Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another update on my upgraded DQ1 Remake engine

Most of my recent upgrades have been user interface related, mostly overhauling the menus to give far more useful information, and look much better, as the originals were very bland.

This includes even greater support for much better looking graphics like bust images, and thanks to the hard work of Allusion, I now have a full set of emote busts for Mara now!

Unfortunately, this has led to a bit of regression, since adding some advanced scripting for party guests has resulted in forcing me to toss the FFIX aliged menus and front-back row system, so I'll have to come up with an alternate means that works in the stock UI with the standard alignment.

On the other hand, I now have fixed some issues with the class change system, which will see little or no use in DQ1 Remake but is added for future proofing. Unfortunately, the stock RM VX Ace engine is very, very poor at avoiding database issues with class changes, lacking a lot of sanity checks for learned skills, exp levels, stats, and so on that require a lot of sanity check correcting code, which is still WIP but is getting there.

Well, this is nice, I got a critique by someone who is pro-social justice

Someone who is pro-Social Justice gave me a critique of my opinions and statements here:

For the record, I have no issue with this. In fact, while I disagree with their conclusions, I welcome their opinion, for which they are duly entitled.

I even took the liberty of replying here:

Again, I decided to respond politely and make clear anything that is my stance, just to be sure they can have my word on the matter in as disspassionate a manner as possible, as my blog is, as admitted, where I do a lot of venting, and while much of that I believe and adhere to in calmer circumstances, I hope my clarification serves to clearly define what should be taken as angry invective and sincere belief.

Also, my purpose in posting this is to praise this user for being so forthright. While I disagree with their opinion of me and my views, I do not want it silenced and encourage them to be as honest as they please. I can take it, and while it's obvious we have many ideological disagreements, they have every right to dissent against me and I welcome any further comment or opinion from them.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Nate Spidgewood: For New Year's, Resolve to Quit Being a Faggot

It isn't even 2016 yet and Nate Spidgewood, batshit loony that he is, decided to send me more incoherent emails promising death and bodily harm, again, completely unprovoked.

His in bold, mine in regular font.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

Nate, I might just sign up there just to add your lulzy comments.
Seriously, grow the hell up.

SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the added material, it'll look great in the quotes section of the article.

DON'T YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what, this will make a great sequel to the last time you did this crap, so I'll put it on my blog instead. Still might put it on ED as well.
If you're going to act this batshit, it's no wonder you got kicked off those sites, you have anger issues and you need help.
And dude, I don't care about your drama, so leave me out of it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PUNCHES YOU AGAIN)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PUNCHES YOU AGAIN)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PUNCHES YOU AGAIN)
Nate, you are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. Farewell.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Another progress report on my updated game engine

With the Christmas holidays over, I've decided to get back to further working on my updated game engine, and the changes so far have led to the following decisions:

* Player characters will have a full range of emote busts, not just mere facesets. Major characters will likely remain with just facesets, barring exceptions where I have a full set of bust graphics on hand for them, but at the least, all playable characters will have waist up bust portraits.

To that end, a few characters are getting a minor makeover to accommodate the new bust graphics, especially Sarah, but they shall otherwise have no other major cosmetic changes.

Note; I plan to make use of some slightly altered artwork by Archeia for some of the new character art, who is far more talented than myself, and whose art has already vastly improved my game so far, and I plan to further display her talent because she's an excellent artist and I feel her work does my own honor.

* When it comes to coding, I'm good at modification and bug testing, not actually writing it, so I plan to use scripting that either uses its own self contained calls or builds on the stock engine without fancy overrides. This should make bugtesting a LOT easier in the event of scripting errors

* About a third into the way into making DQ1 Remake, I decided I was serious about doing so, it was no longer a mere lark, but then I was young and foolish and started bolting scripting code onto the engine without making sure it all would work with each other, leading to lots of regressions and issues along the way.

So far, I'm still not even halfway done, and I'm currently betatesting all scripts as I add them and retesting them every time I add new features in a closed test shell (none of the new engine is being tested on the current game data so far) because I plan to do a rump transfer of all my new engine onto the old, and I want to make sure all the new parts gel nicely with the old before I attempt to pop the old engine out of the chassis and replace it with the new one.

* I have tossed out some of the fancier things I wanted to add, or least plan to belay their addition - I added a lot of cool visual frills like an enemy sensor, a full blown explorer HUD, and a few other visual frills to liven up the engine, and unfortunately thanks to my foolish monkeypatching and failure to edge case test to make sure they wouldn't cause unexpected issues, it led to tons of regressions, so I'm saving adding any fancy visual frills for last, AFTER I've ensure all the core gameplay scripting won't break.

I will continue to leave regular progress reports of some kind as development on my new engine continues. I do not have a projected ETA on it's relative completion, but I hope to have very significant progress done by the end of January.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

More updates on my updated DQ1 Remake engine

I'm still making great progress on revamping my DQ1 game engine, so much so I decided it would be better to pour all my energies into that then release another beta on the existing engine, so a new game beta will be delayed.

However, this is not a bad thing by any means, since my new engine has several more features now:

Face/Bust Options: RPG Maker can show "face" graphics for characters, where you just see a face in the text box of conversation by default, and now, I can show "busts", or waist up portraits of the characters above the text window. Since using all faces or busts would be exhausting and tedious (not to mention would be difficult to track down images for one or the other in some cases), I have made it to where I can use either option, though my plan is to remain consistent with one style or another for the most part.

Enemy HP Bars: I had more than one solution for this at my disposal already, but I had issues with the bars bleeding into each other and most of them being obtrusive. I have been testing a more lightweight version that appears to work quite well, and unless if it gives me unexpected issues, it shall remain in the final version.

Other Stuff - Several edge case bugs have been addressed with certain bugfixes, and my plan to avoid frameskip lag that can make movement appear stilted, which was the case in certain cases with my current DQ1 beta engine.

I plan to further develop my new engine over the holidays and most of January, as I have a lot to test and debug before I try to replace my old engine with the new one.

I will release new updates here on my blog in the meantime, hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Building a better DQ1 Remake Engine Updates

Due to the holidays and a lot of other matters on my plate, I still have plans of releasing an updated beta of my game with some new features, though I may put it off until sometime after the new year.

Some of these items include some custom commissioned artwork by Fumirei and music commissioned for the League of Gamers website which I graciously received joint permission from Mark Kern and Jared Burrell to use in a limited capacity for a custom credits scene, as well as some gameplay and world updates.

However, the reasons I am considering belaying that until I have my new engine finished are because, while the new engine is far from complete and still in alpha, it already has made far less mistakes than my old engine, eliminated a lot of monkeypatched issues the old one had, and brings a lot more features to the table. An overview of the features of the new engine:

FF9 styled "Rows" - In Final Fantasy IX, characters in the back row took less damage yet did less damage, unless their weapons ignored the row penalty. This feature was planned for inclusion early on but cut out due to technical issues, it has now been restored. The menu interface also resembles FF9 to a degree, with the player menu having the options aligned to the right side of the screen.

Dragon Quest style difficulty: The original design philosophy of Dragon Quest was to make a lot of actions a gamble and to make the difficulty somewhat challenging, and to that end, I have done the following:

1. Lowered amount of items of any type carryable to 9.
2. Small Medals are rarer.
3. Casino games made riskier.
4. Improvements added to combat engine to make battles much less easy with a greater chance of randomness.

Much less resource bloat: My original engine had a lot of unoptimized for size and quality files under the hood, and my new engine intends to curb this somewhat, both for performance reasons and to reduce the size of the game file for those with slower connections.

Lots of added yet not enabled scripting features for future proofing: Since I plan to use this engine for later games in tweaked forms, there will be a lot of added scripting unused yet vetted for performance and compatibility under the hood in the new engine. The open source SDK will retain all of these added features for use by anyone else who wishes to use these added functions for whatever purpose in their own projects, subject to the terms of the scripts included.

The SDK will be as open source as possible: The SDK version of my game will simply contain all the assets used for the engine, minus commercial/licensed assets. Some of the scripts included may not be for commercial use, and all scripts included (with or without my tweaks) must be used within the same terms I had to use them, and the SDK will require some tweaking to some scripts for other projects, but it will be totally unencrypted and completely free for redistribution, all I ask that you let people know where to find the original to find updates and to give me credit for any of my own contributions.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nate Spidgewood: Holiday Death Threats Edition

Is there a full moon out? Am I the only ex-member of TV Tropes who HASN'T turned into a massive crybaby faggot who thinks they are owed the world?

