Friday, November 7, 2014

In which I wipe my backside with the touchiness of SJWs

I recently got a comment to one of my previous posts where someone was offended by my use of the word "faggot", assuming I used it as a homophobic slur, when the context in which the word was used did not imply that at all.

I have to admit I'm not surprised, though. Words have meaning depending on context, but SJWs don't care. They just assume the worst and cry bigotry, and while I can understand doing so for a word like "nigger" (which has a very obvious racial insult attached), the word "faggot" originally referred to firewood bundles, and is commonly used all over the internet as a bog standard way of saying something or someone is utterly stupid/useless.

That said, I am amused someone who assume me to be a homophobic bigot, especially since I have both gay relatives, gay friends, and even a gay coworker at Orain, all of whom I respect very highly as people and would happily take a bullet for any of them because I don't think their sexual orientation is any reason to think less of them as people.

But, I'm fully aware some offended souls will probably never believe that and still assume me to be a bigot, and that's their choice.

However, I must pose this thought to all those offended by mere words, regardless of context or intent:

Words have power only if you give them power, and even if the intent is malicious, those words are powerless to harm you unless you allow them to wound you, so why expose yourself to injury?


  1. On that note, you seen InternetAristocrat's videos?

    1. No, enlighten me if you don't mind.


    He mainly makes vlogs about Tumblr/SJW overreaction, but once Gamergate started, he shifted to streaming.