Monday, January 19, 2015

Cross Ange Episode 15

When we begin Episode 15, Ange and Tusk are flying in formation with Sala's groupies, or rather, are in a box with Vivian carried by a DRAGON while their Paramail is being flown alongside. Tusk is understandably worried, Ange is trying to keep Vivian calm, Tusk is trying to sound like Knight in Shining Armor, Vivian is doing the draconian version of blushing, and Ange is trying to figure out how to ask their captors more about the world they are in.

And when Tusk is wondering why Ange is being so calm, I felt so much sympathy for Tusk as a fellow guy when Ange asks him if he's frustrated he didn't get any.

......ouch, Ange, low blow.

And that's when Tusk's contractual "must fall into Ange's crotch face first" moment happens as they descend towards their location, and to his defense, he can't really control turbulence and sudden direction changes, but Ange is in pissy mode and having none of that.

Cue opening credits.

The opening title is 'The Other Earth" and they are landing at place so Japanese looking it's not funny. The box they are in opens and a bunch of pissed off warrior chicks tell them to haul ass and see the high priestess (presumably Sala). Vivian is hit with a tranq dart, Tusk and Ange are a little upset by this, but a few weapons in their face make protesting kinda pointless.

Sure enough, they enter a place that looks like a massive temple, and the woman behind the curtain in the back asks who Ange and Tusk are. Ange shocks everyone by saying the other party should do that first, almost gets shanked for her disrespect, but the priestess doesn't care as she mentions they didn't open a hole to the other world, so how did Ange and company get to this one?

A bunch of other questions are being asked all at once, but Ange still proves she has bigger balls than Tusk by telling them all to shut up and ask one at time, since she has questions too (despite the fact she got a literal pair of daggers at her back). Tusk tries to tell her to chill, and Sala (one of the priestess, not the High Priestess) pops out from behind the veil, gives a really flowery intro, then confirms the Earth Ange came from is a halfass ripoff of the original. The high priestess is piqued, learns from Sala that Ange is the Vilkiss pilot who fought Sala to a standstill, and promptly shits herself and orders Ange's execution for being dangerous.

Ange is like "yay, another execution", and proves she got a massive pair of balls when she asks if they think they can actually pull it off. Sala decides to defuse things for the moment by instead advocating they let Ange live until they learn what makes the Vilkiss tick and promises to take responsibility for the two of them.

They are taken to a room for bedding down (still Japanese as hell, tatami mats and all), and Sala dismisses the guards, then to Ange's surprise Sala pours on the charm and says, no, they will be treated as guests instead prisoners, and they will take care of repairs to the Vilkiss. Later, as Sala prepares some green tea for them, Tusk intros himself and asks about the two Earth's situations, and is horribly confused how that works, then confirms their Earth is a parallel universe version of the original. She further confirms this Earth was so fucked up a bunch of humans migrated to an Earth in another universe as a result. Ange is kinda pissed at this point, as this means there's a way back, she wants back, dammit, and she breaks her tea bowl and holds a shard to Sala's neck demanding as much. The bodyguard pop up out of nowhere, but Sala is as chill as dry ice (also Sala is short for Salamandiy). One threatens Tusk's life, but Ange calls her a pussy and tells her Tusk said he'd die for her (and she gives him a death glare when he is understandably recalcitrant to die simply so she can prove a point).

And that when Sala calmly asks the loaded question:

"What would you do when you return, to a life where you have use your machine to kill your fellow man?"

And that's when Sala reveals her balls are just as big as she trolls the shit out of Ange with how pointless that decision would be, then calmly gets up (Ange is too apoplectic to be focused) and tells the bodyguards (Naga and Kaname) they need to show their guests the truth, and Ange hilariously protests she's supposed to be holding Sala hostage.

Later, as they ride a DRAGON (with Ange still holding that pottery piece), they find this world's Dawn Pillar (called the Tower of Aura, a dracunium reactor pre-apocalyptia). Turns out it was basically radiation on crack that proved to be a retarded awesome energy source discovered at the close of the 22nd century, and much like the GN particles from Gundam 00, it was meant to promote peace and was instead used for war, and even though it COULD have been used for good, humans were assholes and used it to fuck each other over.

Ange confirms what she knows of this on her Earth, and Sala then reveals that the remaining humans on Earth-1 made a decision that let them live on their Fallout-esque planet.

The tl;dr version is that the first being to be mutated into a DRAGON by the radiation (Aura) sacrificed their genetic material so the remaining humans could willingly inject themselves with the Cross Ange version of Fallout's FEV virus, but instead of becoming Super Mutants, they became human/dragon hybrids, and as Ange is all 0_0 as the holographic display of how they did this, Sala sprouts her own wings and carries Ange up with her to show her the rest.

