Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sex, maturity, and troping: Part 2

This is a followup post to my last one, and I'm using a screenshot from Something Awful again, but before I get to that, I need to point out something.

With the exception of the one Goon who had the moral integrity to contact me privately and explain their misgivings with my opinions, most of them prefer to set on their side of the fence, throwing shit over their paywalled site at tropers without ever bothering to address their critics, even in confidence, even when the critic in question more or less utterly agrees with their opinion.

In fact, in this SA TV Tropes mock thread post, some commentary is made I don't disagree with at all:

Long story short, it's a surprisingly positive post about how even tropers realize something is messed up and are praised for having the awareness to do the appropriate callout, then a GOON who makes a creepy comment earlier about the same topic is given a callout for being a creepy bastard.

My point here is that I and Something Awful are not all that different, except I want to reach a modus vivendi with my critics like I  have done with many of them like Project AFTER and the Fuck No TV Tropes tumblr, and I happen to believe, for all their faults, SA has some very good critics who make very good analysis about why the troping world needs improvement, but I'm dismayed that even if they can't acknowledge me publicly, I'm still open to hearing them out privately.

And yes, as the goon who contacted me made me aware, most of the people in that thread are just there to drown tropers and troping in piss without wanting to do anything to change what they call out, but according to Google's statistics, my biggest audience still happens to be their own site, and so even though I know public acknowledgement of me would be "drama importation", I still am extending an olive branch to the Goons who want to contact me in confidence and share their concerns about sex, maturity, and troping.

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