Friday, August 8, 2014

Fast Eddie, I am officially impressed

In previous posts, I have called Fast Eddie out on his BS, as have many others, and up until recently, I never expected he would ever act his age about being criticized.

I say this because this is the same man who flipped out when Encyclopedia Dramatica started mocking the hell out of him, yanked the page ED had on TV Tropes, and made it a bannable offense to mention them (except in extremely limited circumstances). This is the same man who started banning any tropers who he suspected of being members of Something Awful all because they hosted several mock threads calling him out on his asshattery. This is the same man who permabanned Brent Laabs and any suspected collaborators when Brent dumped the content of TV Tropes for redistribution via torrent (which became the base of All The Tropes), despite it not being illegal, and then had the sheer gall to blame them (via his right hand Fighteer) for launching a DDoS (directed denial of service attack) against the site during the period the content dump was made, despite the site having no loss of function during that time (I was around then, no DDoS happened, otherwise TV Tropes wouldn't have even been visible if that happened, so Fighteer lied through his teeth). This is also the same man who soon after changed his copyright licensing twice (despite it being illegal circumvention of his current licensing) and disabled viewing page sources unless one is logged onto TV Tropes because he didn't want his content "stolen" (when the content was under redistribution with conditions friendly licensing in the first place, so there was no theft unless those conditions weren't honored), and the same man had an infantile temper tantrum with yours truly when I explained how Creative Commons licensing actually works.

Based on all the above, I never expected the maturity he showed when this happened:

Basically, when TVT members realized a page on the Fuck No TV Tropes tumblr was made on TV Tropes, they more or less shit themselves over the fact the page (A) was about site that criticized TV Tropes and thus violated their rules of "Happiness Is Mandatory" (B) were terrified it would become a trolling target despite the fact the only ones making a massive fuss over it was them and (C) most of them realized that deleting or even locking the page would still make them look like assholes who couldn't stand criticism, so the thread above was a massive rage fest about those horrible Tumblrites.

That is, until Fast Eddie weighed in with his opinion:

              Not worth any action on our part. Let 'em yap.

The above shocked the hell out of me when I read it, and I was frankly impressed the page was allowed to stay, mostly unedited and without being locked, an act I must acknowledge was surprisingly mature and reasonable on his part.

Of course, reason didn't entirely triumph. Fighteer had to have the last word and cry about how much it's tolerated but how the detractors should join TV Tropes to improve it instead of pissing on it from the sidelines (which is darkly comical, seeing as everyone who tried was banned, most by him), and all links to the blog were excised on the grounds that if people really want to find it, they can Google it, which is fair enough (more than I expected anyway), but still strikes me as a slightly petty attempt to downplay giving their detractors added publicity.

Regardless, the fact a website known for being run by someone who is notorious for a lot of moral cowardice actually allowed some mention of criticism from an external source to be mentioned in an article is noteworthy, and while it doesn't excuse the massive amount of BS Fast Eddie has pulled up to this point, the fact he acted his age and handled this for the most part reasonably deserves my praise.


  1. I can't read the image. It's too small.

  2. Fixed that for you, sorry about that ~.~

  3. And then the thread is deleted anyways.

    Fighteer trying to hide his defiance of Dear Leader, or Fast Eddie trying to protect his staff?

  4. Honestly, not sure.

    I figured the thread would be purged, hence why I decided to save a copy, but the fact the Fuck No TV Tropes page is still up without anything except for the site links removed is still impressive, given TV Tropes' fanatical desire to remove any hint of criticism of itself.

    As for your question, I don't think Fighteer really likes the page, but Fast Eddie has finally realized banning all mentions of dissent only makes you look like a dictator 9and is leaving it mostly alone as a sop to his critics), so all Fighteer did was some impotent complaining IMO.

    Also, the thread was taking up a fair chunk of Ask The Tropers, so it was probably cut to keep it from getting longer.

  5. Nah. If the Encyclopedia Dramatica page went back up, maybe, but this isn't really something I plan to share there.