Men transformed themselves into the massive dragons we've seen so far, ingest Dracunium poisoned crap around the land and turn it into stable crystals inside themselves, with the woman helping. A few generations of doing this and giving birth to dragon/human hybrid descendants later, and they basically started rebuilding their fucked up Earth after adapting to their circumstances Fallout mutant style.

Unfortunately, Aura was captured by the same asshat who discovered Dracunium, built the Ragna-mails, and fucked up Earth the first time round.

If you guessed that asshat was Embryo, well, that was obvious.

We also learn Embryo basically harnessed Aura as a energy source and the Mana that powers the world Ange is from is basically leeched from his body, and he's basically been torturing the poor bastard like that space whale from the Doctor Who episode 'The Beast Below" for his own gain.

So the racism against the non-Mana users is built on pure bullshit, because Mana is not inherent, it's simply something Embryo created by doing the same bio engineering the original humans did, he just did it in a different way.

Not So Different.txt

Further, remember all the DRAGONs killed? Yeah, the Dracunium inside their bodies is used to keep Aura a perpetual motion machine, and thus the Norma were being used as unwitting dupes to keep the society that shit on them going.

As the intermission starts, Ange is understandably horrified to learn this.

As the show resumes, Sala tells Ange "our people are killed to sustain yours" and then asks if she still wants to go back to a world literally built on fucking people over. Ange says yes, it's still her world, shitty though it might be, and Sala tells her sorry, can't let you do that so no one else from her world dies.

Ange quickly gets owned as she tries to fight Sala, and when Ange tries to call Sala out for being violent herself for razing Arzenal, she tells her it was a test of the Ryushinki (her Paramail), because Arzenal was deemed a threat to Aura's liberation (no wonder the DRAGON's were attacking), then reveals Riza was basically a double agent from their world sent feeding them intel.

This pisses Ange off more, and she only gets her ass kicked more trying to fight Sala.

Ange passes out, then wakes up later (still thinking Sala has her in a leg lock), in bed naked (again), with a shirtless Tusk bring her some morning coffee. This immediately revealed a dream turned nightmare as Tusk turns into Sala and that's when Ange really wakes up, scaring the shit out of a now human Vivian (they are now in an infirmary of some sort), and when Ange asked how she's human again, Vivian draws a blank, until a doctor pops in says she basically twiddled with Vivian's genetics a little. Afterwards, Ange asks about Tusk, and that's when we hear him screaming from another room.

Turn's out he's strapped to a bed naked, with a ton of dragon chicks apparent checking him out (gee, he got that harem after all, though not in the way he hoped, lol), and a few of them are fiddling with the plumbing, if you know what I mean, to his obvious discomfort, and as Ange tries to free him, the running gag has a dramatic reversal, and this time her head meets his crotch.

Cue Tusk turning purple because the shock of the blow just swole his balls to the size of basketballs.

It gets worse as the doc (who could be Maggy's perverted sister) reveals they were using Tusk's naked body as "sex ed", and a now furious Ange picks up some medical tweezers and few other painful looking objects, and Tusk screams like a little bitch as she attempt to castrate his ass.

Later, as Ange is washing off outside and still pissed (with Vivian trying to calm her down), Sala and the bodyguards walk up with another woman, and we find out Vivian is the missing daughter of Lamia (the woman in question, who named her daughter Mii at birth)

Lamia is all teary eyed, and Vivian is kinda confused, but Lamia smells like Ersha, so she isn't pushing her away either, and we discover Vivian accidentally got stranded on Earth-2 ten years back.

Later, at the festival, Sala is giving a little thank you speech for Vivian's return.and offering up what look like floating lanterns in praise of Aura (who is kind of a god figure for understandable reasons)

In the meantime, Tusk walks up next to spectatoring Ange, who is still pissy despite the fact his hear is hers (but apparently his body isn't despite the fact he was kinda strapped down to a bed and had no say in the matter), but like any tsundere she flips around to letting it go, and as they continue watching the festival, Ange is happy Vivian's human again and Tusk finally square the two Earth's thing in his mind.

She then gets told by Naga and Kaname that Sala wanted them to learn about each other, and when Ange wonders what good that's gonna do, she gets told that despite the past things can get better, and Ange and Tusk are left wondering if they do want 2 go back to their world.

Cue end credits.

Next episode features more asskicking, Riza giving a report to the High Priestess, and Ange and Tusk bitching about how they are running out of preview ideas.


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