Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cross Ange Episode 21

Episode 21 starts off with some drama, as Tusk advocates to the preparing Paramail fighters aboard the Aurora to launch a head on invasion of the Misurugi Empire, citing how with Embryo running things their air defense suck. Hilda (as official leader) says her and Rosalie will take point and draw off Salia's team. Vivian will look for Ange using her nose (literally, being a DRAGON, that's shockingly effective), and Tusk is charged with being Ange's escort/defender.

After a little bit of jitters from the rookie pilots, the Aurora blows it's ballast and surfaces, and the opening credits rolls after Hilda orders her troops to sortie.

Once we get back, we cut back to where Ange is still in 0_0 mode over Sala and her crew showing up to bail her out. Sala affectionate trolls Ange in welcome and tells her to fall back and let her handle this and Ange takes her up on that. After, Sala Team vs. Salia team start kickign each other ass.

This is happening within spitting distance of where Sylvia is wathcing from a palance window, and she shits her wheelchaired panties at the thought she might get killed in the crossfire, calling for Embryo to save her. Meanwhile, as the still battered and fucked up Riza is staggering outside (relieved to see her boss Sala is there), Hilda's team is shocked the party started without them, and Vivian then sniffs Ange on the wind. Meanwhile, as Tusk is told of the change in plans, Hilda's team attempts to rendevous with Ange.

That is, if Chris doesn't take Ange out sniper style.

Vivian warns her last minute and the Vilkiss tanks the hit with a barrier, but the blast craps out her engine, and as Ange tries to glide down as smooth as possible, Chris heads in for the kill.Hilda is not amused and decides to take Chris on, and as they lock blades, all of Chris earlier resentments come out and she reveals she took a few level in bloodthirsty asshole. Vivian and Rosalie are all 0_0 over this, but Hilda's like "try it, bitch".

Meanwhile, Hilda directs Tusk to find Ange since her hands are full, and we cut to Momoka giving Ange CPR since they hit the water and Ange got a lungful or two. Ange wakes up to see the Vilkiss capsizing, but decides getting to the Aurora is the wiser thing to worry about (besides, she can always summon the Vilkiss to her via her ring). Meanwhile, as the battle lands a few hits on the palace grounds, all the kids Ersha was watching are in obvious fear.

We cut back to Ange being left to rest in an alley while Momoka goes to procure a car, and that;s when Embryo reveals he has the creepy talent to hijack anyone who uses Mana as a meatpuppet (makes logical sense) and uses the body of little kid to tell her to "come home". Ange is very creeped out by this and tells Momoka to get her out of there stat. Meanwhile Tusk manages to find where the Vilkiss capsized, sees Ange's ribbon, and assume the worst for a second until he notices the path leading away from the water.

We then cut to Rosalie wanting to know why Chris wants them dead, and Chris repeat the bit about being abandoned. Rosalie tells her truthfully they couldn't have helped her at the time, and Chris takes that as an excuse. We then have her open the cockpit and she holds up her pigtail, cueing a flashback that shows she had two before she had to give one up to fit a hair tie since there was only one., and it seems Chris was too cowardly back then to protest, and ever since that little incident, Chris has always nurtured a secret feeling like she was always drawing the short straw in life due to everyone else (nevermind the fact her self esteem was in the toilet because she never grew a spine), and her raison d'etre for joining Embryo is basically a slightly modified version of Reccoa Londe's reason for joining Scirocco in Zeta Gundam, and we get a cutscene where we find out Embryo revived her as he planted thoughts to use her insecurities as a springboard to induce her to defect to his side. As Chris goes back to stabby stabby kill kill mode, the rookies who were standing by panic and the leader (Marika) jumps the gun and decides they need to help despite their orders.

We cut to Momoka driving Ange away, freaking out at the thought Embryo body jacked someone, and that's when Embryo body jacks Momoka herself (she is a Mana user, natch), and as Momoka's neck twists at a disturbing angle with a dead look in her eyes, a Mana power comm scene pops up with Embryo's face on it as he reiterates his creepy science based magic power. Ange punche the screen and breaks Embryo's connection, just in time for Momoka to barely avoid having the windshield impacted into her face. As they hit a traffic light and crash, Ange drags Momoka out of the vehicle to safety, and Embyro does his own twist on The Walking Dead as he body jacks a crowd of people to chase Ange down. Ange is creeped the fuck out as she takes the only avenue of escape as the intermission rolls.

