Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ATT Staff will be meeting the current owner of TV Tropes on December 5, 2014

Brent Laabs, ATT's technical director, will be meeting with the current owner of TV Tropes (Drew Schoentrup) on December 5, 2014, and the purpose of this meeting is to hopefully settle the legal issues concerning the copyright status of TV Tropes content base, which has been illegally tainted, as explained in this blog post.

It is our hope and intention to finally get this matter properly addressed in a legal sense and to compel TV Tropes to have their current content base examined in light of our claims of illegal copyright and the various violations of intellectual property that have resulted from those actions, and should those facts be verified in a court of law if need be, we merely seek to have anyone who has suffered injuries from these actions to be properly compensated, and for TV Tropes to make whatever legal changes are necessary to make sure they are not in violation of copyright law.

I will not have an active role in this matter, however, as I do not have the money, time, or enough of a legal case personally to pursue this matter, but my colleagues Bob Schroeck and Brent Laabs do, and as for my role in things, I merely intend to be their moral support and wish the both of them my best in proving this matter requires proper legal intervention, and in regards to TV Tropes, I merely hope, since Drew has expressed he wishes to meet with Brent and discuss these matters (as opposed to Fast Eddie, who did everything in his power to avoid and stymie us), that we can resolve this matter in as legally fair and honorable way to the satisfaction of both parties, and regardless of the outcome, I wish TV Tropes and my own troping site the best of luck in prospering according to their ability.


  1. What is this feeling in my cold, dead heart?

    Could it be... optimism...?

  2. *scooches into frame, accompanied by slide whistle*

    Sooooo? How did it go?

    1. Geth is being more tight-lipped about this guy than normal. Additionally, the meeting was with Brent, not him. I don't expect we'll be getting an answer until Christmas.

    2. I will be releasing a "press release" post with more information soon.

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