I mean, come on, I recently read about that pedophile internet tough guy Harold Hall on the Kiwi Farms. I myself have had to deal with the deranged madness that is Gabe "Moleman9000" Navarro's drama generation and rants about cyberbullies, and recently, Nate Spidgewood (go read his ED page, it's hilarious) sent me death threats.

Yes, completely out of the blue, for reasons I cannot comprehend, he decided he had nothing better to do one day than to send me death threats

Below is our emails (His in bold, mine in regular font)


I'LL FUCKING *KILL* YOU FOR THIS, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH I SWEAR I'LL COME OVER TO YOUR FUCKING HOUSE AND MURDER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

You do realize I can report your death threats to law enforcement.
You're still young, don't do this, because I really do not want to have to see you wind up in prison.

I'M FUCKING 20 YEARS OLD, YOU DIPSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP CALLING ME "YOUNG" OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nate, I'm planning on dropping a tip with the FBI about this, and for your sake I hope you haven't tried to send these threats to anyone else, especially any member of TV Tropes.
What you are doing is unhinged and I worry you need mental help.

TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<


....and now that we got that out of the way, a few things I'd like to parse that may not be clear from the ramblings of a crazy person.

* I have no idea why Nate wants to kill me. Hell, I tried to be nice to this sad sack for the longest time until I realized that boy ain't right and he still entertained sick fantasies of revenge against a website I've long since forgiven. Hell, I just wished their current owner a happy holidays.

* Second, I don't get how I'm to blame for TV Tropes sucking, unless he hates me for using MediaWiki as my wiki engine of choice.

* Third, I'm almost thirty, and given how mature the above was, I'd say he's 2, not twenty.

* Also, I haven't contacted the FBI yet, but I'm still thinking about it, as I'm seriously worried about the bats in this guy's belfry.

* Finally, according to that ED article, this guy doxed himself and the information was thus in the public domain. I know, checked the sources.

At any rate, I'm not worried about some spastic jackass trying to kill me, I just pray he doesn't wind up hurting himself or anyone else.

I need a drink, I'm being hassled by an idiot called Moleman

For those not aware, I've recently gotten a lot of crap from some imbecile named "Moleman9000/ResonX", real name Gabe Navarro. He's a Hispanic guy who draws some really tacky art, writes a fanfic universe called the Nava-Verse, and is prone to spewing drama wherever he goes.

And I just happened to to be the latest SOB caught in the crossfire of this autist.

Before I go on, I have autism too, but thing is, I doubt this guy got the therapy and proper raising I did to help me cope, learn what is socially acceptable and channel the single minded devotion autism tends to grant those with it into useful areas. Instead, he spends it acting like an entitled jackass starting crap, screaming about cyberbullies, and trying to drag people who don't give a damn into his drama.

You want to know more, read up on him at the Kiwi Farms.

Recently, he gave me grief because some people he didn't like wrote some criticism about his series on All The Tropes Wikia, and after stripping out the obvious crap, I was able to source and verify the rest, but because he hated the parties in question, accusing them of being evil incarnate who are longtime tormentors (even if that's true, I don't care to be dragged into his BS) and that everything they wrote needs to be removed.

I refused, blocked him, and he decided to hassle me across Wikia. As for the parties he raged about, they've been fairly nice to me, and I don't care what they do so long as they don't cause trouble for me, something this spoiled rotten douche seemed to not understand no matter what, and it got to the point I contacted Wikia support, imploring relief.

Since I knew I was the latest in a long line of wiki admins who had to deal with his drama generating BS, I asked for a global ban, because I knew he wouldn't drop this and go on to hassle some other poor souls, and I don't wish that guy's antics on anyone.

The global ban was granted, but idiot still decided to give more grief using sockpuppets (a major no-no when they globally ban you, means you are NOT welcome back at all), and I still have no desire to be caught up in his reign of terror.

If Moleman happens to be reading this, as rude as this sounds, you've driven me to this:


Seriously, I don't hate the guy, I just don't want to be caught up in his shit and wish he'd understand he's not a god who can command the world magically bend to his will.

Also, I'm not much of drinker, but this guy has definitely made me cast longing eyes at the bottle.

Here's hoping I don't get liver failure before this idiot finally leaves me alone for good.

P.S. - I plan to report any Moleman socks I know about to Wikia Staff, hope they IP ban this guy, I just want to be left alone.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dragon Quest 1 Remake engine needs rewritten, I do not wish the final product to be Revolution 60 2.0

I'm afraid I have some bad news:

I still plan to release an updated beta by this Christmas with new content, especially for the League For Gamers and the Kiwi Farms, both sites which I promised would have in universe material dedicated to them, but I will probably have to do so in a greatly reduced form, unless further problems force me to not be able to do this.

The reason is simple: RPG Maker MV is hideously unstable for my needs and will not port over my work (maps especially due to the map size limits) very well, and given how buggy it is, I have elected to remain with using VX Ace for any sequels for the time being.

Another reason is since I wanted to use the engine I have now for any successive projects given the first point, and that means the engine in it's current state is off the table, being a programming golem with mismatched body parts held together with a lot of inflexible scripting code I desperately want to optimize, since the current version has some edge case bugs that can corrupt save files a rewrite would remove and I could reduce the performance enhancement script dependency I've been relying on (like Effectus) considerably, I feel taking the time to rewrite and overhaul the engine before resuming development would allow me to turn out a superior game in the end,

I also wanted to provide a stripped down "SDK/developer kit" version of my game with my custom alterations that anyone can freely use for their own projects (minus commercial/licensed assets), and my current engine design does not allow for this, and since I'm an open source advocate, I want to give something back to my fellow programmers and game developers by letting them used my tweaked game engine for whatever purpose they deem fit, and a rewrite of the engine would make this possible.

Finally, I'm ashamed of all the shortcuts I took early on to get where I am now, since it has made my scripting code a nightmare to modify without causing crashes, I had to leave a lot more on the cutting room floor than I ever planned to, and unlike Brianna Wu's Revolution 60, which has been delayed since it's initial iOS release with only superficial graphical alterations and mild tweaks to the QTE system that still do not address the low res textures, overlay overuse, blocky meshes, weak gameplay, and numerous performance issues that will likely not be addressed when it is given an updated re-release, I feel I can do much better by taking the time to fix the foundations of my project so it not only comes off as a superior engine, it will be so good I can use it's base as a foundation for future projects that still have a more efficient scripting base that provide a more problem free and player friendly gaming experience.

I apologize for any delays this might cause, but I am not happy because I had long terms prospects for this project I cannot fulfill unless I do a rewrite of the scripting, and I want to fulfill all the objectives I had not only for myself, but for the gamers who enjoy my work, as I believe they deserve the best I can do, not merely something that works but has issues I could resolve.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Christmas release of Dragon Quest 1 Remake 1.9 Beta is in the works

I am currently working on the Dragon Quest 1 Remake 1.9 Beta, plan to release it by Christmas.

I may or may not be able to have it completed all the way to the normal ending, currently commissioning some artwork so I can, depends on how soon I get it.

I can, however, promise the following:

1. A bank/storage system will be added.

2. More content will be added, such as the mega casino in the Great Bazaar and a few more dungeons. There will be some added puzzles as well.

3. The next release will be a present for both the League For Gamers (and Mark Kern especially, you rock!) and the Kiwi Farms, whose hilarious (and quite informative) lolcow threads, especially the one on Brianna Wu I avidly read, and references to prominent members of both will be included, the former in gratitude to the charity and camaraderie Mark's community's has provided for gamers like myself, and the latter for providing a ton of laughs and object lessons of people who just couldn't resist making fools of themselves on the internet and how I can avoid falling into the same trap.

Oh yeah, Kiwis, promise me one thing: If I ever become as ridiculous and lolcowish enough you guys make a thread on me, please, do absolutely nothing to spare my feelings and tear me a new one if my actions warrant it. If I ever get to that point, I'd deserve it.

In the meantime, if you want to download the current version of my game, go here:

Friday, October 30, 2015

Message to all GamerGaters, some crap said about our opposition is wrong, it should stop

For the record, I'm pro-GamerGate, but there are some things said about anti-GamerGaters (or, as they prefer, those opposed to GamerGate) that are not true and need to not be repeated since, to date, there is no evidence WHATSOEVER to validate the claims.


Fine, he made a cryptic Tweet about "It's ends tonight" and later that day a bomb threat happened, but correlation does not equate causation. No one deserves to be accused of a crime without actual proof of their guilt, and there is nothing that anyone could bring before a court of law that would implicate him in such acts.

I don't agree with many things he says, but I won't smear his name with false charges, and neither should anyone else.


