Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I tried to warn them, I really did

Recently, someone I was associated with called Inquistor Sasha (who I met on RationalWiki) seemed to have been doxxed on Encyclopedia Dramatica, and, to be honest, I'm not exactly heartbroken over it.

In fact, while I'm not exactly jumping for joy over that fact, it seems Sasha had a history of attracting attention for starting drama, and I tried so hard to warn her not to do stupid stuff that would get the wrong corners of the internet or law enforcement to look her way, and while she seemed to be listening, she apparently was surrounded by a bunch of frankly toxic people who refused to show any such discretion and basically ensured folks like ED would give her the magnifying glass.

I've read the articles in question, and while I cannot speak to their accuracy, the evidence linking her supposed IRL identity to her e-identity seems pretty damning, and since I recently lost contact with her and most of the sites she ran dropped off the radar, I can only assume she went to ground and salted the earth in her tracks to lay low.

I was mentioned as a massive moralfag (guilty as charged, have always been one) who kept trying to keep her out of trouble, and I even tried to get her to focus her positive skills (she is good with MediaWiki scripting) towards a constructive goal, but to my sorrow, it seems she couldn't make a clean break from the toxic drama in her apparent past, so I'm not really surprised she's going into "DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING" mode, to use a rather apt ED term.

On a personal note, I have no hatred for her. The company she kept was another story, as I frankly saw them as a bunch of hair trigger idiots who were too willing to get into pointless e-drama, but I still mostly face palmed at their lack of common sense and good judgment instead of showing them actual hatred. If anything, I tried to get her to focus on doing what I do: not making an ass of myself and trying to use what meager technical skill I have to help others, but unfortunately, paranoia about e-enemies, doxxing, and a need for countermeasures dominated our association, even though I was trying to convince her of their idiocy from the outset (when she ran into trouble on RW, I tried to mostly convince her to leave peacefully as I planned to), her foolish associates just had to keep egging that foolishness on, and when I got wind they still had plans on using this to dox/defame RationalWiki, I decided to turn that information over to RationalWiki staff, as I want no part of that nonsense.

In conclusion, if Sasha can lie low for awhile, not get into further trouble, make a final break with the drama in her past,  and do something constructive with the rest of her life, more power to her.

However, if she falls right back into the patterns I described above, I refuse to hate her, and I believe she's intrinsically a good person, but I wish no part of that, as I just don't want drama nor to help others cause more.

P.S. - I'm adding a footnote to this for Sasha personally: If I ever get the slightest inkling you or your batshit insane friends are going to do this again, I will personally turn you in. I'm not going to go out of my way to hunt you down on the internet, but I'm afraid our association has to end, as I have no desire to go down with you.

And if anything, I'm truly hurt by you. I tried to give you a position on Orain where you could help people and I tried to help the useful, aboveboard projects you started prosper, but you had to fuck it up by associating with the wrong crowd and doing things that were illegal, and I'm angry after all the hard work I expended in trusting you to do the right thing, you kept going back to the same madness over and over again, and you have worn down all remaining shreds of trust I was ever willing to invest in you.

Please don't speak to me again.

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