Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sometimes, I hate being the bad guy

As much as I hate to be the legal muscle threatening, ban happy asshole I founded two troping website forks to help people escape from, sometimes, I find it's necessary.

However, before I go further, I must make it clear that despite trying to be the "anti-Fast Eddie" in terms of moderation style, I have a great of respect for copyright law and I take a dim view on spam, trolling, harassment, or any other internet douchebaggery you can possibly name.

And so, in the last few months, I have done the following harsh but necessary actions:

1. Banned not one but two shitposting, rule violating troublemakers from the Wikia fork of All The Tropes. One was a chronic shitposter I tried to show as much leniency as I possibly could, but ultimately blew every chance I gave them and finally crossed the line when I discovered they were basically building shrines of images of panty shots and pissed underpants, which led to me having to permaban them and delete all their NSFW BS. The other was longtime TV Tropes troll Nate Spidgewood, who I tried to explain to repeatedly he was in no way justified in vandalizing or trolling TV Tropes, that his actions were wrong, and that I wasn't going to take any of his shit on my own. I eventually permabanned him on the well reasoned argument of a TV Tropes member who advised me keeping the guy around was asking for trouble, and after seeing he was totally unrepentant in his vandal campaign against a site that had every right to banish him, I permabanned him too,

2. Related somewhat to the first item, I have discontinued my policy of letting people post images on the Image Link subpages on the Wikia mirror of ATT, mostly because it became a breeding ground for the Fetish Fuel crowd, and I agree with Wikia that there is a wiki for that, and I have no intention of storing some asshole's fap gallery. This was an admin fiat decision, something I HATE to do, but considering this is sort of thing that could piss off webhosting (with good cause), not to mention is just disgusting in general, I put my foot down.

3. Reported a fork of TV Tropes on Wikia called the "TV Tropes Wiki", which seems to have ripped off lots of All The Tropes material wholesale (literally, most of the text was obvious copy paste), and the fact they use the same name of an LLC (which is almost certainly trademarked) bothered me enough to advise them to rectify their copyright and trademark issues, and have already taken steps with Wikia to have it dealt with, as it cited and sourced none of it's content, and I have no tolerance for plagiarism, especially of our own content (cite the source, on the other hand, and I don't mind at all). As of the time of this writing, Wikia has closed the wiki.

So far, I haven't had to do anything else particularly harsh in awhile, and hopefully, I won't have to for a long while.

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