Seriously, NONE. Even Milo in that series of Breitbart exposes was never able to prove that, and despite all the stuff that Harper has been proven capable of doing, even I think it's horrifying to suggest a mother could sell her own child for drugs based on no other evidence than simply not liking them.

Also, let's give Randi Harper some credit, she had the honor and humanity to defend Mercedes Carerra against extremely disgusting sexist remarks despite being opposed to her ideologically, as you can see in the below GamerGhazi thread, and I personally thanked her because, despite my many reservations about Harper's intentions otherwise, that was an honorable act, she deserves your thanks.

Finally, this is just a general olive branch I'm handing to those opposed to GamerGaters. I do have a consicence, and regardless whatever ideology I believe in, I believe in honesty at the end of the day, so I will not defend blatant libel or slander like the BS I refuted above, and if GamerGate is serious about giving the slightest damn about "ethics", then no one needs to resort to character assassination and defamation that has not the slightest bit of truth to it.

We can disagree with people opposed to GamerGate based on the merits of their positions, but resorting to vile character assaults based on lies and baseless hearsay is just disgusting, and I personally refuse to engage in such, and hope no one, regardless of their ideology, does as well.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

An open challenge to those opposed to GamerGate

For those who are convinced GamerGaters are evil incarnate, I pose a challenge to you, and since you all tend to be fond of civil rights advocacy, I shall frame it in those terms.

The Civil Right Movement of the 1960s advocated a strategy that would expose once and for all who the real bigots and hateful people were. Blacks would passively resist and ignore to the best of their ability all the hate slung their way, but they would not try to prevent it. Rather, they made a point of letting the other side spew as much bile and venom as loudly and as much as they wanted.

The point was simple: They wanted the world to know who was the evil ones by letting the world see what true hate looked like until the world's stomach turned and did something about it.

And it worked, with the last shreds of de jure segregation utterly discredited.

In regards to GamerGate, you see all of us as the real bigots, the hateful ones, the true source of evil. Fine, so be it.

However, why are you trying so hard to silence us? You want our alleged evil and venom to turn the world's stomach, don't respond it, don't attempt to silence us in the media, and don't attempt to paint a preconceived portrait of us for the world. Let our evil expose and defeat itself if we're so vile and hateful.

The only reason I can consider for why this strategy has not been attempted is because it can't be proven by our own actions, and thus all that has been said about GGers is a fabrication, but I'm a pro-GGer, so I'm obviously biased.

So my challenge is to try this. If we act like bigots, we've done the job of proving your point, you win. If not, then we aren't who you say we are. Either way, my challenge is to see whether your own convictions we need to be stopped can stand without telling the world how evil we are.

Assuming you all are right, we'll defeat ourselves.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

ED laughs at my blog, I laugh back

Recently, was sadly compromised by a hacker and was basically killed with fire.

Encyclopedia Dramatica, per their usual custom, decided to piss on its corpse.

They even dug up one of my angry blog posts and razzed me over it, but in all seriousness, not offended in the slightest.

I actually thought it was pretty funny.

On that note, while the Orain situation isn't very amusing to me, the fact ED decided to mock Orain and what happened to it is still funny. When things suck, it good to find something hilarious about the situation to laugh at, and I applaud ED for calling out us on being cheap bastards and mocking me for being a whiner.

I can't deny they have a point.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And I thought it was going to be so simple......

I've been working on my Dragon Quest 1 Remake 1.8 Beta for awhile now, and it turns out what I thought would a simple re-balancing and betatest has ballooned into a much bigger job than I planned because of the following:

* New relationship value system: Due to a new mechanic where all party members can gain relationship value points with one another, I have had to re-balance all enemies not to be too hard or easy, at least on standard difficulty, and even though I lowballed the stat bonuses relation values give to avoid making them game breaking, they still can add up fast, so I had to fix things.

* Different formula calculations: I recalculated the damage formulas in an attempt to bring them even closer to DQ standard, which has made them more accurate, but has required further rebalancing, since it was making some monsters retarded strong when using magical attacks (Actors use different balancing than Enemies, so I'm covered on the former)

* Busted code and various fixes needed: Events and certain scripting broke, forcing me to have to disable or dummy out some code to fix the glitches. Also discovered some bizarre graphical anomalies that have needed some finetuning.

In short, this is going to take awhile..............

Friday, September 4, 2015

Brianna Wu has libeled me, and I want an apology

(reposted from

Recently, I contacted Brianna Wu about commenting on the following stories I wrote on

Being this is a journalism website, I am an amateur in that field (by writing for a journalism website), and I felt it honest and polite to allow the subject of my articles a chance for comment, so I sent Brianna Wu a polite email requesting some commentary whenever she found convenient.
My emails and her response can be found here:

Brianna Wu saw fit to lie about my intentions and make me look like an evil person for my courtesy here:

Archive in case the above mysteriously vanishes:

I’d also like to add I’m SUSPENDED from Twitter, for reasons unknown, Twitter has not informed me or anyone else (to my knowledge) why, unless you are directly admitting they told you this, in which case, I deny the charges out of hand, as I did nothing that violated Twitter’s TOU (I made sure to read their guidelines long before I ever made my first tweet)

That all said, I’m posting this here to say this: You lied about me, Brianna Wu, and I’m disgusted and angry you chose to do so. I might be critical of a lot of what you do, but I have tried to show you civility and respect, even showing you goodwill by praying for yours and your family’s safety, words I still mean even if what you did was a slap to my face and dirt on my name because I choose to turn the other cheek and follow the example of Jesus, who loved those who hated him.

Also, in your frankly unhinged response to me in that email where you falsely called me a harasser, you said I wasn’t a journalist, so by your own standards, you would not be one as well, though I gave you the honor of informing you about what I wrote for reasons of transparency because I wanted to give that honor because I felt it was the only right thing to do to duly inform you so you had a chance to offer rebuttal in case what I wrote was in error.

Further, you threatened me with getting thrown off Medium for harassment, when, to my knowledge, I have posted nothing inappropriate here and I informed you in advance I would make my emails to you public so the world can see for themselves whether your own charges apply.

Also, in the interests of honesty, I sent copies of this sordid affair to Milo Yiannopoulos, who is an actual journalist, because now I know how he feels when he sends the subject of his articles a request for comment and they go behind his back and libel him. Whether he chooses to write about this or not, I don’t care either way, I just wanted to let him know I understand what he’s had to go through a little better.

Also, I tire of hearing about all the rape and death threats you get. I have YET to see you post a single one that was deemed credible by law enforcement, whereas someone like Milo was at ground zero for a bomb threat and even posted photos of the syringe he was sent as a threat, so no offense, Ms. Wu, your credibility is at a nadir on that one.

Also, one of the supposed “death threats” you were sent was a shitpost in very mean spirited taste on a forum, not a threat to your life in any credible way, and the author even owned up to writing it and laughed in your face for taking it seriously. Given it was a tacky James Bond parody, I can’t find it within myself to blame him for that.

Finally, I have consistently refrained from mentioning certain subjects you didn’t want discussed since I’ve been doing my noble best to show you respect and decency, but since you chose to openly lie about me for your own gain, I see no reason not to finally be blunt:

You’re a consistent liar, about the death and rape threats, about the harassment, about your professional and personal positions, and even about who you really are, Brianna Walker Wu, or should I say, John Walker Flynt?

Further, that recent Samus is transgender article and its followup? You blocked transgender people on Twitter for honestly disagreeing with you and accused everyone who didn’t buy what you had to say of being a transphobic bigot, when, as many of those transgender people you offended rightfully pointed out, you abused their goodwill by shoving your fan theory based on shoddy evidence down their throats then spit in their faces when they presented respectful dissent, something I find appalling, given you’re transgender yourself, and while I’m not, I mourn for all the transgender people you hurt by your cruelty.

And frankly, I don’t care if what I just said above is “deadnaming” or what you claim are rumors. I’ve followed the evidence trail laid out concerning your past on Breitbart, various fora following your hypocrisy and deceit, and the evidence has convinced me all the courtesy I bent over backwards to show you was wasted effort and that the past you deny is actually the truth.

Regardless, I’m not going to waste the energy over that on nursing a grudge. Instead, I’m going to stand up for everyone you’ve spit on and lied about.

However, before I go, I do want to add this: A forum called the Kiwi Farms has a very long, indepth thread where they have archived every single thing Brianna Wu has ever said, put together an amazingly detailed dossier of Wu’s lies and deceit on their wiki, and whose membership have contacted me via email and other means, respecting my wish not to openly associate with them yet still wishing me goodwill, and to them I extend my gratitude for showing me that they care so much for a total stranger, and to borrow something from their own forums, I want to give every last one of you over 9000 Feels, Semper Fidelis, and Winner ratings for showing me more decency and integrity than I ever expected to receive.

