Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If you're a lolcow, pervert or troublemaker, do not come to All The Tropes

Just to dispel any idiotic beliefs held by our detractors, All The Tropes (on Orain or Wikia) is not a haven for permabanned drama magnets and genuine perverts to flee to because Fast Eddie and his minions showed you the door.

Yes, we are an alternative to TV Tropes because we are fed up with their disregard for copyright law, opposed to their censorship on academic grounds, and we couldn't stomach how sterile and joyless it had gotten due to all the rules imposed on an "informal" wiki, but we have some things we don't tolerate.

1. Don't show up if you were a rebel against TV Tropes because you had no regard for rules and told the admins there to fuck themselves when they tried to tell you such inoffensive things such as needing to adhere to the manual of style. You also aren't welcome if you refuse to get along with others, want to "own" pages or demand your edits never be reverted. In fact, if you believe that, start your own wiki, but stay away from ATT.

2. If you like hentai anime and video games and porn and what not and want to trope them, fine, do so under the guidelines we have for lewdness and prudishness and we won't object. However, if you came to add content about what gets you off, go the hell away. In fact, go to the Fetish Fuel wiki on Wikia if really must do that, but otherwise, if your only intention is to share your fap fantasies on the wiki, please, in all seriousness, fuck off and go away.

3. Don't plagiarize shit and cunt paste it to ATT unless what you posted was what you wrote only. TV Tropes might be assholes when it comes to respecting copyright, but two wrongs don't make a right, so if you try copy pasting entire pages from there (with or without conversion to MediaWiki) that have content after June 2012 you did not edit, it will be deleted with prejudice. Also, all of the ATT staff are pretty good at internet detective work and can figure our fairly quickly if something was plagiarized, so don't bother.

4. Conversely, we allow people to fork our content because we aren't assholes and want to encourage the spread of our content. However, WE REQUIRE IT BE PROPERLY ATTRIBUTED. Failure to do so means we will file DMCA notices and take steps to remove it legally. We don't give a crap WHY you want to fork our content, just let everyone know where it was from (if you import an XML content dump, the page history does this for you under CC BY SA rules) and use it under CC BY SA terms. I have already gotten one wiki shut down for plagiarizing in this manner, and I not shy in doing so anywhere else.

5. And finally, while you may like our laid back status, just remember that on Orain or Wikia, we will not tolerate any illegal content whatsoever. It's not tolerated on Wikia by me because they have been very gracious to me and I will respond in kind by respecting their policies and expect the same of others. On Orain, not only does the same apply but for Orain Staff, I also hold a position of minor authority as an admin on their central wiki which I am quite proud of, and for the sake of Orain, I will throw criminal content and their providers under the bus without any regrets because I believe strongly in upholding the law and Orain's reputation.

....ok, this turned into a bit of a rant, but I wanted to make my position on the above absolutely clear.

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