Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In which I want to thank a SA Goon for their help

I was privately contacted by a member of the SA forums (who has asked I withhold their identity) who corrected several misimpressions I had about Something Awful, called me out on several biases I had that were unfounded, and alerted us to something in dire need of fixing on All The Tropes.

As for the last item, they pointed out the Fansadox articles we rescued from deletion and imported to our wiki were abominable cesspits of perversion, and after looking at them, not only did I agree, I had to fight back vomit at how much the articles in question were "Masturbation Material.txt."

All the subpages were condensed into the main article then removed, and the main article received an intense scrubbing by me personally to remove all the disgusting shit obviously written with one hand, and hopefully what is left covers that series (Which is Rape Porn.txt) in a more objective and honest way. I also left a review of the series, which I've read enough of to be utterly disgusted by it and fully agree anyone who unironically gets off on it is a sick bastard of the highest order.

I'm not removing the article itself, as it is a work of fiction, and thus is tropable, but I'll be damned if it EVER becomes a fetish fuel page promoting female rape, degradation, and humiliation ever again. In fact, while ATT may not be censored in the sense TV Tropes is, we are NOT and never will be a fetid hive of perversion, and we will not allow articles to actively promote it.

I'd also like to fall on my sword on few things:

1. While it's true Aatrek was a child molestor and a moderator of SA for some time, it is entirely possible his expulsion did not happen sooner due to unintentional negligence, not deliberate malice.

2. My revulsion to the attempted murder resulting from the Slenderman meme was a kneejerk reaction. It may have originated on SA, but that does not mean SA or it's creators had any malicious intentions with the deliberate intent of inciting murder, and if I implied otherwise, I apologize for allowing emotion to cloud my reason and retract those statements.

3. While I was informed "The Crackhead Clubhouse" forum on Something Awful does have somewhat deserved unsavory reputation for allowing all sorts of discussions on illegal drugs, they also do discuss legitimate medicine and related topics, and given I've never had direct experience with it, I should probably get an unfiltered opinion of the place (as most of my information is culled from the Anti-SA forum Something Sensitive ) via first hand experience before forming a firm opinion about it.

In conclusion, to this anonymous Goon who had the courage to contact me and be frank but civil about their misgivings with my unfounded and erroneous biases and whose honest appraisal of something our wiki needed to fix is acknowledged with my personal gratitude.

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