And for anyone wanting the real story on Brianna Wu’s antics and lies, on top of reading Milo’s articles on Brianna Wu, these links are highly recommended by yours truly:

Monday, August 31, 2015

Request for comment on some articles I wrote in rebuttal to your own (an email I sent Brianna Wu)

I recently wrote some articles in rebuttal to some articles you wrote on your own site on, and in the event I am wrong on certain details or you have any comment, I invite you to comment on the following:

I am sending this request because I believe it is fair to inform you what I have written for reasons of transparency and because despite our differing opinions, I would like your input in case I have grossly misinterpreted your thoughts and intentions.

Please let me know when or if you can do so whenever you find convenient.

P.S. - For reasons of transparency, I plan to publicly post the contents of this email on my personal blog, which you can find here:

Brianna Wu has contacted me with the following:

You are a stalker, not a journalist. I have no problem with public criticism, but obsessing over everything I say and do all day every day is extremely unsettling.

You were banned from Twitter for this exact extremely creepy behavior. Medium has even stricter standards about harassment. 

Do not contact me ever again. 

Sent from my orbital weapons platform.

To which this was my final response:

Very well, I will comply with your request, though Twitter has still not informed me as to the nature of my suspension at this time and I reject your claims of stalking as groundless as result.

As Medium is a journalistic website and I was writing about a public figure as an amateur in that field, I felt it polite to inform you of my work.

You have my word I will not contact you again, and I will publish your response to me on my public blog and this final message in acknowledgement of your wishes, again for reasons of transparency.

One final thing before I do:

Despite my opinions, I do not wish harm on you, deplore anyone who does, will denounce them and report such activities to law enforcement, and you and your family have my prayers for your continued health and safety, and despite our differences of opinion, I hope you are able to prosper in all the endeavors you seek to undertake, and may God bless your days with peace and joy.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

SJWs have been taking a massive beating on multiple fronts, they still keep doubling down

Recently, the social justice warriors have gotten their teeth kicked in on multiple fronts:

* Zoe Quinn/Chelsea von Valkenburg got her legal ass roasted over the coals by Eugene Volohk, who basically declared the shit she pulled on Eron Gjoni was unconstitutional, and Eron has every intention of taking her to task for abusing the law to silence him, and stands a decent chance of winning.

* Gamergate had ANOTHER bomb threat called on an event with many journalists who have now seen the opposition for what they really are (people so terrified their narrative would be shattered they'll do anything to reinforce it), and while the origin of the threats is still unknown, the point is that journalists can see if some assholes were willing to call almost a dozen bomb threats on a peaceful assembly, then the people the assembly was for may not be the villains they've been painted as, and journalism has seen a massive uptick in their ethical membership reaching out, and many of the former shills for the "Gamergaters are evil" nonsense has ceased to be one sided and now include reasonably balanced coverage, to the fury of the SJW hardliners who are pissed Gamergate is not being painted as 150% evil anymore except by the shill rags they still control or have great influence over.

* The Hugo Awards have gotten a massive callout on how the SJWs would rather burn down the clubhouse instead of allowing people in who they have no good reason to refuse.

* The #BlackLivesMatter maniacs have finally been revealed for the criminal reactionaries they always were, with confirmed links to them in regards to the cold blooded murder of a Texan law enforcement officer and their rhetoric has escalated to calling for the outright murder of white people.

* An embittered, mentally unbalanced ex-reporter who was a SJW in thought and action if not in  official association murdered his former colleagues on live TV, and the SJWs not only tried desperately to deflect the implications, they had the sickening temerity to try to pin it on Gamergate, using a JOKE tweet as the basis of this BS connection (even before the bodies of the victims were even cold), and the still corrupt/incompetent journalists who ran with this crap failed to fact check like they were supposed to. Also, Salon and the Guardian (with Arthur Chu and Jessica Valenti, shills for the SJWs) are doubling down hard, printing discredited bullshit from scam artists like Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu despite massive callouts.

And that's just some of the bigger highlights. Political correctness is also getting to be downright noxious and repugnant in the eyes of most of the sane and reasonable, and the professional victim culture is finally getting exposed for the cult of fearmongering, cronyism, and corruption enabling it really is.

Basically, it should be really obvious to the ones who benefited from the culture of fear, cultural repression and corruption their antics have finally come back to haunt them, and I for one don't plan to lie down and die. Instead, I and the rest of the world tired of their nonsense are going to keep calling out their bullshit until they are robbed of the power they fraudulently gained to pervert the world to their oppressive whims, because without their fetid nonsense, I can finally live in a world where I don't have to worry (nearly as much) about race baiting maniacs, batshit insane parodies of feminists who sounds like they took the SCUM manifesto in dead seriousness, Tumblr's worst elements wanting to suppress all creative expression they don't like because they are too insecure to let others enjoy what they want, and cultural hegemonic con artists seeking to control the media for their own greed and ego.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rise News Miami will be opening a new journalism site at the end of August

For those not in the know, Rise News Miami is the journalism site that, after the SPJ Airplay bomb threat incident, has added a Gamergate section to their site and allow BOTH sides of the issue to be heard.

I'm pro-Gamergate, but I applaud their willingness not to be biased towards either side, as an honest press depends on not being a propaganda mill, but a fora for both sides of a debate.

After contacting them to thank them for their journalistic integrity, they thanked me for the kind words and informed me they were opening a new site that would be international and for which they were looking for writers.

As someone who salutes any press organization committed to honesty and integrity, they have my prayers and  best wishes for their success, and I urge anyone, regardless of your position on Gamergate or any other issue, to give them your support and submit work to them if you wish to have your position heard.

They can be followed on Twitter at @RiseNewsNow

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A few comments I'd like to leave Arthur Chu and his associates

Ever since I commented on a few discussion panels, I have gotten some intense hatred simply because I've tried to remain civil, post facts, and even though I even sided with my opposition when they were clearly in the right, I'm still considered an enemy simply because I disagree.

Well, to Mr. Chu and my esteemed oppositon, I have a few rebuttals:

This tweet is Arthur Chu wanting me to stop reading his "fucking feed", as in, his public twitter feed.

I'm sorry, Arthur, but I refuse. There is no law barring me from doing so, nor reading any other Twitter feed that is publicly available. If you choose to protect your feed from public scrutiny, that is your choice, but when you put comments out into the open (like this blog for example), you open yourself up to public scrutiny, and your Twitter shall be under the same guidelines so long as it remains public.

Also, I'd like to refute a few lies:

In this comment, a Nora Reed says I was banned from Twitter for abusive behavior. To that charge, I request you not lie about me Ms.Reed, as Twitter themselves have still not told me why I was suspended, nor have they, to my knowledge, released that information to anyone else.

I have a good idea why I might have been suspended, and I have a blog post you are free to read if you want my take on it, but this statement is a blatant falsehood, and I'm disappointed you felt the need to say such things without proof.

Here's the post I refer to:

In this comment, I actually defend Arthur Chu from a false accusation. Specifically, any charges he is guilty of inciting bomb threats. To my knowledge, there is no conclusive proof he has ever been linked to making any, and unless such can be affirmed by a court of law with duly submitted evidence to that effect, I request anyone spreading such lies about Mr.Chu cease, as he does not deserve to be falsely accused of a crime for which there is no evidence he is guilty, and I intend to submit a link to this very post to Mr. Chu's email because regardless of our differing opinions, he does not deserve to be falsely accused of a crime for which there is no evidence proving his guilt, and if he wishes to add a comment, I welcome his input.

Finally, I oppose ANYONE giving Arthur or any of his associates harassment. It's mean, it's cruel, and despite whatever they may or may not have done, it is not justified.

Below is the text of the email I intend to send Mr. Chu:

You know me as GethN7, the party with whom you have disagreed with on several discussions.

I am writing you to inform you I have mentioned you in a blog post and wanted to let you know for reasons of transparency, and you are mentioned because I was highly disturbed several saw fit to falsely accuse you of making bomb threats without proof.