We resume with Sala's team just barely managing parity with Embryo's forces, and Sala realizing they need to fall back for now. She tells Riza she'll not give a shit about how she wound up leading anyone into an ambush earlier (granted, she was tortured into doing that) if Riza's willing to atone. Riza is about to fly off to do just that, until Sylvia fires a warning shot from her wheelchair and tells Riza to head back to the dungeon or have Embyro's wrath brought down on her. Riza speaks for us all when she muses how pathetic and fucked up Sylvia is and leaves her with the bombshell Julio killed their father (not Ange, and Sylvia would have very little reason to doubt this, since Riza was very close to Julio and giving him orders, as Sylvia well knows) as she flies off.

The others are about to give chase, but Ersha stays their hand.

And then she looks over to see all those kids she cared for dead again.

We cut back to Ange trying to escape more of Embryo's zombies, ignoring the truth in EMbryo's statement Momoka is walking radar for him as she punches a guy out and her and Momoka keep running. As the finally get to the roof of the building they escaped to, that's when the punchline hits.

Embryo is waiting in trollface mode, and he threatens to torture her again.

Thankfully, Tusk perforates Embryo full of holes and puts a stop to that shit, and Tusk telsl Ange to take his Paramail while he sticks behind to take advantage of the fact Embryo can't die by beating the fuck out of him repeatedly, and as Embryo is like "you're on", Tusk gets the jump on him with a flashbang and shanks him in the back. Of course, Embryo regenerates, but Tusk prepared for this and impales Embryo's hand with his grappling hook pistol, which actually manages to impress Embryo. We cut briefly to Hilda's team being barely able to manage parity with Chris as Tusk reports Ange is safe, and as Embryo manages to get the upper hand again, Hilda orders a retreat with Ange to the Aurora. Chris goes to pursue, but Marika shows up to run interference, only for Chris to kill her.

And that's when Rosalie gets fucking mad. Sala shows up to prevent the bloodbath from escalating, and Chris decides to retreat.

Meanwhile, Embryo and Tusk are continuing to duel, with Embryo finally realizing Tusk was just trying to buy time, so Embryo caps himself in the head so he can regenerate again. We cut to Ange, and sure enough, Embryo seized control of her again, and Ange realizes Embryo is on the rooftop below her, trollface on, and to prevent a crash she lands.

Embryo is in 'you're cute when you're angry, but it's starting to annoy me mode", and as Tusk pops back up to to tell Embryo to fuck off, Embryo sics Momoka on Tusk like the cowardly bitch he is and tells Ange screaming for Momoka to stop is useless since he made Momoka, and Ange is like "fuck that" and yells for Momoka to wake up.

Not only does this work, it works so well Momoka breaks free, tells Tusk to take care of Ange, turns the blade Embryo gave her to kill Tusk on Embryo, ignores a chest wound from the gun he fires at her, activates Mana power DESPITE EMBRYO'S MASTERY OVER IT, and shanks the bastard as she commands a vehicle to crash over the roof to take Embryo down with her, choosing to die along with him instead of allow herself to be turned against Ange again.

As Momoka disappear in a fiery explosion, Ange is......yeah, saying she's upset is an understatement, and as Tusk tries to bring the distraught Ange to his paramail, he gets shot by Embryo for his trouble, whose nice guy mask has cracked significantly as he's surprised one of his own creations gave him the ultimate middle finger.

Meanwhile, Tusk handcuffs Ange to his paramail, sets it to autocruise, hands back the necklace she gave him with promises to return to her side, then as a fuck you to watching Embryo exchanges some tongue with her in parting.

Embryo's nice guy mask comes completely off as he shoots Tusk in the chest for that one, but Tusk reveals his final fuck you in response.

Cue a massive explosion right in Embryo's face.

As the end credits roll, Ange is staring at this in horror as she flies away, and as the thought of life minus Momoka and Tusk sinks in, her cries of grief echo as the end credits roll.

The post credits have a discussion about Tusk and Momoka's apparent deaths by the other cast members, another meeting of the SEELE ripoffs, Salia and the others reeling from the events of the preceding episode, and Ange in heartbroken mode.

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