to All The Tropes Wikia branch to TV Tropes, apparently as some spiteful attempt at revenge for being banned (the account doing this was ban evading).

I want to make this clear: I and the staff of All The Tropes condemn such actions, and anyone who does so does such action without our support or sanction. Below is exactly WHY we condemn that:

1. TV Tropes Staff have made it clear they want to deny ATT any backlinks on their site, and while I personally find that regrettable if relevant (I submitted a fairly neutral works page on our Wikia branch which was deleted and locked) and since they made it clear they don't want to give us any press to prevent loss of membership or advertisement revenue (which I find eminently understandable), I and ATT Staff expect anyone affiliated with All The Tropes to respect their wishes.

2. TV Tropes IS NOT OUR SITE. In fact, I have no say there except as a someone with an account there, and I mostly have that account to keep in touch with their staff so we can cooperate in dealing with mutual issues such as vandals and other assholes. Since it's their site, I will abide by their rules, and while I don't agree with all of them, I am obligated to respect them, and anyone that does acts in contravention of their rules has zero support from me or anyone else and I would assist TVT staff in dealing with the offending parties if need be.

3. I founded All The Tropes as an alternative. The 8chan to their 4chan, if you will. That does not mean anyone should try to ruin their clubhouse while having fun at ours. It simply means we're another place to trope, nothing more.

4. If ANYONE has a legitimate issue with TV Tropes, such as copyright violation, privacy concerns, reporting illegal actions by other members, etc, that should be handled via legitimate legal channels. Any other actions, such as doxxing, harrassment, phishing, trolling, vandalism, and so on is utterly without support or sanction by ATT, and we will cooperate with TV Tropes and law enforcement, if need be, to make sure such matters are dealt with appropriately.

5. Finally, if you don't like TV Tropes or were banned from there for any reason, accept that maturely and move on with your life. Even if you come to ATT, don't use us as a staging point to cause TV Tropes drama, as I will personally bring down the hammer for doing so. You want to trope on our site, fine, but LEAVE TV TROPES ALONE.

They don't need your BS, and I don't want to have my site used as your springboard for starting any, and if I get wind of it, I will personally throw your ass out if you don't cut that shit out.

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