I know we have greatly dissenting opinions, but rest assured I am deeply disturbed over how you have been accused of inciting such vile crimes without proof and have issued a public statement denouncing such false accusations on your behalf because they are unwarranted, and if I discover any information useful towards ending such defamation, I will inform you and the proper law enforcement officials, as bearing false witness is not only a crime, it's a sin according to my religious beliefs, and seeing someone do that to you offends me on a moral and legal level, and on that issue I wish to defend your good name against such false witness.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

An email I wrote to Maddy Myers, writer for The Mary Sue concerning her Twine Game

Below is the complete text of an email I sent Maddy Myers, a feminist writer for The Mary Sue. I wrote it after trying out her Twine game (which isn't too shabby), and which can be found here:

I am publishing the text of this email because I want to take apart the conceit that Gamergaters hate women, especially those trying to do anything related to gaming. In fact, I'm grateful she decided to make her work public and wish for her continued success, as the below should demonstrate:

I saw that Twine game you created on your Twitter feed, have tried it out, and so far, I like it.

Your writing shows great skill, and I like the deconstruction of the magical girl premise. The actual technical structure of the game shows you have a good grasp of coding, and I like how the structure seems more interactive than a typical CYOA (Choose your own adventure game).

It's somewhat dark, and not my usual cup of tea, but it is well written, and as a fellow game developer (I'm making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace), I wanted to compliment you on your work and encourage you to make further games, you've done well with this one as far as I can tell.

For transparency reasons, I've heard of you via Twitter and via your Mary Sue work (you might know me as GethN7 on Twitter, currently suspended for reasons I have appealed), and while I don't completely agree with some of your editorials, I still believe you have excellent writing skills, and as a fellow gamer, I wanted to compliment and encourage your skill in that regard and wish you the best.

I also manage the All The Tropes Wiki, and if I can find the time (I am staff for the Orain wiki farm and have other matter that keep me busy most of the time), I plan to make a page about your game on my site, which you can find here:

Finally, I wanted to let you know, again for transparency, I am pro-Gamergate, but I'm incredibly pleased to see a female game developer produce work as fine as yours and hope other women succeed in that field and other endeavors they wish to pursue (and I condemn the harassment or hatred of any woman, as a feminist myself I'm appalled anyone could feel that way about women), and you have my prayers and best wishes on your continued success as a journalist, gamer, and person.

Update: Since this was first written, we have relocated to:

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why every person who adheres to the radical hashtag #BlackLivesMatter comes off as a black supremacist

Before I get castigated by the more moderate well meaning black community who happens to subscribe to that while not considering all whites the devil, I just want to say I've been in extremely consistent support of civil rights for all races since I was in short pants.

However, what just recently happened to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders turned my stomach.

I personally have no strong opinions on him politically (I'm waiting until we have a firmer idea who the actual viable people in the race will be), but he has my sympathy and personal respect over how shabbily he was treated.

I am referring to the fact that during his own speech the night before he was chased off his own stage by a bunch of assholes who told him to shut up, they were going to speak about what really mattered, then turned the whole thing into a radical black rights circlejerk, accusing him of not giving a shit.

First off, fuck you to every asshole involved in pissing on this man's speech. You were NOT invited, you crashed the party and abrogated his First Amendment rights just to shill your own speech, and even if his speech would have been in opposition to yours or not is immaterial, you violated his civil rights, so shame on you.

Second, THIS MAN MARCHED WITH MARTIN LUTHER KING. This man has, by all accounts, been the strongest supporter of civil rights out of all the available candidates, and you decided to bitch slap him like this.

Again, fuck you all for that.

Finally, by violating this man's civil rights and the right to assembly of those who wanted to hear what he wanted to say, you've made it clear who the real criminals are, and that is you. You don't want equal rights, you've just become bastardized parodies of Malcom X (a man who even at his worst was nowhere near as disrespectful to the civil rights of other races, whites included, as you vile thugs), and on behalf of everyone with shame and conscience, what you did shows you have none of both, and I have no more love for black supremacy than I do white supremacy.

Both are racist as hell, as to the racists who shit on Bernie Sanders rights in the name of black supremacy, you're just as vile as the KKK in my view.

P.S. - Sanders did the honorable thing by following King's example of nonviolence and nonaggression and did not respond to your race baiting bullshit, and whatever his political views, he has my respect for following the opinions of a black civil rights leader who still commands the respect of everyone who actually cares about equal treatment for everyone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Twitter alternative is being developed and currently in beta

Behold the new Twitter for people tired of the echo chamber of SJW outrage Twitter has become:

It's currently a work in progress, but it's quite stable and welcoming anyone and everyone to try it out, and it already has several advantages over Twitter:

1. Longer Messages (1000 characters versus 140)
2. Open source (Under the GNU license)
3. No complicated barriers to entry (such as needing a mobile phone number)

It also features many features from Twitter that are known and loved, such as retweets (resending messages), favoring messages, and due to the fact it's a more flexible format of federated communication, private messaging is completely possible using the same interface as regular messages with the same message character limit.

Given how I'm disgusted by how Twitter has been taken over by SJW lynch mobs, I'm all for a better service minus their nonsense, and even though it has been created by pro-GG people, the service welcomes everyone who wants to get around the messaging watercooler.

In short, please, sign up. I don't regret it in the slightest.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Social Justice and why it's believers make me oppose it

Social Justice, is, as the name states, trying to achieve justice for social issues, a laudable goal.

Unfortunately, the form it takes on the internet is fucking laughable, or that's what I would say, if it wasn't for the fact everyone who practices it is such a foul hypocrite the laughs die in my throat.

1. On Tumblr - Social Justice takes many bizarre forms on Tumblr, but the most idiotic are the types who want equality and tolerance for all sorts of various genders, many of which are made up and whose terminology only exists on Tumblr.

No offense, you guys can call yourselves whatever you want on Tumblr, but I'm going to laugh in your face if you seriously want me to recognize you as a genderqueer polysexual wolfkin or whatever the hell else you guys call yourselves whenever the mood strikes you to change to, something that occurs about as often as I change shirts.

2. On Twitter - Currently suspended, and while there are a few decent human beings on Twitter, the mass majority of the SJW wackaloons I have no interest in ever engaging again should I ever get my account back.

But while I'm on that subject, the difference between Tumblr and Twitter is shorter messages and the hugbox atmosphere the Social Jackass Wackos insist on. Also, you can't go three tweets without a bunch of lunatics saying all cops are the devil, every black person who dies was because the gubmint wants to murder blacks in droves, you have to accept and tolerate transgender people no matter what or SJW lynch mobs will try to ruin your life, and worst of all, the Gamergate shit.

Yeah, I'm pro-GG, so I'm biased, but hell, if I ever get my account unsuspended, I refuse to debate another anti-GGer again, they all act like assholes, move goalposts constantly, and when you do manage to win an argument, they block you and make chickenshit backshot remarks while their friends favorite every tweet where they acted like a shithead to you.

 In fact, if I ever get unsuspended, they have my promise, written in my own blood if that's what they want, I will stay away from every single SJW on Twitter, because they don't want civil discourse, they want an echo chamber, and dissent, no matter how respectful, well, expect them to bombard Twitter with reports about how you're harassing them en masse until you are silenced to shut down dissent.

3. On Reddit - I already have written off that POS, but wow, that place is one of the greatest examples why deciding what is popular by handing people downvote buttons and let mods be gods is a shitty idea. On Voat, you can't downvote people into oblivion, and you are forced to actually contribute several dozen actual posts before you can start downvoting people. Voat has the potential for abuse too, but damn, Reddit would suck even if it didn't have SJWs trying to silence speech they don't like (and which they are still doing).

I could go on, but the point I'm making as that for people who demand progressive change in society, they are bullies, censors, and general assholes most of the time, and for people who want to spread tolerance and opemindedness, they are some of the most closeminded, intolerant assholes who have ever gained accessed to a web browser, and if they the warriors for social justice, then I hope all their plans burn down around them.

Because if progress depends on all these insane, asshole bigots, I want no part of it.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Gamergate is winning, and here is why

I write this post to say that for everyone in #Gamergate, congrats, you're on the winning team.

A year ago, things looked bleak. A year ago, social justice warriors held most of the media by the balls, trying to sell them on the idea that all gamers were evil, sexist assholes who hate women and don't want them in the industry.

To be honest, we only wanted one woman (Zoe Quinn) not exactly out, but taken to task for her collusion with game reviewers in exchange for positive coverage without disclosing the COI, and it prompted a backlash.


The nerve we struck was one where the gaming press had become an arrogant body unto themselves that didn't believe their mandate was simply to report on gaming culture. Instead, they felt they could abuse their power to shape gaming culture and this arrogance had corrupted them into doing corrupt things, and all those who kicked off Gamergate caught them with their pants down.

Their counterattack was simply taking a preexisting social justice issue, marrying it to the core issue of Gamergate (corruption and favoritism in the gaming press), and the result was charlatans like Anita Sarkeesian and their associated ilk coming out of the woodwork to accuse all their opponents of hating women, when the truth is more simple: all of them were, to some greater or lesser degree, either complicit with the corrupt assholes Gamergate was calling out, or were simply using the conflict for personal gain in related areas (such as Randi Harper trying to disrupt the FreeBSD community and pervert it into a platform for her gender politics).

For the first couple of months, Gamergaters had it rough, cause, like it or not,  most of the antis were rich, smooth talking bastards with the right connections who were quite good at circling the wagons, and had most of the media snookered into buying the bullshit story gamers are evil misogynist bastards.

However, the bullshit story they were selling started breaking up almost immediately because they had very little evidence to prove it or were using clearly faked incidents and selling them as legitimate (Brianna Wu, no offense, Jace Conners was a troll at your expense, not a serious threat to your life, please stop selling a story even r/GamerGhazi wouldn't buy as legitimate). Further, the opposition underestimated the power of the internet to record their lies, hypocrisy, and bullshit, and even after they tried burning evidence, they learned much too late most of the gamers they were shitting on were very tech savvy and saved copies of everything.

Recently, Gamergate has been scoring bloody blows against the liars and con artists of the anti-GG side, thanks to reporting by Breitbart (an unlikely ally I admit, but I'm not complaining) ripping the veil off many of their senior leaders, the decimation of Gawker, parent company of corrupt gaming shill rag Kotaku, and the fact now people in high places have seen both Gamergaters and their foes for what they really are, and have decided to side with the gamers, as they realized something that's been true of gamers all along:

We don't give a crap what your politics are, we welcome everyone who likes games to pick up a  controller and have some fun. Further, gamers, not social justice warriors, are the people who buy, play, and enjoy games.

So Gamergaters, rejoice, we're on the downslope now, just remember to never stop exposing the liars on the other side and showing the world the real monster, if there is one, is not those of us who claim the title gamer.

And for our opposition, I have only this to say:

If you ever decide to abandon your hatreds and realize we gamers are not the enemy, we will happily declare peace with you, but the choice to do so is yours, as we've been defending ourselves since this whole mess began, we just hope you are honorable enough to cease fighting a war we want to end, preferably on terms where everyone can get along and have fun.

Update; An apparent MRA posted a comment in response to this post (now deleted), and I have one message for all of them: You are not welcome in Gamergate. You are leeches hijacking Gamergate for your own ends, and I denounce everything you stand for, as I do not hate women, I merely oppose liars and believers in BS.

That includes every single one of you.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Halfway point for my game, looking back

Based on my current progress with my RM VX Ace project, it's about halfway finished, and now I want to look back on my work a little and go over some of my trials and tribulations in doing so:

* I learned a lot more about copyright - Given my work is a fan remake of a commercial game, I use some content from the original for parody/fanfiction purposes, though I have been attempting to fill in blanks wherever possible with my own work on content I can acquire full licenses to use, and even though I've seen Dragon Quest fan projects made up entirely of stock assets from the games themselves, I've been trying to make at least 80% of my game original, and as I stated in the credits for my game, my fan game is meant to honor and promote the originals, classics I'm sure my pale imitation will never meet or exceed in quality, and Square Enix and any other parties I have used licensed assets from will have my full cooperation in the event of legal disputes, and to keep my project from being damaging to their properties, I again repeat my promise this project will always be free and I will never authorize anyone else to make a profit off of it without legal permission from the copyright owners, because as a fan, I want people to buy the original games so that more Dragon Quest titles might be produced.

* I've learned a lot more about coding - While I'm no expert Ruby coder by any means, RM VX Ace had taught me quite a bit about how it works, and while I'm still laughably poor at writing my own code, I'm fairly decent at tweaking it and bug testing it now.

* I've learned game development is not for the lazy - Game development is a tedious process. You can't just throw crap at the wall and give people what sticks. You have to bugtest that crap on the wall, make sure it all works, and make sure it all sticks in the right places.

* I've learned making a game is something you do for others as much as yourself. - Game development can be good for the ego, as you are essentially a god of your own little world, but it's not just a self centered ego trip. You also make a game for your intended audience, and that means if they say it needs work, you bust your ass to get it right so they enjoy it as much as you do.

* I've learned it's a labor of love - Game development is, as mentioned earlier, tedious, but if you stick with it, the rewards are more than worth it.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My riposte to everyone claiming the "Damsel In Distress" trope is bad

Before I begin, here's a description of the trope in question.

Now, I've heard a lot people who subscribe to Anita Sarkeesian's views on feminism, Brianna Wu included, say this trope is terrible, overused, and it makes women little more than objects robbed of agency for male empowerment.

I disagree, and in the latest beta of my own game (which can be found here), I decided to take those arguments and refute them.

Dragon Quest 1 (which my game is a loose remake of) had a totally cliche "kill dragon, save princess" quest, and the princess was little more than a plot coupon you had to collect, but ironically, I don't see anyone who subscribes to Sarkeesian's views taking a trip in a time machine and giving this game any grief.

In their defense, games were just coming out of their infancy and the trope wasn't as done to death, but if it's terrible all the time, why wasn't it maligned?

Well, in my remake version, I take the quest and the alleged horrible trope and turn it on it's head.

When you finally get to the dragon, he's not just some faceless goon you have to kill. He's got a name and swore loyalty to the Dragonlord, and even warns you crossing him means he'll have to kill you. In that respect, you and he are ideological enemies and you're enemies as a result, but otherwise he's just doing his job, as are you.

Once you get past him, you meet the princess, who confirms she was well treated despite being a captive, and here's where I tear apart the Sarkeesian arguments.

For starters, the princess decided to make use of the fact she was trapped to do strength training and hone her magical skills so she could no longer be a captive, as the event only inspired her to want to rise above being powerless. The dragon didn't care so long as she didn't try to escape, not knowing she was planning on attempting to take him out not long before you saved her the trouble.

Further, she is PISSED she was put through this trope and wants to avoid being powerless by joining your party and giving the Dragonlord a piece of her mind. Characters Mara and Sarah don't really protest since they had a hand in training her and know she is competent, so she asks your hero Roto if he has a problem with her not being a damsel in distress anymore and being a badass princess instead.

You can respond by either (A) giving her the classic "let me protect you/I'm worried about your safety" lines and she gets annoyed you are treating her as incapable or (B) you can accept her help and welcome her aboard, which earns her respect, since you aren't treating her like a helpless woman.

In this case, I played the trope straight like the original game, but I ended it in ways that don't reinforce what I feel are flawed arguments by Sarkeesian.

My point is that being a Damsel In Distress does not have to be a bad trope, and you can go through the motions of it's key points if you want and the result does not have to be a male empowerment fantasy, despite what Anita Sarkeesian may say otherwise.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A short post, but one I want the Kiwi Farms and Twitter to read

I was recently sent an email from someone on the Kiwi Farms saying, quote: "finish that fucker off :)"

I was even linked to their thread on Brianna Wu, here:

For those not aware, the Kiwi Farms is a forum for mocking people who have made fools of themselves on the Internet, and while I don't sanction or condone their activities, I do appreciate any moral support their members have expressed, but I want to make something explicitly clear to both them and Twitter:

My intentions were not to harass. All I wanted to do, while I admit I'm critical of Brianna Wu's work, was hopefully to establish a dialogue with Brianna Wu, and maybe even get some answers on questions I had. I'm not very sanguine on her work, but I was hoping I might learn more via direct discussion and possibly get some misconceptions cleared up.

At no time did I ever bring up any matter that was not already public record (I did not dox or reveal information that was private, and when asked not to pursue certain matters I complied and merely advised Ms Wu to sue for libel if certain publicly available information on the news site Breitbart about Ms. Wu was false and I was misled, as no one deserves to be defamed), my intentions were never to be cruel, hateful, insensitive, or bigoted, and I was hoping we could both walk away from the discussion having learned more from one another and possibly clear up any misunderstandings.

That blew up in my face, I had calls for being banned as a result, and since it was becoming obvious my mere presence was offensive to Ms. Wu and her followers, I publicly promised to stay away in more than one tweet, and I fully intend to honor that promise, should Twitter ever unsuspend (at the time of this writing) my suspended account, I even denounced the message I got in that email and made it clear in my tweets I denounced harassment, death threats, or any other offensive actions to Brianna Wu, and will continue to do so.

I have no brief with Ms. Wu in many areas, but she is a human being entitled to respect and dignity regardless of any opinions I or others may hold, and I reiterate my promise to leave her and her followers in peace, because I want my motives crystal clear.

Also, based on what I can glean from my own tweets, I may have been overly aggressive in my tweets, and if so, I apologize to both Ms. Wu and Twitter for doing so. If I pressed on certain matters I shouldn't have, I again apologize to both, and if either require a public statement of apology, they have it here and now:

If I have committed any offense to either Brianna Wu or Twitter, I apologize for those offenses, and will perform whatever redress Twitter deems appropriate.

Note; For reasons of transparency, I have sent a link to this post to relevant parties on Twitter, including as a reply in my suspension appeal, as I want to assure them my promise to do whatever I must to be unsuspended is not hollow, and that I stand by my word.

While Gamergate used Twitter for good against Gawker, Anti-Gamergaters only want to use it for evil

Gamergate has been accused of a lot of evil, malicious things, things that recently have been proven untrue,. as Gamergate led the charge against Gawker on Twitter with mass emails to their advertisement sponsors to yank support in response to Gawker's publishing of libelous content meant only to destroy someone under pretenses involving extortion, all for the sake of page clicks.

As Gamergate opposes corruption in the press, and since Gawker is the parent company of Kotaku, a gaming site rife with corruption, I and many others joined our efforts to expose Gawker for what they were to the public so that their corruption would be their downfall.

However, not everyone uses Twitter for good:

This Tumblr documents all sorts of corrupt uses of Twitter  to silence, persecute, harass and denigrate anyone supportive of Gamergate, here's some horrifying examples:

This basically saying "harassment is okay when WE do it to Gamergaters"

LIKE HELL IT IS! No one deserves harassment on Twitter!

This guy wants to see all Gamergaters rot in prison and die of prostate cancer.

Brianna Wu, a woman who I tried to show respect to on Twitter, well, this doesn't seem to go both ways, as she called someone (in a now deleted tweet) "a gross fucking aspie"

Ms. Wu, I have Aspergers, and I am shocked and horrified you could be so bigoted against those with that condition, and on behalf of all with the same, I'd like to apologize for that comment since I doubt she will.

Another Brianna Wu sequence of hatred:

Ms. Wu, I'm a feminist, and I believe all women deserve dignity and respect, and what you did to assault this woman's dignity makes me ill.

This post proposes all gamers should be murdered, a proposition I not only am sickened by, but I definitely say no Gamergaters has ever claimed our opposition should be murdered, and I'm disgusted Twitter still hosts such blatant hatred against my fellow gamers.

This is basically telling all gay people they are traitors who deserve to die if they support Gamergate, and not only is that just pure, distilled bigotry against someone for their ideology, it's also an attack on someone sexual orientation, saying it's only okay to be gay unless you hold certain beliefs, and if you don;t agree, you deserve to die.

That is offensive and discriminatory beyond words, and to all gay people maliciously maligned by this commentary, you have no idea how sorry I am that someone posted such foul hatred about you all.

This is basically a call for the crimes perpetuated by Nazi regime on their enemies to be done to all gamers simply for being gamers, and the fact such blatant calls for another Holocaust were posted with such gleeful abandon only makes me wonder what kind of depraved stain could exist on someone's soul to want to sanction another genocide simply due to pure spite.

I could go on and on, but I want to make an appeal to Twitter:

Gamergaters do not harass, we do not threaten, we do not denigrate, we do not call for the deaths of others, we do not sanction the persecution of those who oppose us, and we utterly condemn all the above as beyond the pale, and I'm begging you, please ask yourself if you really want people who post such foul spite to continue to patronize your service.

Seriously, this is loathsome and despicable, and I mourn for everyone who has had to endure such hatred from these patrons of Twitter, and I ask Twitter do the right thing by all those who are the real victims of harassment, death threats, and persecution, as we Gamergaters want to be a benefit to Twitter.

And all we ask is that those who use your service to spread bigotry and hatred no longer be allowed to promulgate such vile messages via your service.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

In which I write about my fanboyism of Milo Yiannopoulos

In this post, I'm going to write about why I like Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopoulos, and since I adore his deadpan snarky style, I shall try to imitate it here, and while imitation is usually the highest form of flattery, I would not blame him if that didn't turn him on.

I am a liberal after all.

On that subject, he's very conservative, but I admire how for a conservative how much he's willing to tolerate his critics, even to the point of retweeting people who believe he needs to have his sexy head of hair shaved off and shoved down his throat until he dies of asphyxiation.

Me, I think that's a highly inefficient way to kill a guy who dies after half a dozen hits to the face with a dildo in Postal 2: Paradise Lost (yes, you can kill Milo in the game, or even urinate on his face if you like while he bitches about "not being into that"), but to each their own.

Regardless, I have found him very charming and openminded for a man whose opinion of Barack Obama is cool disdain at best, but to his credit, he does favorite the tweets of people who call him an asshole, so at least he's self aware.

Milo is also blessed with a sense of humor. On top of allowing you to blow his head off with a shotgun and piss on his severed limbs in Postal 2, he also takes humorous self depreciating takes at himself, mocking his own tendency to be a wanker and his preference for wanker. He also is an unashamed snob, but he's a very self aware snob, and even if you want to watch him die painfully for having his nose so far up in the air he can sneeze on the moon, one has to admit he's rather witty and charmingly snarky as he does so.

Milo also has more integrity as a journalist than I would have expected, given his profession is filled with assholes, shitheads, and utter bastards, and even though I just described the now rightfully disgraced writing team of Gawker, Breitbart comes off much better for having Milo as a writer, because, as mentioned earlier, he admits his asshattery, shitheadedness, and bastardry, and when you can be an openly gay pisstaking stone conservative smartass and still get a liberal hetereosexual who tries to be courteous to everyone when possible to like you so much your adoration turns borderline homoerotic for the former, you must be doing something right.

Finally, before this brain-fart turns into a love letter so sappy Milo could use it on his morning waffles, I just wanted to reiterate I like the writing Milo has done, especially as pertains to Gamergate, and I look forward to more of his work.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What real feminists do

As much as I have screamed to the heavens how I hate Social Justice Warriors, social justice itself is a noble cause, it's just been perverted by Twitter harpies, Tumblrinas, and shifty entitled assholes in ivory towers bitching about first world problems like offensive code strings or fictional female shaped pixels.

This is my feelings on all that:


There are countries on this planet where women have no agency, no rights, and no dignity. There are women who are literal slaves to men, who can be beaten, murdered, raped, and tortured, and they cannot defend themselves. These poor souls are in situations where they can be clubbed to death simply asking for a sip of water if a man doesn't want them to, and it pisses me the fuck off most of the psuedo-feminists above can only rant about "manspreading" and "oh no, Princess Peach is a helpless damsel!"


Most of these assholes live in countries where they are free to bitch and have access to law enforcement, legal and medical resources, and all sorts of support groups, and they don't give a shit about the women who have none of this and live every fucking day in terror and misery.

Frankly, as a feminist myself, I want to see those girls who want to read in countries where they are getting killed for it protected and allowed to learn. I want to see the men who can keep women as literal slaves, especially for sex, I want to see them broken and powerless, so they can know what atrocities they visited on their victims. I want every woman without the freedom to even lift their head without punishment for doing so to live in a world where they can raise their heads without fear.

And most of all, I want to see the women who could get off their asses to do something for them shut the fuck up about first world bullshit and help those women who are truly suffering from misogyny.

If they did that, I might be more inclined to take their bitching about video games and crude sexual advances by males a little more seriously.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

In which I talk about the unofficial sequel to "To Kill a Mockingbird" and laugh at SJW outrage

Almost everyone has heard of "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, but for those who haven't, here's the basics:

A lawyer named Atticus Finch has to defend a black man accused of rape in the pre-Civil Rights South, and despite all the pressure on him to do the wrong thing and sell out his own client, he still tries to defend the man against an obviously corrupt and false charge, loses, but does so anyway despite the spite of his peers and the cultural values of his time. And we see all this through the eyes of his daughter.

It's a classic work of literature, and I still consider it a great book.

Recently, an unofficial followup that was never released was found and was tidied up for publication called "Go Set a Watchman", and while calling it a sequel is a stretch since some of it's plot points contradict the original text of TKAM, what has SJWs crying foul is the fact a grown up version of Finch's daughter discovers her father, who she saw as a hero, had been a bigot himself during the time of TKAM, and learns his morally correct deed was an aberration for his time, despite the fact he taught her to see such moral action such as the one he took for his client as normal and just.

Me, I don't see why they are so upset.

Let's say Atticus Finch really had been a bigot who thought less of black people during TKAM. Let's say the heroism seen through the eyes of a child was the exception and not the rule. Does that make him any LESS of a heroic figure?

No, and here's why.

In TKAM, Atticus was under a lot of pressure to do the wrong thing and sell out his client despite the obvious fact his client was innocent. The jury was biased, the accuser was full of shit but liked by the jury due to their racism, and if we take GSAW's characterization of Atticus at face value, his own personal biases heavily slanted against him doing the right thing.

However, Atticus took a stand. He defied his peers, who wanted a black man to suffer for a crime he did not commit simply because he was black. He defied a jury that wanted their prejudice confirmed by calling them out on wanting him to make it easy on them and let them screw over an innocent man without pointing out their hypocrisy. He put his integrity as a lawyer on a higher pedestal than his respect amongst others to do what was morally and legally just, and if we take GSAW at face value, he even defied his own personal bigotry to better honor his oath to defend his client to the best of his abilities and to take a stand for honesty despite all the reasons he could have not done so and not suffered for it.

Even if Atticus Finch wasn't the fictional paragon of virtue TKAM made him out to be and GSAW revealed he was imperfect, he still made a decision that required moral integrity despite his culture and his own personal beliefs militating against it and still took a stand for truth.

And for those reasons, Atticus Finch is even MORE a paragon of moral heroism, assuming GSAW's retroactive characterization has any truth to it, because it adds one more reason why his actions in TKAM are still worthy of praise.

And if SJWs are mad because GSAW tarnishes their idealized portrait of their fictional paragon, they can shove it, because in reality, no one human is ever that perfect, but for a fictional hero, Atticus Finch did the right thing where he had every reason not to, and the fact he refused to sell out morality and honor to a mob he may have very well sympathized with still makes him a hero in my book.

And my only wish is that the SJW crowd takes notes and follows his example.

Monday, July 6, 2015

ANGRY RANT TIME, this time about the "lifting community" on Tumblr

It's that time again, when I rant and bitch about something that makes me mad, so if you want to avoid a ton of cursing and rage, skip this post.

Anyway, I recently learned Tumblr has spawned yet another group of degenerate shitheads whose abortions would have been a public service, known as "lifters", short for shoplifters.

Basically, fucking criminals who glorify stealing shit because it gives them a cheap thrill and because they have no respect for the law, not to mention are too lazy to earn money to support the economy they are fucking over without any goddamned shame.

I've seen these fucking blogs, these piss stains in the underwear of society have the fucking balls to gloat about stealing shit, posting photos of all the crap they have lifted and patting each other on the ass and telling each other how awesome they are.


Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of fucking assholes who are glorifying crimes in public and expect to be asspatted and treated like special snowflakes for it, and on the Tumblr hierarchy, they are the lowest you can get when it comes to be regarded as worthy of dignity.

Yiffers generally aren't criminals (even if they are the types the more sane furries find abhorrent). Cloppers (the depraved brony offshoot most bronies are embarrassed by) can get just as disgusting as fyiffers but the same usually applies. Fuck, even the people who beat off to shotacon and lolicon aren't breaking laws so long as it's legal where they live and they don't harm actual kids.

However, these cumrags are doing something I know is a crime no matter what part of the planet you live on, and so I end my little rant with a request.

Report these shitheels, scan every bit of EXIF data and metadata from their photos and report it to the authorities. Send Tumblr's staff tons of emails about how they need to shut down these blogs and report their owners to law enforcement and turn over IP data and whatever else the police may need to teach these sacks of shit crime does not pay and they are complete and utter monsters for glorifying theft.

Friday, July 3, 2015

A foolish code aliasing mistake Rpg Maker coders should avoid

To quote a line from Treasure Island "I own myself an ass."

Why? Because I made a very foolish rookie coder mistake when working on my current game project that has made every build since the errors were introduced have game breaking bugs, and it was because of foolish oversights on my part.

The issue was that the minigame scripts I used for my ingame casino lacked sane exit conditions for the scene window script they were intending to alias, and it caused my entire project to be retroactively corrupted.

However, I'm getting ahead of myself, let me explain aliasing in coding terms.

Aliasing in Ruby code (which RM VX Ace uses) means code that does one thing is rerouted to an alias, or alternative. For instance, if I aliased the word "apple" to be rendered "orange" in a program determining how many uses of the words apple and orange were in a block of text, all it would result in finding nothing but uses of "orange', since "apple" was aliased to render as "orange".

This is fine, but if an alias is not sanely terminated when you need the program to render "apple" as "apple", it will continue to render "orange" even when you need "apple", which will retroactively screw up everything afterwards since the aliasing never terminated sanely, so everything using the original code will be horribly screwed up.

In that sense, I own myself an ass, because I did not check to make sure the minigame scripts I imported sanely terminated the aliasing for their custom window scenes and reverted back to the stock settings, which was causing all sorts of anomalies in the display of all window scenes afterwards, and while some errors were not immediately apparent, I should have exercised due diligence to make sure the alias terminated sanely, since that would not be easily detected at first since aliasing does not ordinarily cause game crashes if it affects non vital code, such as the rendering of window boxes.

I have fixed the issues and confirmed them resolved, but this was a mistake I made due to lack of adequate back checking of the scripting calls, and I advise anyone importing any script into their game that uses aliasing of stock code make sure the alias terminates sanely, else your game will retroactively be corrupted in terms of functionality.

This tip also applies to Ruby coding in general.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I goofed on Twitter, want to explain myself

I accidentally sent a tweet to Ian Miles Cheong from the ATT site twitter instead my personal one, and since the tweet isn't far from the path of how ATT officially represents myself, I'll clarify.

Ian Miles Cheong was, from my understanding, a fiercely hateful anti-GGer who had an epiphany that hate had made him a horrible, closeminded asshole, so he repented and has been trying to be a better person. He has not entirely renounced his Gamergate and gaming culture views, but he's no longer an abrasive prick about them and has been trying to reach out to his critics.

Speaking as founder of the site meant to be an alternative to TV Tropes and a pro-GGer personally (All The Tropes does not represent me in that regard), I admire that. I don't ask he give up his convictions, he's entitled to his views, but I'm glad he's focused less on spreading hate and instead wants to build bridges, much like I never wanted our site to be the hateful spinoff of TVT, but instead, we want to exist cordially with them, cooperating on matters of mutual interest like stopping trolls and vandalism that plague us both.

In short, much like Mr. Cheong has focused on healing rifts and building bridges with those whose ideology he may not agree with and attempting civility and reason with his critics as opposed to hate and spite, so I and the site I founded believe in doing the same, and while my tweet was meant to be my personal views, one of the guidelines of ATT is to be an open fora where we try not to devolve into sectarianism and hatred, so I'm not deleting that tweet from our official twitter, since both personally and professionally I too seek a modus vivendi with my critics, and Ian, if you ever read this, we may not agree on everything, but I admire the new leaf you turned over, thanks for helping make this world a better place by doing so.

Here are the tweets for reference:

Monday, June 29, 2015

I just got blocked from Brianna Wu's twitter, and I was trying to be polite.

Before I go on, I've made clear my disgust for many of the actions of Brianna Wu (aka John Walker Flynt) here many times, but that doesn't mean I'm not capable of trying to be civil in the company of someone who actions I despise.

For example, I had a lot of vitriol for TV Tropes, but I still tried to be a bridge builder, and today we're on rather cordial if not outright friendly terms.

That said, I tweeted Brianna Wu a few times, all of them with me trying to be polite, and I fail to understand why I was blocked,

Here are the tweets:

In this tweet, Wu is asked to speak about racism against blacks, and Wu wisely decides to show discretion, an action I applaud Wu for.

In this tweet, Wu makes reference to a friend who lost someone and who had been misgendered in the process. I expressed my sympathy, but I was unsure how misgendering could be so devastating, and I really did want more context.

My very first tweet, me wanting to know when Wu's game came out for Steam. Yes, I'm not a fan of the mobile version, but hell, I have a Steam account, wouldn't mind purchasing it and giving it a whirl, and I figured asking the creator would be wise since Steam had no info.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I was blocked. Was I not hanging on Wu's every word enough? Was I blocked for being a cishet male? Did Wu google me, find my blog, conclude I was a harasser and blocked me because she was triggered?

Honestly, I don't know, but Wu ever happens to stumble across this, despite my personal opinions, I'm willing to be civil, and hell, if we could open a dialogue, maybe I could be wrong, a dialogue would be a great way to potentially win over a critic.

In any event, Wu need not worry about me, I'm not going to try to get around her block of me, I shall respect that, but unless Wu is willing to open up to the world instead of shielding herself from any and all potential critics, it's no wonder to me why she has enemies, and I only mourn she doesn't have the wisdom to realize this is not working to her benefit in regards to her detractors.